How to carry out unloading days

After vacation, festive or weekend, after sophistication in culinary art, it is likely that you will type a few extra kilograms. To quickly reset them, you need to carry out unloading days — Vegetable, fruit or on cottage cheese and yogurt.

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how to carry out unloading days

How to carry out unloading days. If you follow the accuracy of the formulation, the so-called «Slags»are non-aggravated residues of the digestive process. As for the harm to the slags in the body, this concept is at least controversial from a medical point of view. In the culinary slags are identified with ballast substances, and in the people the slags are called everything that accumulates in our body as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and is often postponed in the body very long, and it is not necessary exactly that they are the cause of completeness, although in any case they significantly affect Good health.

All of which is now drawn up by your diet, for a long time to minimize calories, but the maximum of vitamins and substances that stimulate the activities of digestive organs. Thus, unnecessary organisms of the substance are washed, some of which adversely affects its condition.

Even after you with the help of the diet reached the desired result, arrange the family from time to time a unloading day. Which will help you enjoy the festive dinner. And it doesn’t matter, you will eat during diet only with vegetables or fruits or only cottage cheese or yogurt, the most important thing is that this day there is a strong feeling of hunger. Perhaps you will have a non-linkary headache, perhaps irritation, as well as an uncontrolled desire to satisfy the feeling of hunger by anything.

Each unloading day is not necessarily with a regular breakfast. It should have no less than 200 calories, and even better 300. Breakfast should contain many carbohydrates and ballast substances. First of all, take care of the ballast substances, especially if during the day you will eat food in which they are a bit or at all, for example, drink juices or eat animal products. In the event of the breakfast, it is recommended to eat a piece of coarse flour bread. Then your body will receive a sufficient amount of ballast substances and carbohydrates that will give you the energy needed for the morning fuss.

For breakfast, it is best to take one piece of coarse flour bread with bran or two pieces of crisp breads also from coarse flour with bran, happing them with a thin layer of low-fat margarine, butter or mayonnaise. Drink coffee or tea without sugar, and even better a glass of fruit il vegetable juice. In unloading days, when you included in your diet, only grapes, fruits or juices, for breakfast be sure to eat an egg skey.

Even if during a diet you allow yourself to drink wine glasses, beer or champagne — in unloading days do not do it never. The most suitable drinks for this day — Mineral water, green tea or fruit compote without sugar and occasionally as an invigorating agent black tea. Coffee is better to avoid, as it contains negatively affecting a relatively empty stomach substance.

That day you need to drink at least two liters of fluids. On the one hand, the body will require a fluid for cleansing, that is, for the conclusions of the nutrients, which it will borrow from its fat reserves during the discharge day. On the other hand, the stomach filled with liquid less signals a sense of hunger.

For all day you need to distribute about 1.5 kg of vegetables. Frequent vegetables Cook in raw form, they are slower chewed and as a result cause a feeling of satiety.

Boiled vegetables Complete fresh greens to fill the lack of vitamins. All vegetables distribute for four meals. For breakfast, you will additionally eat a salad of 200 grams of raw vegetables, as a second breakfast, drink low-fat dairy yogurt.

For lunch, eat 700 grams of any vegetables stewed in a vegetable broth from cubes, for an afternoon book again 200 grams of raw vegetables, and for dinner — 400 grams of cooked vegetables.

On this day, you will have enough 600 grams of acidic cabbage, better than freshly stuck from barrel. Eat 300 grams of boiled cabbage together with 150 grams of boiled potatoes. For afternoon and dinner, eat 150 grams of sauerkraut, mixed with half grated apple. For breakfast, be sure to prepare yourself an egg skeyka and a glass of vegetable juice. As a second breakfast, eat a little banana, and an additional 150 grams of grapes.

This diet is not recommended for thrombosis, because in a sauerkraut, like in any other product contains — vitamin «TO».

How to carry out unloading days

On this day, you can eat 2 kilograms of grapes, of which 250 grams per first breakfast. The remaining part distribute into four receptions. Buy not very sweet grapes and best arrange yourself a diet on Saturday. «Treatment» The grapes can cause a relatively liquid chair, from which the next day it is easy to get rid of this way: Eat only crumbs or crispy loaves, and for lunch, eat the soften, seasoned with lemon juice banana. As a drink, make a black tea or Fennel tea or tea.

Cottage cheese and yogurt

Take 500 grams of low-fat curd and 300 grams of natural yogurt. Cottage cheese on portions as follows: 100 grams for breakfast and 200 grams for lunch and dinner, with cottage cheese complement ordinary breakfast. Yogurt Drink on the second breakfast and afternooner, with it to drink 100 ml of vegetable or fresh orange juice.

For breakfast, scroll cottage cheese with a small amount of mineral water, and for lunch and dinner each time with 100 ml of low-fat milk. Season it with greens, grated onions, any pepper and sea salt. For lunch, you will additionally eat 100 grams of potatoes in uniform, for dinner — A piece of crispy bread.

Buy 1.5 kg of any fruit or berries, and it is preferable to buy apples, pears and bananas due to high content of ballast substances in them. Bananas weigh in purified.

For breakfast, be sure to drink 1/8 l of low-fat milk, and at the afternooner — 150 grams of low-fat dairy yogurt so that the body will receive a sufficient amount of proteins. Fruit compote is best suited as the main drink.

On this day you will probably experience a strong feeling of hunger. Arrange such a diet only when you have a calm and good mood.

For breakfast, drink extra 1000 ml of sauerkraut juice. Then all day distribute 1.5 liters of vegetable or fruit juices without sugar. Additionally, you can drink 0.5 liters of mineral water.

Rice-apple unloading day

For him you need 500 grams of apples and 300 grams of cooked rice cooked without salt (from 100 grams of raw rice). From apple — with peel and core — It is necessary to cook mashed potatoes, wipe it through the sieve and rub the sweetener, cinnamon, ginger powder, then mix with unsalted rice. Dish separated by three servings of 200 grams for breakfast, lunch and dinner and two servings of 100 grams for a second breakfast and afternoon. On this day you should give up a regular breakfast. Lunch Complete with an egg or a piece of beef, weighing 150 grams, cooked in the grill.

Some and the same unloading days can be arranged in a row twice, if you want to arrange three unloading days in a row, for each day, select different diets to ensure balanced nutrition. Before each diet should be consulted with a specialist.

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