How to twist hair: fast, right and beautiful

Kudri were in fashion at the time of our grandmothers, curls in fashion here and now. Moreover, curls, I am sure that there will be more than one hundred years in fashion, because you will agree, the head, crowned with a hurder of elastic and perky curls, looks Cute, feminine and sexy, attracts attention yes and just pleases the eye.

Beautiful and successful, like the smallest fan of the whole smart, tasty and curly &# 128578; Today answers the question: how to bulb the hair quickly, right and beautiful?

Kudri is not only beautiful, feminine and sexy, it’s also Very practical (No other styling can be so deftly and easily hide the errors of the unsuccessful haircut, drove in painting, the sad consequences of hair growing), effectively (even very short hair, curled at the ends, look stylish and fresh) and universally (curls go absolutely to everyone! The main thing to choose your length, shape and degree of bend &# 128578; ).

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that many ladies are so selflessly looking for the answer to the question: "How to sculpt the hair and make it as quickly as possible (so that you cannot be late for work), correctly (with minimal hair loss) and beautifully (well, it is very necessary!) "?

Hair curling methods: from p to xs

Today There is a great many hair curling methods: from the classic and most common – tongs ; and to innovative and original – iron and cloths (yes, yes, there is such).

We describe The simplest and most convenient hair curling methods (without fanaticism, so to speak &# 128578; ). Just because the fluka, the iron and hair curlers are almost every girl.

Crying (tongs)

Crying is not only convenient, habitual and reliable, but also enough carefully (the benefit of the modern market for small household appliances offers nippers of various types and characteristics, with various nozzles, ionizers and thermostators).

Using forceps, you can twist your hair into curls of the most different shape and diameter, give them any direction and thickness. This tool is quite universal (suitable for hair of any type) and is suitable for both simple tips, and for the formation of clear graphic curls.

The main thing, going to this issue, take into account your hair type and the desired end result. So, if you intend to twist your hair into fairly large curls, then the tongs should be chosen a large diameter.

Note: The thinner of the strand that you screw on the tongs, the more accurate and the clearer will be the drawing of the curls received.

There are many variations on the topic of hair curling with a curling. We will share with you one of them (most convenient and rapid in our opinion).

1. Wash your hair, carefully dry them.

2. Adjust the temperature of the forceps depending on the type and thickness of your curls (the thicker and tougher hair, the higher the temperature should be used). The average indicator from which should be repelled: 160-180 degrees.

3. Separate strand of hair (it is very important to choose the optimal thickness of strands – it will help to avoid overheating), the rest of the curls are barn to the barn so that they do not interfere with the main process.

4. Over the entire length of the highlighted spin, apply a thermal protective gel (protects the hair from overheating, help speed up the curling process and improve the quality of the most curls).

5. Take a strand for one hand for the tip and pull it perpendicular to the head.

6. With the other hand, press the flux to the hair, while keeping it should be strictly vertically.

7. Not releasing the tip of the hair, tighten the strand around the fluff (each curl is labeled below the previous one). Crying at the same time try to keep motionless.

eight. Lose the necessary time, then loosen the tension strands and carefully remove it from the curl.

nine. By analogy, get all your hair (methodically disassembled them into separate strands).

Note: For more interesting and extraordinary effect, use forceps of different diameters.

ten. In a few minutes, spread the hair of the comb with wide teeth or just whisk them with your fingers.

Note: In no case are not manty and not combing outgrown hair, otherwise all your works will go to the cat under the tail.

eleven. Sprinkle with varnish and glitter. At the same time, try to abide by the measure and do not overdo it with laying means – after all, the curls are especially good in freely falling condition. Glued to each other, they will hardly please the eyes and hands of the men around you &# 128521;


It seems that every one of us is behind the shoulders there is your personal (positive?) Experience curling hair on curlers &# 128578; Foam or velor coating, usual or in the form of boomerangs, electrical or thermo-bills – A variety of "guns" warming the soul and gives the opportunity to widely experiment with the size and shape of curls. So, with the help of the Biguch, you can put all your shock in curls, and you can only doubt the naughty bangs or give the root volume of one macushka.

Today The most gentle way of curling is considered to use a bighwood with a velor coating (not confused and not delayed), and the fastest and efficient – all the same old-good thermo vehicles (alternative – electroquigadi).

Just below we will teach you correctly impose hair on hair curlers – After all, this is the main component of success (beautiful and elastic curls &# 128578; ).

1. Pretty spread your hair, slightly moisten them.

2. Treat hair with a special locking solution – it will make it easier for winding, will provide stacking resistance.

3. Separate strand of hair required thickness (recommended thickness no more than 5 cm).

4. Attach the tip of the strand to hair curlers and tightly tighten it around. At the same time, you follow it to lay as much as possible and carefully – it will save your hair from the ugly chance.

5. Screw all strands on curlers – evenly, Slightly delaying strand.

Note: Try not to attach the hair curlers too closely to the head (otherwise it’s greatly damage the roots of the hair).

How to bulb the hair quickly, right and beautiful

6. After you proceed the top, let’s start twigging the back and side parts. At the end – treat the front part. At the same time, all zones are better cheating in different directions.

Note: Periodically wet those spars that dry as hair winding.

7. Wait full! drying (in the case of a hair dryer) and cooling (thermal car) hair and only then sprink your hair.

Note: Ordinary curlers should keep no more than two hours, thermal car – no more than 15 minutes.

eight. Carefully draw the curls and give them the desired shape with wax or sweets.

nine. Fix the success of hair varnish.


With this miracle appliance, you can not only quickly straighten your hair, but also to crush them, embodying all your "Curly" dreams into reality &# 128578; Of course, at the exit you will not work clear curls, as in the case of using forceps, but Soft and bulk curls or flowing and beautiful waves will come out exactly.

Using the hair curling iron, it should be remembered for its exposure to the structure of the hair and strictly observe the following rules:

1. Wash your hair, apply air conditioning on them.

2. Dry curls, treat them with a special thermal protective agent.

3. Separate hair strand (than it is thicker, the larger the wave), hush it between the rectifier plates at the root itself. Lock the iron in a vertical position.

4. Start rotating the iron semicircle around one side of it and slowly, without stopping, go through the entire length of the strands (it will save you from the nasty transverse line).

5. By analogy, get all hair.

Note: Do not twist one and the same strand several times, do not pull strong strands.

6. Cover curls by stamping.

Note: in order to get a beautiful S-shaped wave, use the iron, the width of the plates of which is no more than 2 cm. Girls with kara should keep the straightener at right angles to strands that curls. And carriers elongated haircuts ; It is necessary to clamp strand at a distance of 2-4 cm from the tips of the hair.


Of course, you can go even further and twist your hair, say, diffuser or banal weaving braids on wet hair (as in school, remember? &# 128578; ), and you can go at all Chemical curvage procedure – We will only be glad to your full and stylish transformation. The main thing is to do everything right and only with love for your hair!

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