How to behave with a man

How to behave with a man

Few parents teaches girls, how to behave with the opposite sex, and in vain. Most of all attention, for some reason, always pays for how to keep household. But the key to a happy personal life is precisely the ability to take a decent place in a relationship with a potential husband, and not become a beautiful mistress. Domestic affairs will not go anywhere, but misunderstanding and inability to understand each other often the cause of loneliness or problematic relations that are not good, as a rule, do not end.

We disassemble how to behave with a man

Constant criticism, attempts to suppress and force what the parents consider correctly, often lead to the fact that, even matured, a person did not learn to objectively evaluate himself. For him, it becomes the usual thing only to criticize himself and seek flaws.

Many complexes so with age and do not disappear, and continue to directly influence self-esteem and further. Girls grow up, subconsciously counting that they are obliged to caress to everyone, obey them and obey, otherwise they will remain alone. After all, they are not so good to care for them, they appreciated and wore on their hands. Yes, and, as many believe, men in statistics are smaller, although it is not quite true.

For others, due to excessive love, an overestimated self-assessment appears, which requires that there was not just a good and beloved man nearby, but a real millionaire. And few people think that such requirements sharply reduce the chances of being happy. Not because rich men are not easy to meet, even in Moscow, if you do not belong to this circle, but also because money does not guarantee that it will be a wonderful husband and father for future children.

But it is possible to increase the chances of a happy marriage, learning to objectively evaluate yourself, and competently build relationships with the opposite sex. You need not to spend all the time looking for a partner, and understand that you really want from life, and what a man can make you happy. Learn to defend your choice and do not rush to get married because it’s time if you don’t want to risk the future.

Education and ability to find a common language with a man – one of the main components of a happy life. We all live in society, and we have to interact with different people. It is from how we do it, and depends on what men surround us and how they treat us. If a girl is distinguished by an excessive shower and the presence of a large number of complexes, it is very difficult for her to meet a worthy person. And even if this happens, there is no guarantee that their relationship will last long. Few who will like the scored and unsure intense companion. Few, who can withstand a long time next to those who failed to cause admiration and respect and leave, and Tiran will use the full power over the one who is so defenseless. If we do not like and do not respect ourselves, others do it even harder.

No better about the fact and with eternally dissatisfied life and the surrounding ladies. From such heavy people, everyone is trying to escape, and their natives including. And if, for some reason, the representative of the strong floor is delayed for a long time, it is difficult to call it a real man, because it turns out to be a podcast, which due to the insecurity and unwillingness to take responsibility, prefers to tolerate such a difficult character, just To do nothing. But he is nothing capable of giving a beautiful sex representative, I failed to find harmony in the soul.

None of these states can be called normal. Because they do not bring anything but frustration and pain. In communication with men, it all depends on how a woman will be presented. We give an assessment to others on the basis of what we see, hear and what frameworks are put in front of us. If you do not stop attempts to offend us, to hurt or use, very soon a man gets used to this and, without thinking, it will become more and more like a trait.

Of course, there are strong sex representatives that are distinguished by excellent education, attention and care, but it is rather an exception to the rules. Not because men are bad, but because life itself requires from them to be strong, rapid and sharp to win others and conquer their place under the sun. It is very difficult to rebuild when it is forced to constantly stay in combat readiness. Therefore, they arrange relationships with a beautiful floor, focusing on the existing life experience, and on how a woman behaves with him that she allows him to and how he reacts to certain actions.

To give a partner to understand what is allowed to him, do not hesitate to talk about my feelings and never suffer all his actions, because of the fear of losing it. The one who is suitable for you and with whom it connects real love will never go if he loves.

Top 7 How to behave with a man

  • No matter what you communicate with, it is important how you do it. Regardless of whether you want to continue to communicate or faster get rid of an unpleasant stranger, be always polite. Put at the place of the insolence, and without using offensive expressions, or increasing the voice. No need to go to the level of the interlocutor. Stay always on top, whoever spoke to: a man or a woman, an adult or child, an intellectual or a worker.
  • Learn to go out of any situation, do not get lost and chew, even when they did or said something nefple. Sincere interest in interlocutors, good mood and sense of humor will help in any situation. In addition, it is always more pleasant to communicate with the one who knows what he wants from life, looking with confidence in the future and adequately assesses himself, and not trying to let dust in the eyes.
  • Try to always show the best qualities, but do not worry if you made a slip. There is no bad qualities, the wrong attitude is wrong. Often, how he did in one or another situation, and was the only option that we could take advantage. Now you can work on yourself, if something does not suit something, but the past is not changed and you do not need to suffer because of this.
  • How to behave with a man
  • Avoid in conversations of excessive criticism of anyone. Otherwise, a strong sex will have an opinion about you, as a nonsense person who does not feed bread, just give someone to chit. It is believed that the strong floor is not less than women love someone to discuss, but the disadvantages of others will never help become better on their background, if you do the same.
  • Avoid monologues. Do not tell a biography in the smallest details. Generally a man should not speak absolutely about everything, even her husband. You should always keep some mysteriousness and the mystery that he would like to solve. Yes, and for the sake of your own calmness, it is better to teach something to give a reason at the first difference or a quarrel to use it against you.
  • Interest them with plans, what they like. Listen to what they say. Nothing climbs as an opportunity to speak and share their experiences and thoughts with loved ones.
  • To feel behind a man, as behind a stone wall, you need to make him respect yourself. And it can be achieved, exclusively remaining by itself. Do not adapt to someone’s tastes or desires, not to become the one who you want to see, and appreciate yourself for what you have. Always much more correct, safer and better to wait for you and meet someone who will love what you have, than to break ourselves and strive to be like someone, just not to be one. How many people, so many opinions. Everyone impresses something defined, and there is no point in striving to comply with some ideal. First of all, you should like you, and not invented by someone image.

Love is a wonderful feeling, but even for her it is impossible to lose myself and bring your dreams, ashes and, most importantly, self-esteem on her altar. She does not require this. This feeling helps to live, and does not turn life into hell. Love for yourself, faith in their strength, confidence and purposefulness are no less important in relationships with men than culinary talent, loyalty, care and ability to listen. No matter how you wanted to completely devote yourself to your loved one, do not do it. In order not to lose one choices, it is necessary to make him appreciate himself and respect, and not allow to do with him everything that he only comes to mind. You deserve love for what you are, and not for what they are willing to donate.

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