How to become an interesting person?

I would probably like to become an interesting person. That man with whom they want to communicate, who ask the Council to whom they listen and are happy to spend time. We want to be demanded and achieve recognition and attention. This is a normal human desire. "The most curious thing is that now everyone says a lot: you need to read a lot, develop, kill our inner demons, but no one says for some reason? how to do it?!"One reader asked. I will venture to answer her question ..

What is an interesting person?

At first, For yourself, it seems to me, it is worth deciding on the concept of "interesting person". What do you invest in this concept? With whom you would be interested to communicate. After all, we are all very different. And someone may seem that a person who has achieved success is an incredibly interesting person. As my reader says: "For example, I have a neighbor – mathematician, the laureate of the Nobel Prize, the smartest person! And what to talk to him? About mathematics? And if I do not understand her?" That’s it! Not the fact that an outstanding mathematician will be the perfect interlocutor for you and will actually be interesting for all. Here you need to approx differentiate. After all, each of us has their own interests.

Probably, it is primarily to decide on its own priorities. Understand who you yourself. What do you like, what do you get pleasure from what you are being enjoyed, what you are happy that you can do what you want to learn? Exactly you! Not most people who consider charismatic, smart, interesting … namely you! And so, when you figure it out with yourself, in this direction and work.

Because you can be interesting to others only when you become interesting yourself. That is, you will achieve in your own individual development of your own high level. Without comparison with other. Therefore, it is impossible to come up with universal councils. Everything is very individual.

Read those books that you like, cause your response. Find them. Try to listen to the advice of smart people, find lists and ratings of the most successful books, movies, sites, etc.D. But do not accept them unconditionally, because in this case, they will not become part of your worldview and will not help you grow in your own individual space. Someone adores Pelevin, and someone with great difficulty is the Palanik. Some consider coelo genius, others – a successful businesswoman from literature and plagiarifier. How many people are so many opinions. Look for your limits and seek perfection in them.

If you are not given to be a ballerina, you should not torment yourself and the mirror, become an artist, a musician, a communicator, needlewoman, a volunteer, a politician, a journalist … Each of us has its own path. To become an interesting person, you need to find it.

Follow your way

Secondly, Follow your trail. Whatever she is. Joyful, sad, heavy, easy … she will never be the one you plan and come up with. There are always surprises and options. If a person is tied to a mandatory set of life expectations, he will probably be in fools. Life will surely disappoint him, pinches his nose, hit the head … that she else can do there? But if we treat these surprises, as a normal and natural order of things, they can be not the cause of your disappointment, but only steps of climbing the stairs of growing. After all, everything that happens to us is our way, our choice, our lessons that we must learn. Just take them and think carefully think about why it happens to you. And you will definitely find the answer. As soon as you find it, the same problems will stop repeated in your life. You seem to raise a new step to walk higher and higher.

Think your head and listen to the heart

Thirdly, Constantly think. And better – feel what happens to you. Skip it through the surest filter that is in each of us. This filter gives unmistakable answers to all questions. Just not everyone knows how to use it. This filter is called heart. Sometimes his work is very hampered by another body. Head! My opponent asks: "… think . about what? About how to seduce Vasya from the neighboring entrance, or about the meaning of life?»Yes of all! Just mindlessly exist, swimming through the flow, without worrying about anything, without thinking about anything, without thinking about anything -. But he is a little similar to the life of Amoeba.

Although, judging by the latest scientific discoveries, we have no idea about the real life of Amoeba. After all, she lives on some other, unknown laws. Apparently, God gave us a brain for some purpose, so that we have learned to use it. Otherwise, why do we need a head?

How to become an interesting person

Customize your brains in unison with your heart – a difficult task. Not always done, especially when you fully depend on the factors of our habitat. You give you the heart to send the head away, and the rules of the hostel and the conditions of survival are advised to obey and, having mad, to fulfill his idiotic orders. That’s how we live. Between heart and mind. But there are options. You can obey the circumstances stupidly and thoughtlessly, because everyone dos. And you can approach the process creatively, giving yourself a mental report, in what you do and why do you do it. That is, determine for yourself ..

We define why you

Fourth, It is worth determining the price of the issue. Why do you need it? What do you want to achieve this way? To be an interesting person to easily seduce Vasya from the neighboring house or in order to talk to the equal to talk with the laureate of the Nobel Prize? Maybe become an interesting person – this is the main factor of your professional growth. Or path to glory? Then answer, why do you need fame? She gives a lot of money, safety, love of people? Not?

When you carefully study your goals, including brains and heart, suddenly you understand that you do not need to be the interesting person for all the person who you thought. Because it is not necessary to interview, publicity, additional headache associated with wealth, preservation of ratings, holding the level of welfare … All these are chains, shackles that gradually and imperceptibly kill a living person in you, turning into an advertising toy in the hands of unscrupulous journalists. Do you need it?

In general, what is success? The opportunity to have a lot of money and without thinking to buy what you wish? And what do you really want? Have you ever thought about it for longer than five minutes? If you spend three times a five minutes, you can come to stunning conclusions. Same wonder. You write: "Interest is 100% success!"Yes, not a fact! Gaddafi also caused interest, but whether he was successful – this is the question.

It seems to me that a real success is an equilibrium acquisition in this chaotic aggressive world. States when you, despite all the troubles and difficulties of our insane existence among the cars and sellers of all and everything, can enjoy what you live, you can love and feel that the sun shines, and sing birds. To learn this harmonious perception of life, despite all her cruel and unfair surprises, – this is to become an interesting person, that is, to succeed not in the overall rating of an endless competition of all with everyone, but within its own individual universe.

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