How to become a woman without age? Choose a hair color that keeps!

Slowly, but right you stepped over the Balzakovsky age and moved on. Here’s already the chronicle of life is visible on the appearance with a naked eye, and so I want to seem younger! So, it’s time to get to know some secrets painless rejuvenation, for example, in what color to dye my hair to look younger.

The very first rule that it is not a secret is: aging beautifully is an art -! And considerable work. Those who exchanged the fourth decade and more, they know that to maintain youth and attractiveness necessary to make efforts. Among them stylists sure to mention properly selected hair color that will throw 5-10 years.

Black and bright – banned. In what color to dye my hair to look younger?

Perhaps every mature woman have something to remember from experiments with image. And if the period of 20 to 30-something – a blessed time for something new trial, then later the ladies come to a particular image and harmony with each other. However, even befallen Zen will not prevent knowledge of several rules, if they will help you choose a hair color that young!

Do not try too hard

Perhaps you do not come off from the world of fashion and bring to the style of some modern trends. But in relation to hair fashion experiments to anything. Needless clear desire to mask those years under ekstramodnym color or youth under the age of haircut does not make! A produce the opposite effect – will be noticeable strong imbalance between mature lady inside and outside molodyascheysya singular.

Naturalness – your all!

Of course, it is not propaganda a la – "Hammer-and-forget" and abandonment of care of a hippie. On the contrary – your hair color should be different is the naturalness of which scream at all angles of the leading stylists and which seek, just sitting in the barber’s chair. To accurately look younger, try to choose a conservative hair color and natural shades.

Variations blonde, a brunette and a warm muted reddishnesses allowed. But no aubergine, mahogany and mahogany palette, so loved by many women. These colors can afford except that Patricia Field, whose image is built on outrageous. But ladies aged who have a solid position and whose life together with the image settled, risks contraindicated.

More lighter!

There is an opinion that the older you become, the more light there should be a shade in hairstyle. It’s right. After all, over time, the hair is darker and flexible, and light tones that attach associations with childhood and youth, can return the charm of youth. But this does not mean that all women are required to change the color of the hair after 40 years on the shining blond, by no means!

You only need to brighten your natural tone to a couple of steps. If you are blonde, add soft golden, wheat glare. Brunettes will sufficiently paint or two lighter, and you do not need to leave the usual dark color. Very well show themselves chocolate brown tones.

Black in hairstyle Try to avoid anyway. With age, the skin becomes lighter, and black painting will emphasize the overall wilt and every wrinkle. Moreover, the rich shevo closer to menopause begins to rain, and Perezsin-black couple with the renewal roots will indicate.

And what’s with red?

As a rule, this color to 40-50 years old turns out to be a completely unbroken and faded reminder of the past beauty. Too fascinating his clarification is not worth doing saturated too. Natural redheads are better to leave Fiery and Dark Copper.

First, gray strands are very quickly getting rid of alien pigment and a week later, or a little more, silver threads will be blocked on the scratched base.

Secondly, the redhead with a probability of 100% pulls into universal visits all the imperfections in the form of wrinkles and pigment stains, since the skin reflects this color.

Well, thirdly – see rule number 2. Red curls lose their brightness and deliberate saturation in the hairstyle will issue a desire to rejuve. Much more fit and make younger than golden-brown tones.

Ash praying

Although it is firmly associated with gray, in fact, the ashes shade softens the face lines, makes the skin gently and perfectly copes with the main task – masks gray! "SEDINA" – only one of the variations of such a blonde, the most radical, but there is still a lot of shades of "ashes". Although look at Jamie Lee Curtis, in her 58 years she chose the "metal ash" and looks not enough that wonderful and completely happy!

Follow the roots

When they grow up, it always delivers women’s attractiveness. And the age of roots, on the contrary, add. However, the permanent tinting of health roots will not give up, so go along the path of least resistance and buy sample shampoos. If you follow the advice and brighten up a couple of tones, then the shampoo can be masked for a long time between the native roots and the scratched strands.

Business technology

If your hair is no longer so thick and brilliant, as in 20, you can add them volume and paints using modern coloring techniques. Ballozh, browning, non-contrast highlights are able to throw out for several years, if you go to painting with the mind. This means that the colors master engines quite a bit, and they must gently cross one in another, be warm and not contrast.

Short haircut – one tone!

Many ladies over time preferred shortly, and there is nothing reprehensible. It is known that Garson, Pixie or Bob significantly reduces age. Regarding staining such hairstyles Stylists converge in the opinion that after 40 and 50 years it is better to prefer one-photon. Clamping and darkening, "feathers" of another color are made up of an elegant haircut along with its owner a little ridiculous.

How to become a woman without age choose hair color that mivges!

Faithful rejuvenation: Choose paint depending on the color

The new hair color will have to select individually, and the choice will be easier if you adhere to the recommendations for the selection of shade for each color.


Spring ladies need to brighten the strands in a warm golden palette. Still suitable shades of milk chocolate, honey, caramel.

Typical Spring Woman – Nicole Kidman. In his 49 years, she chose a golden blond, feminine image and did not lose, fine, almost transparent skin the right color gave warmth and light blush.

The overwhelming majority of the rules and so do not like their natural color, so in time it goes into the category "completely unworn". Therefore, your ally will be the rich Blonde palette with ashes, as well as wheat, chocolate and caramel shades.

Bright example of "Summer" Beauty – Naomi Watts. Once she refused natural blonde and became blonde. The actress does not change the wheat blond for many years and, although close to the 50th anniversary, looks like young and elegant.


The fact that the redheads darkens and flicker you and you know. How to regain brightness? Paint in warm palette! Golden blond, chestnut with not too catchy red glimpses (you can try the armor), the ash-blonde will help not be lost against the background of fatal beauties.

Jullian Moore is considered to be a woman without age. She painted in a warm chestnut and did not lose: the porcelain leather is well harmonized with the color of the hair and in her 50 it looks like it is incredibly exquisite.

Pale skin and dark curls will be taboo closer to 40 years. Therefore, go to chocolate gamut.

The most desirable beauty Monica Bellucci is already 50. Most of the life she was a burning brunette and, having changed the color of the hair after 50 years on the ash and brown, remains the personification of femininity and sexuality.

The color that keeps will not become a panacea if not to care for your own hair. Pay more time to their moisturizes because they are now more susceptible.

As soon as you go to the camp of those "Who for …", you must seriously think about harmony with yourself. Harmony with the world weight will definitely give you a peacefulness and throw several nodes. Well, about the other "extra" years and the blooming form take care of yourself, as soon as you decide, in what color to paint your hair to look younger. And remember – age is written in the eyes, and as long as they get happiness – you are young!

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