How to become a happy, beloved and successful woman

How to become a happy, beloved and successful woman?

Do not listen to anyone who says and inspires you that you are unworthy. Unworthy to become happy. Unworthy to become successful. Unworthy to become rich. Unworthy to live happily with her husband for many years. Unworthy so that the husband loves you, in his hands wearing, gave flowers, did compliments, provided his family, engaged in children and so on.

In general, the list "I am not enough", you can write to infinity, on several sheets, just a pity. In addition, every woman has his own databases "I’m unworthy". And it is these palls that are often at the heart of uncomplying desires about personal happiness, family happiness, wealth and success. It is these punctures underlie a supid on her husband or a common disappointment from communication with men. It is these punctuals who are inspired by many women since childhood, often cover the cause of unfulfilled hopes, disappointments and offended. It is these palls that do not allow you to feel happy. After all, how we will be happy, if from childhood they inspired that this is almost a sin of some kind! (on how to work and say goodbye to the insults, you can read in the article &# 171; force for forgiveness. How to become happy and how to keep love in the family&# 187;.

But let’s see more specifically how, from where and what is taken.

There are families in which girls from an early age will frankly inspire "her lot, her fate". With this situation, everything seems to be clear. There is a daughter, there are parents, and the girl is periodically spoken: "Here’s the daughter of my friends, here she is smart, beautiful, when growing, will be happy, or marry a rich, or will learn a few languages, will be successful and t.D. And you do not worry, think that you do not understand mathematics, before the women did not study at all and lived themselves rather married, the children gave birth, her husband was dinner prepared, and nothing!"

On the objections of the girl about the fact that she will be happy, successful, rich and marry a man who will not demand to sit from her at home and dinner to cook, nodded and sent her to play another room. Or simply fledged and did not listen particularly.

In this situation, it seems to be no offended by a child, but also not particularly perceived seriously. As the saying goes "Know your lot".

And even if the girl grows in an externally successful woman, often trying to prove to her parents that she is another thing that she will be successful, happy, rich, then her attempts often do not lead to anything, since it’s impossible to do so since childhood. Or she gets everything with great difficulty and unbearable labor costs. As a result, it is spent a huge amount of energy and strength and a woman sometimes begins to think that she is either nothing to do, or in fact, "She is like that". And in order for such a woman to become more confident and happy, it is necessary to specifically develop confidence, work out parental scenarios and inspire that it is worthy. Specific methods and exercises for the development of confidence you can find in the book. Kirrova &# 171; how to become confident for 3 months&# 187; I recommend, a powerful book. On the same, how to work out parental programs, you can read in the book &# 171; What happy women are silent. Or how to make a man get off the sofa&# 187;.

There are families where children are brought up with some abnormal criticism and aggression. Now we will not disassemble the complexes of those parents who splash their problems on children. Let’s look better on the result.

In such families they say simply and frankly:

&# 8212; Well, you don’t understand anything? What are you fool?

&# 8212; You like that of my friend, you will behave like this, you will be bad and sty.

&# 8212; Why do you need such someone you need? No good guy on such like you, not marry.

Perhaps parents are so strangely trying so that the child has changed his behavior, he studied at school better, not Shalil and T.D. But the result is the opposite. Either the girl grows and begins to know the parents really behave in a similar way. Either even if it doesn’t think something, it does not try to prove anything to relatives, then it often everything seems to collapse. It seems that the guys are normal meet, get acquainted, they even begin to live together, but for some reason, through time everything is disappearing somewhere. Often problems arise. The girl, or already a woman, so uncertain in herself, which is quite conflict and aggressive, which does not quite positively affect work and relationships in the team.

Or the girl grows closed, that, as you understand, also negatively affects relationships with men, and on all attempts to live happily and successfully.

Often such women are so unsure of themselves that married and suffer behavior not quite adequate, aggressive men. What kind of happiness here you can talk. It is desirable to cut off such men during courtship. About how to calculate them and how to avoid, read in the wonderful book. Kirrova &# 171; 23 mistakes with men&# 187; Errors for first dates&# 187;.

You can bring some more examples of education when girls since childhood form a low self-esteem and a sense of unworthiness. But I think two examples are enough so that you can disassemble your situations by analogy.

In any case, we need no situations themselves, but methods of what, in fact, to do?

And in general, is it possible to change something in your life? Is it possible to get rid of the thoughts and images that you are "bad, unsuccessful, unhappy, unworthy" and t.D.?

If possible, how to do it? And in general, do you need to do all of this?

Let’s answer these questions not in order, but I’ll start with the last. Whether it is necessary to get rid of children’s complexes and why? Or they will disappear over time?

Get rid of needed as! Otherwise you never implement your desires and dreams. It is the deliverance from negative belief that heels the energy that will help you become happy, beloved, successful, rich and t.D.

After all, what kind of children’s complexes? This is a low self-esteem, and insecurity, as a result, closedness, aggression and severe rehabilitation for parents, on those who are surrounding people for the fact that they did not appreciate you. And often on men, because a woman, insecure in themselves, as a rule, big problems in relations with men.

All these insults, complexes and so on must eat something. So they feed on the energy of man, t.E. Your energy. And the more such unresolved internal problems of a person, the, respectively, less and less, it remains energy. After all, over the years, all these negative beliefs and programs, as if they are regrettable, do not disappear, but only accumulate. As if they find a confirmation in external life.

For example, if a woman considers himself a unworthy of a normal man and happy family relationships, then they are found on the way, gently say, not always decent men. Thus, convinced of her conviction from childhood, finds himself a confirmation and lives for himself.

So, as you see, with negative beliefs and programs you need to work. Otherwise they will eat all your energy. But no energy – there is no happiness, there is no wish performance, there is no inner calm and satisfaction and so on. How to raise energy, read in the article &# 171; how to restore human energy&# 187;.

In many ways, the feeling of happiness and the implementation of one or another desire depends on how much free energy you have and whether it is in general, or everything goes to maintain offensiveness, uncertainty.

If you understand how to free energy and direct it into a constructive channel, you will no longer have to enter into yourself so much offend, disappointments, aggression and bite of life. You will begin to forgive and take yourself, and, of course, begin to increase your own self-esteem, get rid of negative beliefs in relation to yourself.

And where there is no offense, there is ease and calm. And where there is ease and calm, there is a place and happiness. Negative events you seem to notice, as if they miss them through themselves. The more ease and tranquility, the easier it is to focus on what you get and develop your abilities and the opportunity presented by life further.

Where there is no low self-esteem, there is a sense of confidence and internal satisfaction with itself and life. And where there is confidence, there is a personal happiness, and happy family life, and success in work and work, and good relationship with the surrounding people.

How to become a happy, beloved and successful woman

Where there is no offended, aggression, feelings of unwinding, there is a huge amount of energy released, and therefore the implementation of desires. And not just a realization with some incredible efforts, and the fulfillment of desires is easy and as if by itself. When you want something, you begin to strive for this, take the first chambers and the universe as if it breaks the door in front of you, shows you the road, adjusts the "random" meetings and arranges "coincidences".

So how to get rid of complexes, understated self-esteem, from thoughts and feelings "I’m not sufficient"?

On how to work on confidence in yourself, you can read in the article on the site "Solar hands" &# 171; How to gain confidence and learn to enjoy life? Your Diary of Success&# 187;. Here you will briefly say that everyday filling of the diary of success, you can call his confidence diary, will give fantastic results.

The only thing that I want to warp is – never give up a diary. How much would you like, no matter how confident you are neither, even after all in your life will work out, and the desires will begin to be executed, and you will feel happy, never stop keeping a success diary.

Now let’s go to the elaboration of the belief "I’m not sufficient" on "I deserve happiness, love, success and everything you want".

Decide that the problem that is currently relevant for you. I do not know, for example, the problem of personal happiness, or problems in relationships with men, or you want to increase income, and there is no money and no, and no matter what you do, whatever you admit, all your efforts go to the sand.

Start analyze yourself and your childhood. Remember what they were told and how your parents lived. Unconsciously we live, often copy the behavior and life of parents. Plus, the inspired "you are unworthy".

After you understand the deterrent conviction, start classes. And here I also want to save from the main mistake, which almost all newcomers do. It seems to them that the longer the time they will do, the more effective there will be classes. On the one hand, it is so. But the fact is that a person simply cannot do every day two, three, or even four hours in a row. Especially do not work much if you have not practiced self-sucking, visualization, forgiveness and similar exercises.

So, start with the fact that in the morning and in the evening, when cleaning your teeth and take a shower, find a couple of minutes, look carefully on yourself in the mirror and tell me: "I am worthy. I am worthy. I deserve all the best ". Close your eyes and repeat this phrase several times about yourself. If you have never been doing before, then, most likely, you "suddenly remember" that you need somewhere urgently go. Hold out for a while, do not go anywhere. You just scary and unusually talk to yourself good words, talk and let the idea that "you are worthy".

Discover your eyes and tell me aloud out loud (you can whisper): "I am worth it …". If you are engaged in wealth, then say "I deserve wealth". If you are doing success, say "I am worthy of success". If on a good relationship with my husband, then say "I am worthy of good relations and love". If for happiness, then "I am worthy of happiness".

Again close your eyes and imagine for a few seconds what you are worthy. Let really for a few seconds. The main thing is to start, and there is little girl, slowly you will increase the time of classes for a minute every day. Then again for a minute and so on.

Same exercise in front of the mirror and in the evening before bedtime. The teeth cleaned, the souls took, looked at themselves in the mirror and for a few minutes they said "I am worthy of all the best (or that and that)". After that, the eyes were closed and presented as you become, or how a man will treat you, or what islands you will go to celebrate your anniversary. Or what a feeling, happiness and success? And what lucky you will. Yes, if anyone has any desires, but who feels unworthy of their execution.

So do, say ourselves "I am worthy" and do not think that it is too light or inefficient exercise.

Exercise is effective, and not so it is easy. Perhaps after forgiveness and study of parental programs, one of the most efficient. This exercise worked already repeatedly with me and other people. Until now, if I feel that something prevents the realization of a particular purpose, I begin to analyze, and whether there is no feeling of unworthiness? As a rule, a couple of months of claims that I am worthy of that, and make all the inner fears, convictions and release the required amount of energy for the realization of conceived. By the way, studying in front of the mirror, saying "I am worthy," you get just very happier and calmer. What do you want.

If you notice, I mentioned above for forgiveness. Forgiveness must be made with your daily practice, then you will not accumulate insults, discontent and disappointment. It is also necessary to forgive parents and those people who you are strongly offended. It is also a powerful energy release technique, a feeling of purity, happiness and ease in the shower. But we will talk about forgiveness in the next article.

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