Evening meeting graduates school

– Well, finally, we decided to get together! Since the end of the school, five years have passed!

– So quickly flies time, yes?!

We sat and discussed the upcoming trip. It was not quite the evening of the meeting of school graduates, it was a meeting of classmates, organized by classmates themselves, without school participation. Make up the menu and list of products to buy. We are the organizers of this venture. I did not want to see the face of everyone who studied with whom. Who wanted, I saw and for five years, supported communication and communication, and some of the individuals are just a reason to get better.

– Only I do not understand why I sailed so much?! – I didn’t get up.

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Evening School Graduates

– Understand, you, kat! Boys ours just to drink! Irina Van overnight a bottle of vodka can have one drink, and boys are dry! – explained to me an expert on street alcoholics.

After dealt with everything, we went home. It was already dark when we arrived at her house. I brought her to be not spent by taxi. On the way to her house, we were outraged about the fact that everything hangs on us, and nafig we all need it, and we were sure that no one would say for it for it, but only criticize our organizational abilities.

– Okay, let’s see if, what will happen, now it makes no sense to discuss something from the reaction – I calmed it.

I say goodbye to her, I went home. On the way home, I drove into the store to buy cigarettes and water, and met one more classmate. She did not change in no drop in five years, I rarely saw her, and did not really pull it to communicate with her. She is from such a circle that did not pull me like that. I told her that tomorrow the meeting of the graduates of our class will take place, and invited her, and he learned that she had no money, it turns out to go with us to nature, and in his hands there were packets with cylinders of cheap beer and varying cheap snack.

– And where does it come from? – I asked, pointing to the bags of cheap.

– Aah, it’s a guy money gave me what I bought.

– So take him money to walk with us. After all, they are not going every year – I didn’t get up.

– He will not give me money, Cat.

– Why it will not give? The guy should at least give money to his beloved girl.

– Then why do you need this? Find another to give you money! – I taught her life. And then her phone rang. She pulled out a cheap dull phone, which has long been not in production, and I heard a rough male voice: – Well, where are you doing there?! Let’s quickly already have bumps, and then we have been waiting for you with the guys!

– Yes, I’m already going. Soon I will – And hanged the tube. – Okay, Kat, I was glad to see, maybe I can still go to nature. If that, I will write in contact, – blushing, she told me and ran away.

M-yes, I would not allow such a relationship to anyone, I thought, and plunged into the thoughts about the relationship of men and women, about inequality and humiliation. After all, chase a girl for beer yourself and his friend, this is the manifestation of disrespect and humiliation to her. My beloved exactly would not sink before. And then I once again understood how lucky I was lucky with my beloved. Despite his not very beautiful appearance, he was a magnificent man, with all the moral implications. He almost blown with me. I really appreciated his attitude to me, and I loved him precisely for his human qualities. And then I thought, and for what else can you love a person, as not for His human qualities?!So I did not even notice how I got out of the store and got into the car. Looking, I turned on the radio where a cheerful voice said something pleasant and cheerful, but I no longer heard, immersed in my thoughts. Tomorrow, Almirka and I had to go to the store for the products and drinking. And then by the evening, gathering, in nature. Once home, I quickly fell asleep, unexpectedly for myself.

Opened eyes, my room was illicious far from the first rays of the sun. Quickly gathering, went to the store. Almirka and I agreed to meet near the shopping complex, so that I would athlete, you could immediately go to nature. While we purchased, people slowly pulled.

– How much will we take vodka? – asked thoughtfully alka.

– Well, we are 15 people, I do not drink, and I will not stay with the night, so we take bottles thirteen. Anyway, there will not all be swollen vodka.

– Beer cylinders six, which two and a half liters. It turns out, packaging. Maybe then we take vodka ten bottles?

– Come on, I will not be enough, I think. Anyway, everyone will drink until everything is over. And always, no matter how much, everything will be enough. So, enough.

– You are right, I supported her, and we took as much as agree. Quickly taking, all that was required we went to the checkout. Paying, we all downloaded into my car. Only I and Alka went in my car.

On the way, we discussed the upcoming drink.

– In my opinion, no one was batted about all this besides us with you, "Alka was indignant. – UV, that’s why only our head should be hurting because of all this?

– Well, still, Almira. We are already going, everyone bought, everyone did, distributed. Although, yes, I agree with you. We did a lot for all this.

– But if there are some claims to us, I do not answer for myself, I’m already so angry, so much to do for this to hear then, «And it would be better if»…

– If we still sit on salads with you, then this is a full joke will be!

– Then I am this basic with a salad to someone on the head of Open, that’s for sure! – Evil answered Almira.

– Even calm down, I listen to the music better! – and drove radio. All the rest road we drove silently. How much can you cohere yourself because of this. Coming to the place, we all fell out of cars, and began to organize everything. The boys put the tents, and burned the bonfire, and the girls organized the table. It seems that everything went fine. It was fun, everyone laughed, remembered something about the school, about the class teacher, and then everything was faster and faster. No one has complained. Almarka sorted too.

When the tents were delivered, the pipe was cooked on the fire, and the table was covered, the first bottle of vodka was opened, only opened with vodka, and com Naused to me to the throat. Lock quickly, and grabbing a bottle of mineral water, I ran into the bushes. Actually, I had a delay for three weeks, and I thought I was with a surprise inside. When I returned back, I found that no one began to drink, it turned out, waited for me. It was nice, I did not expect, I thought that I would throw on alcohol, forgetting everything in the world.

– Well, I have not started to drink yet, and you are already roughening, kat! – started laughing at me.

– Well damn, do not say ka, guys – I had to agree to me.

– On it to you! – I handed me a plastic cup with a spacious liquid – Come on, come on.

– Guys, I’m driving, I can not, so, the strongest thing I will drink, it is orange juice – I said.

– I will get better – I was delighted all the same one.

After another shrub, my beloved called me, on the question of what I took, I told him that I stick among the shrubs and purify the stomach, and I also told him about the possible pregnancy of my pregnancy. To which he did not say anything concrete, but only thoughtfully stretched «Yeees». And Almirka did not care about me.

– What are you not to part with the bushes, but? – She asked me while I thought it was to say, the truth or nonsense is some.

– I have a delay in three weeks – As never happened, I said.

Evening meeting graduates school

– Wow…- only she could pronounce.

– Here I am about the same. Tomorrow I’m going to the gynecologist and everyone knows everything.

– Come on, do not pull with this. Maybe rest?

– Well, you never know, tired…-here and run, – she did not leased.

– Just calm down. Went. Everything is fine.

We continued to walk further, eat, drink and having fun. I didn’t pull me more to the bushes as it’s not strange, which I was very glad. In nature, everything that we have prepared was tasty, despite the fact that flies only as we attacked us. Already evening, and I was thinking to go home, because most of the alcohol was drinking and, accordingly, almost everything was lay, and I was not interested. Together with me gathered to go and Galya. At the same time, we were very well friends, especially after the end of the ninth grade, but then she had an adult guy, and she was sought.

I made my salad, Senya came up to me. We were friends with him from the second class, from the same time, how he was transferred to our class from another school. He was a very good friend, and an excellent boyfriend. His mother always saw daughter in me, and our mother, probably, long ago launched us to each other.

– Cat, you can talk to you? – Robbo began on.

– Yeah, – Only I was able to say I am with a pillow.

– Kat, I really like you, and I would really like something between us… – Bubnil O.

– You are under the words «something» you mean sex? – I finally swallowed me, and his forehead asked him.

– Of course not…In the sense of yes, but not quite…I mean relationship… – confused poor boy.

– Senya, between us and so there is a relationship. We have a very long and strong friendship, – I spoke naively, turning fool.

– I did not mean, I want more, kat. You have already liked you for a long time, you’re so cool, and in general, such as you still search… – broke through it.

– Sen, I am very pleasant to your words, but now I can’t say anything, because I had small difficulties in my life, – I meant my possible pregnancy, and it was necessary to solve somehow. After which I got up and left, leaving the boy with myself.

I gather everyone at the table, once again drank and trembled, we smoked the sausages on the bar together, and finally people guessed to thank the organizers, and then I was already thinking that I would not wait for these words thanks.

– I want to thank our organizers for this magnificent evening, which happened for the first time in five years. Girls, thank you very much, – did not get out Galya, I would still go home with me. Almirka smiled happily, rejoicing that her labor was finally appreciated. She was already ready, although all the way was told me that it would not drink a drop. «You are me if that, stop» she said, and why I need it, because everyone has his own head on the shoulders, and everyone comes as it seems necessary.

After a long thanks, I finally climbed into my car, and moved. And yet, there was a fun on this meeting of graduates, I didn’t want to go in vain. Galya sat down near, all the way she said something, but I did not listen to her, but in the end, I was tired of hearing her voice in the second plan in my head. And in the foreground, it was naturally thoughts about my possible pregnancy, and how my faithful thing that I was asked to be silent. She pretended to be offended, although at school she was offended even on a slash view, then we drove silently. Finally, I brought it to the house, and myself went home. I’m so tired that your legs were cotton. Going home, first of all I went to the shower, it was necessary to get rid of the smell of smoke and from forest dust. After the shower, I do not even remember how.

In the morning, as usual alarm clock at seven in the morning. I put, I started going to the gynecologist, it was not necessary to postpone the meeting with this doctor. Bullfigan’s coffee, I went to the balcony, and lit. Making a tighten, I thought how Nicotine influenced my possible child, and in parallel I planned to throw smoking. How suddenly the phone rang. It called my favorite.

– good morning, my dear. I thought about the situation all night, and decided that we need to part, "he quickly said, and I threw the phone, well, what else could you talk to him. My pregnancy was not confirmed, and he was already washed his hands, nothing to talk with such. I was not particularly upset, not he, I will find another. Because of these, it is not worth upset.

In the hospital smelled of medicines, and I was afraid to breathe, since my childhood I had such a habit. I thought, along with the air, various viruses and bacteria will fly to my nose, because there are many patients. In fact, it was, but I had some kind of fear. Going to the gynecologist, I told about my guesses, what he just said to me:

This was the crown phrase of all gynecologists, probably. It is necessary, you don’t need to undress all the same, and everything else then. I lay down on the couch, and he began to drive in my stomach something that pleasantly refrodded my puum. I do not know, or fortunately, or unfortunately, he denied all my suspicions. I even managed to love this child, whom it was not, but nothing, I was still young, and beautiful, I will find myself a guy, and we will have children with him. With these thoughts, I looked at the clock. It was half the first, then I scored the phone number:

– Hi that you talked about the relationship yesterday? – I asked, as if nothing had happened.

– Maybe today we take a walk? – The question of the question answered a joyful voice, named Senya.

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