Eternal youth in the human body

Our society took possession of the idea of­Noah youth. We fight with WHO­Draws external changes and for sweet pleasures, which­rye accompany young appearance. Eternal youth in the human body most revered in the East. Millennium studies of the sages allowed to create different directions of famous Eastern medicine. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was here that yoga, acupuncture and healing gymnastics.

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Eternal Youth in the Human Body

In eastern philosophical scientists­yach, such as Buddhism, Taoism and­India’s teachings, longevity races­It looks like a factor that helps to achieve the main goal – of high-dimensional life. Taoism followers believe: NEL­zya to find a strong spirit without having a crepe­whom body. When the physical start suffers, the spiritual began.

Body supports in the best form gives us more time and energy to achieve spiritual enlightenment and fully implemented­thread and complete your mission in this life. «We live to do what should», – Speak Buddhist Lama. The fulfillment of the task of ministry depends on the state of the physical body, so it is necessary to maintain it in a young state as long as possible. The longer those­Lo can serve, the more we can achieve. However, the preservation of youth in the human body is not possible without spiritual growth. Concepts «kindness, love, forgiveness» should be your satellites in life. Target «pro­live longer» need to put because it gives more time for sa­Make us. In this light of battle with devastating­ages of age not­useless and selfish – this is a noble and holy goal,­Toraya serves the spiritual development of the personality. Traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda­lagging a variety of recipes­Nautes.

Saturation energy.

To preserve the youth of the body, various directions of Eastern medicine make the focus on the concentration and regulation of the energy called in India prana, and in China – Qi. It is the basis of physical­, emotional and spiritual health. Proper breathing techniques (pranayama) and fi­Square, including yoga and Chinese Tai Chi and Qigong disciplines, help generate energy. Appropriate exercises give energy the possibility of flowing in the body properly removing blocks and directing where it is needed. Of particular importance is attached to­storage and renewal of energy­May Muscular and mental voltage­Nie. At the same time every simple daily action – walking, conversation, food – can become a source of energy. Yoga say: «To become younger, you need to learn to relax. Therefore, one hundred­I learn relaxation (relaxed­nia) called art forgotten».

Try: Rack on the blades («Birch»).

All static yoga poses have the regenerating power of EF­Fket, but rack on the blades – especially. It improves blood­Demanding and stimulates the thyroid gland that regulates metabolic processes in the body. Due to the need to abide by the balance and risk of the surge of the neck and the spine Pose is considered complex. The modified version allows you to use a wall as a support. During the use­exercise breathing deep and free.

1. Locate the rug and put a folded blanket on it, approximately at a distance of a pair of steps from the wall. Lie, lift your legs to the wall; Buttocks near the wall. Back and shoulders – on a blanket, neck and head – on the rug.

2. Bend your knees so that the feet stood on the ste­Well, hips, bottom of the torso and loin rack­were above flooring. Expand the blades inside and bent­those elbows; Palm on the lower back for support.

3. Slowly «go» up the wall while the knees will not straighten. Relax and raise; About a minute «Go away» way down. Keep your neck straight, and the chin is free, try not to­Wrap your head.

Peace of mind.

«Real happiness comes to­whose mind is calm», – Speaks in the book «Bhagavat Gita». And even breathing is the most faithful way to calm. There are many varieties of practitioners, including entanglements, or mantras. Or focusing through the movement, such as tai chi and yoga, slow walking and all so on, soothing. Meditation can be immersion in prayer or just calm Side­Nie. So choose what’s more suitable for you. After all, all these exercises relax the human body and clarify the mind. And to preserve youth – it is very important.

Try: Try mantras.

Tibet Buddhists pronounce mono­Ton prayers consisting of rit­MIC repetitions folding into a certain image – mantras. Long life prayer is one of the many options created by Tenjsin Gytzin, Dalai Lama. Sit in a comfortable posture. Close G­For and deeply breathe deeply and start loudly repeating the mantra:

Gang Ri Ra We Kor Wai Zhing Kham Dir

(Gand Ri PA Wai Zing Kham Dir)

«In this kingdom of purity, surroundings­feminine snow-covered mountains.

Pen Dang De Wa Lu Jung Wai Ne

(Pen Dang de Ba Lou Jung Wai n n)

Where is the source of absolute happiness and good luck.

Chen Re Zig Wa Ten Dzin Gyam Tso Yi

(Chen Rea Zig Ba Ten Dzin Gyam TSO Yi)

Greetings to you, Dalai Lama.

Zhab Re Si Tai Bar Du Ten Gyur Chik

(Zaba Na Tay Tai Bar do Ten Gyur Chick)

You will be strong in spirit to con­Central Asia Mirroring».

The effect is achieved not so much from the meaning of words (we understand little), how many from carefully selected sound vibrations and the right breathing.

Development of consciousness.

Taking longevity and eternal youth in the human body are aimed at improving­consciousness. One of the most important steps towards spiritual freedom is self-survey­Nia. To achieve it, you must turn to meditation, tai chi, singing. Simple meditations will be allowed to develop a pony­Menia of your physical, mental and spiritual «I am». You will learn to listen­To your feelings and sensations. Our those­Lo – one of the ways to help communicate with me. Over time, you­Choom to feel a sense of calm.

Try: Meditation while walking. Meditation for a walk can help learn to develop consciousness.

1. Choose a secluded route and start­thread movement paying attention to­Halya and posture; Look at your traces, looking at my feet.

2. Start moving slower, fixties­Roui view on the right and left as soon as you raise the appropriate leg and about­paying attention to all that your legs feel. After several movements, start mentally note, as each foot rises, repels and­rotates on the ground.

3. Having mastered this technique, disperse­6 phases, mentally calling each­Dima while you produce it: raise the heel, raise the foot, extinguished­Her forward, omit down, touch the earth and get up to the full foot. Saver­get ready to move on 5, 10, then 20 minutes, if possible. When your attention starts to get tired and disconnected, switch simply for a walk.

Eternal youth in the human body

Search for harmony.

Oriental techniques are based on a holistic approach,­Waives, body, soul, environment and the whole Universe as a whole. Maintaining harmony of ins­three separate personality – and at the same time and among themselves and the outside world is one of the key mo­Ments of longevity and external youth. In Taoism, the focus of­Balance of Yin Energy Balance­bone, progress) and yang (gesture­bone, activity). Three OS should be balanced in Ayurveda­New vitality, called dosha: – Wat (air, Move­FIRST), Pitt (fire, water, variability) and kapha (land, or stability, constancy). Energy­wata with age becomes before­consistently vulnerable and requires regular­Looking by adding heat to food and surrounding. Also support physical and emotional­Standing. And the right habits, such as on­The presence of sustainable relations­and permanent ok­Rhines.

Improved balance with ok­The rusing world is also important: how small­cycles, such as the movement of the Sun and with more prolonged­mi, such as the change of se­zones. For example, when the sun sits before, you must also go to bed before. Imitate the actions of wild animals movable by instincts – an excellent way to connect with wildlife. Many motion­from tai-chi model motion­animal and named­Sverly. Your muscles, respiratory systems and consciousness must be­Del Grace Knowledge­Finina, for example, or unsolved­Breakstone elephant.

Try: Horse Pose. Basic Pose from Tai Chi Imitation­Eats a vacation horse’s position – relaxed, but in a state of complete readiness.

1. Stand straight, feet paral­Lelins, legs a little wider shoulders,­Latest slightly bent. Back straight­May, head, shoulders, hips and feet on one vertie­Full lines. Hands His­Chest and relaxed.

2. Slightly feed the hips forward and slowly opus­Frank down as if­blow thighs until they prove not­big angle to the floor. Hold in this posture for 30 seconds, ultimately increase the time up to 2 minutes.

Sustainability training.

Youth in the human body is associated with strength and resistance – qualities,­Very really needed. At least by the fact that modern life is becoming­More repeated. Stability of mind, body and emotions – this is the essence of Omo­False. It also emphasizes flexibility, other key quality­Nautes. Many yoga postures train mustache­toyness and usually practiced in the form of sequences. How, for example, when­Sports of the Sun, where alternate with the poses developing flexibility.

Try: Plank Pose. This classic possession is well developing­Toolness. Movements must be slow­mi, without inconvenience, effortless.

1. Stand, legs on the width of the shoulders, carefully go back, as if folding. Pulling­head head to the knees and tap your hands on­la on both sides from the feet.

2. Inhale and remove one straight leg on­Back on the pillow of the fingers, another fold leg­either. Look ahead, head and shoulders raised.

3. Transfer the foot from the front position back. Support on straight hands and pads of toes; Hands should be spaced­But under the shoulders.

4. Hold the torso directly and smoothly, like a tree plank, for 5 respiratory cycles, look down and slightly ahead.

5. Slowly lower the torso on the floor in exhalation and relax. Beginners can practice the pose of the plank without support on the fingers of the legs (they just lie on the floor).

Secrets of flexibility.

Yin energy, balancing energy yang,­blasting the body and­Maintenance. «When man Rozh­it is given, he is flexible, and when dies, hard, – not­But in the book «Dao». – Stiffness – death satellite, flexibility – satellite life». Movement from Tai Chi as well as scrubs­from yoga make you plan­stingy and younger. Buddhists are instructed: easier­, liberation and maintenance of thoughts from­covered – all these flexibility forms that make us less su­rigid and tough and more persistent collisions with life. When we occupy a certain position and hold on with it, we will destroy ourselves­eat how everything is destroyed­Movable – from a cobblestone to the mainland. To achieve success in increasing continue­liveness of life and achieving eternal youth in the human body, we must­we learn to move forward and do not become inert.

Try: Visualization forgiveness. Try these visualization exercises:

1. Mentally imagine free, enlightened people around you, which are full of compassion and happy­Sita. Imagine that you stand in front of you, which­you want to forgive.

2. Together with the people present, tell me this person that you feel and why you want him about­shat.

3. Imagine that this person looks at you with sim­Patia and sympathy, as if the emitting love and the Sostra­Denmark. Lay out your anger and regret­that they are replaced by love.

4. Feel: Man understood you and meets love for your promise. Open the heart and accept it or her love.

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