Sandal essential oil: composition, benefits, application and sandal oil treatment. Sandal oil in cosmetology for skin face, hands, nails and hair

Sandal essential oil is a product with a rich history, which has more than 4,000 years. Mention of it are found even in ancient texts written in Sanskrit. In India it was used in religious rituals, in smoking candles for relaxation and transition to meditative state. In Egypt Sandal oil used for embalming. In addition, the healing properties of this oil were known to those of all ancient civilizations. To date, the essential oil of the sandalwood, still remains the main oil for meditation, and is also an indispensable ingredient in the perfumery and cosmetic industry.

Sandal essential oil: composition

Sandala essential oil – the result of long-term water distillation (from 48 to 72 hours) pre-closed sandalwood chips age at least 30 years. Chips get both from its wood and from the root system. The birthplace of sandalwood is considered tropical areas of South Asia, and best of all this plant feels at an altitude of 600 to 2500 meters above sea level. Due to the fact that for obtaining 100 kg Essential oil Sandala It takes about 1 ton of wood purified from the bark and due to the fact that the resources of this type of wood are highly exhausted, the cost Sandal oil Pretty significantly, about 700 dollars per 1 ml.

Up to 90% Sandal oil This is the component of Santalol, in addition to it, there are: Teresantalol, Santalen, Santalon, Santen and Santenon. According to its consistency, it is dense, viscous, with a yellowish tint and herbal-seaman fragrance.

Sandal oil: benefits, application and treatment
Oil properties Sandala

The use of sandalwood essential oil is quite varied. It is used to treat people, for the aromatization of alcoholic beverages, in the perfume and cosmetic industry, as well as as a repellent (eliminates burning, pain and outflow when insect bite).

Let’s begin with that Sandalous oil has pronounced antiseptic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. It will equally help with external skin infections and in diseases of respiratory and digestive systems.

Sandal essential oil has antitussive and expectorant effect, Therefore, effectively with bronchitis (including chronic), angina, ritin, ORVI and other diseases accompanied by a dry cough. Useful for the genitourinary system, as it helps to cope with cystitis, urethritis and vaginitis, has a diuretic and anti-tone effect. With regular use, the menstrual cycle normalizes, it helps to increase the potency in men and an increase in sexual desire in women, is considered a kind of erotic stimulator.

Sandal oil not just consider main oil for meditation. Thanks to its special properties, it relaxes and soothes, brings a person to calm down in stressful situations, eliminates the plasticity, at the same time giving the forces and toning the body. Believe that Sandala oil Opens in people a creative beginning, talent, gives a sense of personal fullness. It also helps to cure headaches and cope with insomnia.

Sandal essential oil can be used for inhalation (3 drops on a small hot water capacity) and aromalamp (7 drops on 20 square meters of the square), add to the baths (9 drops of 200 liters of water) and massage oil (8 drops by 30 grams of the base), make a bummer and compresses. They can even enrich the wine bouquet, based on the proportions of 5 drops of oil by 750 ml of wine. As in perfumes added to an alcoholic drink, it will give the aroma Eastern direction.

Sandal oil is contraindicated to pregnant women and people with chronic kidney disease.

Sandal oil in cosmetology for skin face, hands, nails and hair

Sandala essential oil centuries are used to maintain both the female and male beauty of various ages.

Young girls and guys sandalwood can help get rid of acne, it regenerates well and soothes the cells of the epidermis, recommended by the owners of oily skin type.

In more mature age, this oil is effective for rejuvenation, smoothing mesh wrinkles, elimination of declarations. It refreshes, gives the skin tone and pulls the contours of the face.

To cosmetic Properties of essential oil Sandal It also refers its ability to whiten the skin, give it a natural color. In addition, it is an excellent moisturizer. When mixing with any natural vegetable oil, it turns out a lotion for the care of irritated skin after shaving.

Thanks to its special delicate action Sandal oil Suitable even for delicate skin around the eyes, as well as for other areas with low-fat skin.

Sandal oil – Beautiful Hair Care. Application Oil Sandala will help stop loss, eliminate dandruff, strengthen and stimulate hair growth. It can be added to shampoos, air conditioners and balms, and can be applied to the tips of the calculation and simply derive the hair in this way. Similar complex impact will restore the health of your hair and give them shine.

Essential oil Sandala composition, benefits, application and treatment with sandalwood oil. Sandal oil B

Sandalous oil is effective for prevention and combating varicose veins. It improves blood circulation and blood microcirculation, tones the muscles of the venous wall, thereby preventing the emergence of such an unpleasant disease.

In cosmetic purposes Essential Oil Sandala can enrich the most frequently used funds – cream, face and body masks, lotions and so on (from the calculation of 4 drops by 20 grams of the base), and can be used in pure form, combining with other types of essential oils.

For example, as an anti-aging procedure, it is recommended to make a mask of the following composition: Sandal 1 to., Tiver 3 K., Ladan 3 K., Jojoba oil 1 st.L. The resulting composition is applied to the skin of the face, leave for 15 minutes, after which it is excess oil to remove with natural pink water.

And in the presence of acne, Sandal oil It is better to apply point to the places of inflammation several times a day.

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