Epilator: choice, use, reviews

Summer – the time of open clothing, and therefore it’s time to take care About smooth skin on legs and any other places &# 128521; This will help you epilator. With the right application of the epilator, the amount of hair on the body will significantly reduced, and those that will grow will be thin and soft. Yes, what is there to say – advertising "3 weeks with smooth legs»Can be your reality!

Like you have no epilator? Female site Sympaty.Net will help His choose, Tell me about pluses-minuses Epilator will teach all the Secrets of its use and will share epilator reviews.

How to choose an epilator

The epilator is an electric device with a drum on which Many small tweezers. They rotate I Pump out your hairs. And the faster they rotate, the more plugs per second commit and the shorter the hairs are captured, the epilayer is better.

Anesthesia of the epilation process

What to hide: the epilator makes the epilation of a rather painful procedure. Therefore, manufacturers equip epilator fixtures to reduce pain. The pain is usually cleaned by 3 ways: Skin massage, cooling and skin stretching. Best – and more expensive – choose an epilator with cooling effect.

Brand epilator

Now there are many models of epilator. The largest trust in the buyers deserved proven firms ; Philips, Braun and Rowenta.

Pluses of epilator

The huge plus of the epilator is that after it feet long stay smooth. Microphints are captured by hairs and pull it out of hair onion. Then he begins to grow again, but not as fast as after shaving.

Another plus that distinguishes the epilator from wax epilation is that No need to wait, While the hair will grow enough long. To remove the hair, you need only the length that your epilator is capable of grabbed. And modern epilators capture the hairs of 1-2 mm long. There are even those that are 0.5 mm grasp.

If you use the epilator regularly, the hair most often grow Thin, rare and invisible. They are easy and minorly removed when epilation.

Nevertheless, you should throw the epilator more than 5 weeks, Hair again grow fat and hard.

Cons of the epilator – and how to cope with them

The epilator is cognate … or even hurt. It all depends on your pain. Someone and on the legs terribly hurt, and someone even in the bikini zone epilation tolerant.

If you are afraid of pain, choose the epilator With cooling function – with him not so hurt.

Shorting of hair

Unfortunately, this problem is almost all women who use the epilator. The fact is that after epilation, the hairs grow thinner and weak, and often they unable to break skin cells, which grow on top. So you have to grow hair under the skin, turning into the ball.

But problems Shorting hair easy to minimize if you use daily Exfoliating aneg (scrub, loupe, do Dry rubbing ). Many epilators have Special exfoliating nozzles.

Exfoliating skin daily, you will prevent the growth of skin cells over the hair follicles, and hair without problems will be selected on the surface &# 128521;

Note that On the day of epilation and after epilation, it is impossible to exfoliate the skin, After all, the epilator ; already a big load on it!

Red dots

After epilation, the skin all at the red dots is micro member on the place of the exserved hair. Nothing can be done – we still tear the hair from ourselves &# 128578;

Immediately after the epilation lubricate the skin Disinfectant. And the epilation itself is logical to do At night, After all, the skin is restored faster!

How to use the epilator: secrets

So, you used the advice of the female site Sympaty.NET and bought an epilator. How to use it? Are there any secrets?
Of course have! Now tell me!

Preparation for epilation

Do not rush to let the epilator in the case: still have time &# 128578; First you need Prepare legs (we will start the epilation from the legs?), to be as comfortable to epilation.

  • If on the legs Hair has already been accepted, Epilation can be very painful. And on the contrary – almost it does not hurt when the hairs are short. Therefore, take a razor and Early legs.
  • Wait a day 2-4, While the hair will begin to grow together.
  • Best hair removal after you Spilled skin. Therefore, before using the epilator, relax in the bathroom or at least reach the legs under the warm shower.
  • Wonderful if you have a novelty – epilator Silk-?Pil Wet & Dry from Braun. It allows removal Right under water. But it is worth such a thing.

Remove hair with an epilator

Come out of the bath and start epile! Relax, turn on the thing – it starts to buzz &# 128578; Keep the epilator perpendicular to the skin and slowly lead it against hair growth (that is, from the bottom up).

Epilator choice, use, reviews

Initially, it will hurt. It’s OK. Try to relax and do not wait for pain. With each epilation, the pain will be weaker – Believe the reviews of the experienced &# 128578;

Spent the epilator from the bottom up? Now Spend another time – and so until it becomes not painful to drive. This means that you have deleted all possible hair. Can go to the next section.

I usually do this: I turn on the epilator to the highest speed and quickly "run" to them with my full leg, removing the main mass of hair. Next it becomes almost not hurt, and I can remove the remaining hairs.

With each time the epilation process will take less time!

And that later?

Immediately after epilation, lubricate the skin with any means after epilation. Ideally, it should calm the skin, remove irritation and slow down hair growth.

As mentioned above, the epilation is best carried out At night, so as not to walk all day with your feet at the red dots.

Take care about the purity of the epilator itself: Clean it with a special brush or (if the model allows) Rinse under the jet of water.

Epilator: long-term perspective

At the very beginning of use epilator hair will grow pretty quickly and chaotically, so it is desirable to perform hair removal every 3-4 days (that is, 2 times a week).

Then epillage your legs regularly 1 time per week. Do not forget to exfoliate the skin.

And literally after 2 months you can spend those most advertising "3 weeks with smooth legs" No single epilation!

Say – Too long to this 3rd weeks to prepare? Reply – alas, miracles are only in advertising &# 128577;

Epilator: Reviews of the tried

And what they say those who already have an epilator? Let’s read their reviews!

Alyona: I bought an epilator of Rovent, he chose for a long time. First time took the epilation of the epilator hour 3 exactly. The pain is terrible, It looks like an electric shock on the feet beaten! &# 128577; But then it was adapting, and with each epilation it turned out Not so pain.

Diana: It is bad that the hair epilator grows uneven. Some faster, others slower. Therefore, I make epilation once in two weeks. What, of course, less often than a razor shave.

Olga: Epilator – Super Piece! Just need to wait when the hair will grow so much so that they can be captured. And if the epilator of the old model, in it these Micropinjetics are stepping and capturing the hairs worse. Or capture, but do not pull up to the end. This is very painful. So it makes sense to buy epilator of the last model.

Sasha: I like the epilator! After it, the hair somehow do not immediately grow up, and if it does not work with epilation, then not particularly and noticeable. And after the razor in 2 days – everyone is a noticeable bristle. And the epilation process itself ; Just 20 minutes, If not run.

Anna: It’s bad that after the epilacation of the epilator on the legs during the day Red dots. I lubricate your feet with cream, which Slows out hair growth, sort of something helps. And from the ingrown hair helps Boro Plus.

Zina: I’m just lazy to epilation. After all, all this takes a lot of time, Yes, and sensations during the epilation are not very pleasant. And then I irritation, After all, it does not come off after epilation all day. In short, I refused from the epilator in favor of the razor . And do not regret.

Female site Sympaty.net Does not insist, that the epilator is the best way to remove hair. Each of us – individuality, each makes your own choice. We wish you to be very pleased with your choice of way of epilation!

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