English courses Why should you try

English courses: why you should try?

… I’m a goddess and queen! I am the Lady of the World, for I own a weapon that makes you tremble all around. I do not exaggerate. I see awe’s reverence in the eyes of people when they find out who I am, what respect their views are filled as the shadow of white envy appears on their faces … And I think: why everyone else will not take and not learn English. Why, if around full-fully courses. And the choice is so great that everyone can choose the courses to their taste and in accordance with their needs ..

Oh, how I need him.

The importance of knowledge today at least the foundations of a foreign language is not just an actual cultural indicator of a separate individual. This is a survival tool. This is a banal need to be able to understand what is written on the price tag, sign, in the journal, to help the child to translate the text (at least in the younger school), ask and understand the Turk or Greek, which will indicate the path to the desired store with white gold jewelry, and in general , not feel like a white crow in a multicultural society. I’m not talking about employment when everyone "decent" specialist is simply obliged to know the foundations of vocabulary and grammar to contact (at least by email) with partners from Ocean.

And how nice, in particular, to be in Europe, where the seller in the store, if he does not speak English, will immediately suggest another, which will answer all your questions. And on the street you are clearly, intelligible and kindly explain how to go there where you need. And these are not English-speaking countries, but, for example, Germany and Holland. If you know the language, you do not feel someone else’s in another country. You radiate confidence and feel like fish in water.

Tutoring teachers ..

Since I graduated from INAZ, my numerous acquaintances continue to periodically "get" me requests to train their tongue. These attacks are from sluggish "or maybe. "To demanding" Tumovskaya, if not you, then who. ". I cut off numerous weighty arguments: the lack of free time, the reluctance more to do this (once I successfully trained with a dozen kids of different ages, whose parents stubbornly wanted from children’s "eights" and "nine" in English), a new interesting work on social network MyJulia.Ru. But even it does not always help.

Not only one of my girlfriend takes me. But her replica looks more like a joke. Once, I, who was annoyed by the next requirement of a friend of Dima to teach him English, called Irochek and desked to come:
– Well, Irka, maybe you want to learn English.
There was silence in the tube, and then the question:
– Why? He already ended.

I almost fell on the floor from laughter and did not beat in hysterics, like that "smiley" in "ICQ", which is lying on the floor and knocking his hand. Irka moved all my irritation to this nonsense. After all, English cannot "end", while there is a civilized society.

I answer all your friends only one thing: go to language courses. In the tube or on the face (depending on where I talk to a person) I see disappointment and hear a sigh … And I guess why ..

Where does such distrust come from.

Which is not true, but in Russian society there was not a completely adequate idea of ​​foreign language courses. And that is, quite understandable reasons, the essence of which is reduced to the existing negative experience.

The first learning experience in the group in the group each of us got at school. Then the class, separated into two equal parts, during the lessons of a foreign language diverged along two different cabinets. Some of us well learned the language at school, others received general ideas, the third – did not bring anything at all over 7 years of study of the subject. Hence the impression ..

No better for many was university, whose students belonged to foreign as the "necessary evil", which must be survived the first few years of study. So worried … They wrote off, made cribs, wearing packages with candy and brandy teacher. In a word, everyone so that the foreign language behind you is as easier as possible and as quickly as possible ..

Many of those who did not lose hope, even tried to go to the courses … That’s where the most interesting thing begins ..

Why did not help.

The reasons for the fact that "you did not succeed," maybe many. Let’s not start with someone, but with themselves.

Motivation plays extremely important in learning a foreign language. If you do not have a goal that pushes and customizes, your initiative is doomed to failure. After all, it is necessary to work regularly and a lot ..


English courses Why should you try

Doubts "I can’t" and "I will not succeed" you need to try to cross out your consciousness. Of course, no one says that you will read Sidney Sheldon without a dictionary, but no one poses such a goal. When you shake apple trees, any number of fallen apples will be fine. And a couple, and kilogram … in any case, it is better to know at least something than absolutely nothing ..

A responsibility

Many people are afraid to go to foreign language courses because it is definite responsibility. First, pay courses at once for 3 months or six months – it is to take it, your family or your familiar to "work" this money. It means you can no longer give reverse. Fear of responsibility Slises our determination. But the problem, again, in you.

As my aforementioned friend, Dima, was expressed: "Why do I need courses? It is expensive. I can buy a tutorial "than I refer me to shock and laughter at the same time. Language – Live substance that requires a dialogue, and not a monologue with himself. To learn the language on the tutorial is only an experienced polyglot. And the money … Money in this life has to pay for all things and services that are at least something … Believe me, individual classes from an experienced teacher will cost you several times more expensive.


If you went to courses, then began to walk, and come again after 3 weeks, nothing of what is happening in the classroom did not understand whether it is not a teacher who "badly explains". Blame in this you yourself. For the implementation of any important decision requires discipline. To marry, you need to make an offer, apply, buy rings and at the appointed time to appear in the registry office. If you do not do this, the wedding will not take place. If you want to receive a salary, then you will have every working day to go to the office and perform a certain amount of work. Why do you think that a foreign language is something less serious. Here too need discipline. But it is not a burden, but a necessary tool in order to achieve the intended purpose.

For some reason, we are extremely incredulous to educators who are ready to train us. And we think that they can "be bad to explain" and "not consider our pace" when explaining. And you trust! Trust and ask! Teacher – not a computer that is waiting for your answer only 30 seconds. This is also a person who, according to the wishes of the group, can adjust the volume and the tempo.

Inefficient technique

Forget about school and poor stacks, whose family life we ​​have long been studied on school textbooks. Now so many new techniques and programs that can be chosen for your own taste. In addition, many training centers offer trial classes in which you can find out, this course is suitable for you or not, and choose another.

Motivation, determination and responsibility – that’s all you need. Otherwise, trust experienced teachers. And you will be happy.

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