England: York City, Attractions, Tourism and Training in York

There is a city in Misty Albion, who preserved the secrets of the Middle Ages, the Epoch of the Great Vikings and Roman Conquests. Being once the capital of North England, York To this day, it does not lose its significance across the United Kingdom: it is a tourist and educational center of Great Britain.

Tourism in York, attractions of York

York can rightfully be called one of those cities over which it is not authorized: everything here is impregnated with an amazing atmosphere of last. Narrow, paved by a cobblestone street, low stone buildings, knight bridges, vintage castles and medieval city walls are better than any encyclopedia about the history of the ancient centuries. It was not by chance that the Georg VI said that "History of York is the story of England".

The date of birth of the city can be considered 71 n.NS., When the Romans on the territory of modern York built the city of Eborkum, which became a military base and the center of their possessions. After the fall of the Roman Empire in Britain invaded the pagans and formed the capital of their state in Eborkum – Eofvrick. After the pagan king Edwin married a Christian and addressed her faith, the first stone church was built in the city, from which the York Cathedral was famous for the whole world. It is it that can be called the main attraction of the year. The cathedral was built for more than four centuries, which also testifies to the presence of various styles. This is a truly grand construction – a visual testimony of history, militant and mighty!

For perhaps the whole existence, York continued to change his owners, "like gloves". In 876, the state captured the Viking Army. And after almost 100 years, it joined the Anglo Saxon Empire. In the literal sense to plunge into the times of Vikings, you can in the Yorkshire Museum, which also presents the exhibits of the Roman and Anglo-Saxon epochs. Every year, the Wiking Festival is arranged in York, where you can get acquainted with their history, life and lifestyle. By the way, the ancient capital is not accidentally called the "City of Festivals" – during the year they are held here at least 50!

Another "medieval" landmark of York can be called the "Treasurer House", which is famous for its own stories about ghosts and keeps the echoes of the four centuries. By the way, here you can treat delicious tea in the favorite locals and tourists of the cafe.

Fascinating can be called a walk along the old urban wall, most of which were erected in the IV century and to this day include the remnants of Roman fortress structures. The oldest one is the Gate of Monk Bar. And at the gate Miklgate Bar in Starin, the heads of executed. Today, the walls open a magnificent view of the ancient city, on his streets, fortresses, monasteries and numerous pubs!

By the way, it is the last to be a favorite place not only tourists, but also local residents. It is said that all 365 days a year can be attended by various pubs, but never to visit them! And the townspeople are confident that there is no place in York, wherever one pub and one church!

While in the city, it will also be interesting to visit the National Museum of Railways, which presents over 50 locomotives, the oldest of which was released in 1829.

York is also known for the whole world with its chocolate factories, for example, Rowntree Limited of York, which gave the world Kit Kat chocolate. Delicious and mounted fragrance of chocolate can be heard in many parts of the city, including from the walls of the Majestic Cathedral.

Another find for tourists is the famous Street Shemblez – the oldest medieval street, at which there were originally wooden shops of butchers and skirters of livestock, and now – numerous souvenir shops. Narrow streets that once being a real nightmare for Kether Kayets now introduce additional flavor and allow guests to never feel the spirit of the medieval city. Other characteristic streets of York are Skeldergate (where the manufacturers of shields lived), Coppergate (where carpenters were settled) and Stununite (they say, it was over her who were brought stones for the construction of a cathedral). There is also a street with a very strange name WHIP-MA-WOP-MA-GATE, which is literally translated as "Bay me, kalket me". They say that there was once a shameful pillar, who had a public criminals.

Yes, the mystics of the past in the city at least debug! What is just standing nearby from York Mysterious Abbey Whitby, where Bram Stoker "prescribed" his Dracula.

Also near the city there is the main natural and cultural landmark of the region – Yorkshire Valley. There you can with an excursion to visit the place of Haworth, where Charlotte lived and Emily Bronte (now in their house Museum). And you can also go with a guide to underground caves with unusual scaling formations that have formed for thousands of years.

Training in York

England City York, Attractions, Tourism and Training in York

Modern York – Pride of England, Center for Communications, Manufactory and Education. In this ancient thesis of the legendary American metropolis, well-known universities and schools are located who have won their name for many years of successful work.

For example, The University of York, which regularly occupies the leading places in world university ratings. It was founded in 1963 and combines modern methods of education with the ancient traditions of the English Higher School. It is one of the most successfully developing universities in the country, in which more than 30 branches and research centers. From the walls of this educational institution, graduates come out, which then successfully build their careers, become leading top managers and advanced managers.

Among the average educational institutions, the most authoritative is Queen Ethelburga’s College. Rating of the newspaper "The Times", 2009. This school board is recognized as the best in the north of England. The indisputable advantage of the school is the high performance of students and almost 100% of the admission of graduates in the best universities of the United Kingdom or any other world of the world. In Queen Ethelburga’s College, a unique separation technique for "specializations" has been developed, as a result of which the student himself can choose the direction that it is really interesting to him. For example, at school-boarding, you can get a classic British education (GCSE, A Level Programes), international (International Baccalaure) or professional (BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION COUNCIL).

Much attention is paid to the college administration to the physical development of its pupils. Thus, on the territory of 100 hectares of the land owned by the Royal Equestrian Center, 20 basketball and football fields, five tennis courts, an athletic hall, an indoor pool with saunas.

Educational buildings and college laboratories are equipped with the latest technology. The school has a network of 200 computers Pentium, computer center, business and multimedia learning with direct ISDN connection with the Internet, publishing houses for newspapers and magazines, professional training offices, four modern equipped laboratories, which recently invested more than 100 thousand pounds sterling.

Queen Ethelburga’s College has its own residence, accommodation conditions in which one of the best in England. Pupils live in those divided into boys and girls complexes with adjacent territory. In all rooms, modern renovation, essential furniture, telephone, TV, DVD, refrigerator, bathroom. The complexes also have leisure rooms with leather furniture, billiards and tennis tables, computers and game consoles. In the case for girls there is a sauna and a solarium, for boys – swimming pool and aerobic lounge.

Educational institutions York can offer a variety of educational programs that will surely open the door to their graduates to leading universities and world companies.

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