Enable music and experiment: Cook from Greece – about how fun to spend time in the kitchen and the best recipe for summer panna-cat

During self-insulation, at all the books, board games and serials came out on the fore. Our thoughts and social networks seized food. And this, of course, is an explanation. Fragrance baking and routine actions, like rolling the test, displacing all the disturbing thoughts. While on the table cheesers on the mother’s recipe or apple pie with a crust, like a grandmother, nothing bad will not exactly happen. Such culinary anti-stress therapy even got its name – «Procracurablebaking». And now lawyers, engineers, bloggers, gardeners, models – everything, as one, experiment in the kitchen.

About whether the cooking of food is helps to get rid of stress, we talked with a chef from Greece. Arched Kakorrand studied from world-famous specialists, was in the middle of the Mishlen restaurants. And the last 9 years works on Santorini in establishments with stunning views and cuisine. And to whom, how not to him know, is it worth going to the stove in a bad mood and which dishes became popular during quarantine.

Masterpiece can be made of the simplest products

– Why did your love for food started? Not household – just a delicious snack, and as an attitude to art, the desire to do everything in its own way.

– Judging by Mom’s stories, I was destined to become a chef. I grew up in the north of Greece, in the city, located at the foot of Mount Olympus. And delicious food here always paid a huge amount of attention. I have never been laying in food like most children. In the good sense of the word. I liked to make a combination of products, study their flavors. When someone was preparing at home, I was always the first to taste dishes. I will never forget the magical taste of caramel cream of my aunt. Like aroma, rice pudding texture with cinnamon or eggs, fried with pepper, tomatoes and cheese. This is a popular Greek breakfast, which was branded at my mother.

Over the years more and more obvious has become what profession I want to get. And it is even despite the fact that the father did not support me. In those days, gastronomy was not so revered and valuable as today. So, from the best motives, he dreamed of making a career in medicine. However, I was adamant. Somehow a joke replied that both professions are similar to its snow-white uniform.

While my school friends learned diligently to get a higher education in universities, I watched endless TV shows and culinary shows dedicated to international cuisine and famous chefs. I dreamed that one day I will work next to them. So it happened. I entered the Pythagora Culinary Institute in Thessaloniki. This allowed me to make the first professional steps. A little later, I have acquired invaluable experience, working with world-famous chefs both in Greece and abroad. Some of the hotels and restaurants in which I also experienced, now boasts the status of the star Mishlen. Now I work for Santorini not only a cook, but also a consultant of luxury hotels and a cafe.

– Given international experience in this area and love for travel, do you have some kind of beloved kitchen?

– As a passionate enthusiast of the cooking case, I respect the food of any country. But, if quite honestly, Mediterranean cuisine – the only one with which I find an emotional and cultural connection. Olive oil – it can be used almost everywhere, thyme, oregano, basil and other herbs, forcing usual dishes to sound in a new way, fresh, only from the sea, fish or shrimp – it’s all incredibly tasty! I love to invent something with seasonal products. Masterpiece can be made of the simplest, available to each vegetable and fruit. For example, tomatoes, in my opinion, are strongly undervalued. But with their help you can revive the simplest paste, pizza, fish, make soups, sauces and salads.

Treat food cooking as traveling: Add some spontaneity

– What do you think, during quarantine, the attitude towards food has changed? People began to look for some rare recipes or on the contrary, left new things to what they knew in childhood?

– Surprisingly, it turned out that many, especially the older generation, wanted to return to the origins, traditional dishes. They are interested to watch TV show, videos on YouTube about how the chefs are preparing houses stuffed with rice peppers or how dripped shin with potatoes. Such simple things have recently been ousted by other, more unusual recipes. We wanted to learn foreign cultures and diet, experiment in their own kitchen. And now it’s time to remember something family, simple. For me, this is also some challenge. I want to prove that even from ordinary home meal you can make a beautiful restaurant dish, open some new faces in the usual potato or meat.

– For most cooking – it is often a routine, boring home duty. Is it important what mood you come to the stove? Or the main thing – to do everything according to the recipe, and then everything in any case will be delicious?

– It is enough to imagine how your soup or lettuce admire how the mood is already changing, though? Praise never will be routine. Come to this process how to some trip. Despite the fact that you have thought out the route, you can always add some spontaneity: a new ingredient or spice. The presence of emotional relationship with what you do makes the result of your work magic. Turn on your favorite music, remember when I first prepared this dish, I learned the recipe. And now the process captures you, it is impregnated by pleasant moments. See food will be one hundred times appetitive.

Of course, 3-4 assistants in the kitchen allow you to solve problems faster, delegate part of the tasks, be more open for the new. But one person at the slab is capable of feats. In general, the kitchen in the restaurant is similar to the ideal orchestra, the most perfect opera. It’s like watching the play of Tchaikovsky in the Bolshoi Theater, where in every dancer and in every musician emotions stretched to the limit where everything is synchronized. This ensures that everything will be perfect: since the opening of the show to the last cotton of enthusiastic spectators.

Enable music and experiment a cook from Greece - about how fun to spend time in the kitchen and

So here. Be yourself criticized and grateful tastor, serve the usual dish in a new way, take a picture of it from the best angle. And the next time you will also want experiments and mastering new recipes. Now, during Quarantine, and after him, when we are inevitably waiting for new stresses, it is especially important to indulge yourself, please, make the element of the game in the usual routine. If we spend so much time in the kitchen, why not make it pleasant? Beautiful dishes – it is important. Convenient gadgets that save time and strength, too. Surround yourself with what you like. Turn on your favorite movie, add fragrant seasonings to food, call your beloved person, to a friend, colleague while Mission Dough or Cut Vegetables. And now it is not just a salad, but a whole story impregnated with the joy of life. Enjoy it to the last crumb.

Panna Cota in Greek with Salad from Summer Berries

  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt;
  • 448 g. (2 glasses) thick cream;
  • 224 g. (1 cup of sugar;
  • 5 sheets of gelatin (or 10 g. powdered gelatin, as indicated on the package).

For salad:

  • 1 part of berries (strawberry, blueberries, raspberries, blackberry);
  • 1 lemon;
  • 56 g. (2 Article. L.) syrup;
  • 5 leaves fresh mint.

Soak gelatin in ice water before softening, then learn excess water and put aside. Bring cream and sugar to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add gelatin and mix until complete dissolution. Stir the mix in yogurt. Perfoliate into serving bowls, cover the lid and put in the refrigerator until it is frozen, about 8 hours.

When the panna cat will freeze, use a blender to take one part of the berries in the puree and mix with the remaining integer. Add squeezed lemon juice, crushed mint leaves and a little syrup for sweetness. Leave a short for soaking.

After lay out a panna-cat in a plate, add a berry salad on top and decorate berries and mint leaves. Before serving on the table, you can add one small spoonful of vanilla ice cream.

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