Elena Sparrow

The childhood of the future actress was not far from the Brest Fortress (which is why Elena Sparrow, she is Elena Lebenbaum, a joke call himself "fortress hooligan"). And indeed, the yard games, trees, fences – its main memories. And school teachers became the first characters of her parodies. Odnoklassniki came delight from the way Lena portrayed the gait and voice of teachers.

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Elena Sparrow

The girl dreamed of being clown: in her family constantly sounded, jokes, draws were arranged. Until now, any situation of sparrow to try with the help of a joke (according to the actress, she got a sense of humor to the father’s inheritance).

However, the parents of Lena did not perceive the passion for the daughter of clowning. They wanted the girl to become a music teacher, and transferred her VMuzical School. Then Elena first visited Leningrad and decided to arrive a local theater institute.

True, at the entrance exams, the Commission disliked: "Does not sing and no longer!"After these words, Lena was seriously engaged in vocals, and now she knows her whole country as a singing artist of the parody genre.Elena explains his passion for singing: "I have always strived with an article by a dramatic actress, and teachers said that the best comic numbers are. But even if a person is given something over, his gift to! After all, if I did not become an artist, I would be deeply unhappy!"

By the way, a career of Lena helped to do it precisely.Somehow she tried to count, after how many years you can become popular.It turned out seven. It was after seven years of a long plowing and work on himself a sparrow, finally felt the return.

Life on stage

Speeches oblige actress to follow the figure. Sprinkles that Elena has a physique that she doesn’t need diet. But according to EXECUCTIVE admission, the sparrow is fighting all his life. Previously, when I came to my parents to Brest, the first thing I asked them: "I lost weight?»Dad honestly answered:" No ", and Lena all vacation eaten nothing. And my mother was dumbfooted by Father: "Well, why didn’t you say that Lenka lost weight? Won, starving a child ".

Over time, Lena understood: To keep himself in a tone, it is neither starving nor adhere to exclusive diets. Everything is easier: the standard and no fast food! Now the actress is trying to do without sugar, only with salt so far can’t part, although it dreams about it for a long time.

Lena frequently unloading days. For example, in the fall all day eats some watermelons. "Watermelons is just a storehouse of beneficial substances," the actress explains its choice. – Glucose, fructose, sucrose – easily friendly sugar, and pectinic vitamins: folic and ascorbic acids, carotene. Many here and minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese. All these substances are necessary for a person. Innumerable to start buying watermelons no earlier than August. And by the way, it is better to first grab the nithenther to measure the level of harmful substances in the berry. If in the norm, it is possible to buy watermelon with a relaxed soul and eat it together, without fear of consequences ".

Elena Sparrow

Well, the main helpfulness in care for helena – etoscene. "I have a subscription to the gym," says Sparrow. – At home somewhere.

But while the presentations help me help me. I will warm up the concert and sow forty minutes, it is important for ligaments.Then there is a concert. Total 2 hours 40 minutes of pure sport! And sometimes I turn into the food film at the time of the performance, and it turns out almostpas. But the main thing for the figure – to keep the campaign to the restaurant.

Elena has long ceased, there is after 18:00, at the same time richly limiting himself in food. Once, the actress has already overrelaved the signatures: she ate only apples and carrots – and almost lost his teeth due to the lack of diet of vitamins and trace elements.

The only thing that is unable to replace the scene for the sparrow, is family. "For now, I don’t have a home, Sonya, daughter, sits with a grandmother, Grandfather Total," Elena says. – I believe that no one will be closer to the child, rigorous people. Nanny in this case – no way out. We had difficult moments, misunderstandings of jealousy on the part of the daughter, but Mozrosv, Sonya saw that Mamaobeshesizes not only the whole family, but also a creative team, and realized that. Now she changed her point of view and let me go on trips ".

"Consider that I am a cat!"

"When Bori Moiseeva had a stroke, many artistovyadded that it was necessary to find time for recreation. In order to support and recover, many, and I, including, go to church.Now, when a couple of free days falls out, I am learning to rest, learning elementaries – disable the phone. This is perhaps the most difficult step of the Quantist, because we live with the phone, we sleep with the phone. "

Favorite holiday destination Elena – Montenegro. And in a warm sparrow person likes to go fishing. Once the artist caught 25 kg of carps and did not know where to give them. As a result, he distributed to all families. Said: if that, call muff. It is not surprising that the favorite stars dish – fish, especially stuffed."Once I had long tour, – Lena recalls. – And weeks after two of the two of the cities I wanted a simple home meal. The organizers are constant to the trout and the seed, which I could not watch! And I am asleeping. The organizers were discouraged: "This is a fish for cats!"To which I replied:" Think I’m a cat!"They asked if it was a joke, and then roasted many carrots and loaf. When I began to absorb it, somewhat inspired and watched with amazement, as a star star eats fried Mintai ".

In addition to fishing, in the life of Elena, there is another passion – afterwards for several years, she collects the figures of Sparrow and Dogs: "I mischieving them, they are for me everything like relatives. But, I think the figurines are already ordinarid. The first sparrow appeared with me for a long time, but I quickly realized that statuette with these birds – the thing is rare. And at the time of touring in Ukraine in one shop, found a faience plate with the image of the Vorobiev family. Already gathered, how suddenly the view fell on a charming dog – an extraordinary beauty sparfore spaniel. The owner of the salon recognized me and immediately approached the question: "Lenochka, you love dogs? Then take this sculpture!»" Dogs I love, but I only collect Sparrow, "I replied, nodding on a plate. And then the owner assisted me fantastic, in my opinion, a deal: if I take spaniel, Tovorobyov he gives me! And I understood: we must agree. Since then, collecting phigures also dogs ".

But the chief recipe for spiritual recreation of Elena – not to zaocyk. Do not holy and do not cherish your bad mood. It is better to pretend that nothing happened and go further with a highly raised head!

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