Egg yolk and face. Masks with egg yolk

In recent years, they talked a lot and wrote about the harmfulness of chicken eggs, considering them one of the main sources of cholesterol – it was a fashionable tetry, which "fell ill".

Everything was rapid on cholesterol, and it brought a lot of troubles to the world: many women, and especially young, began to make themselves with nightmarish diets, wanting at any cost to become similar on supermodels and mannequins; As a result, many are seriously ill, and some even died from exhaustion.

Meaning, Cholesterol is a substance without which our body cannot live normally and work: Important biochemical reactions will not be able to proceed without it, the necessary hormones, vitamins and other substances will not be produced; Wriven water balance and metabolism in all cells and tissues.

Cholesterol in eggs is really enough: In the middle size of the egg it can be 350-400 mg, and admissible doctors consider its consumption 290-390 mg per day – for women and men. Eggs We eat not every day, and cholesterol in them is not the one that it is feared: the harmful cholesterol is produced in the body of rich fats coming from food – here they really need to eat as little as possible.

For its biological value with eggs, few food can be compared: because the egg is conceived by nature, as a complete set of substances for the development of a full-fledged living being – a chick, and it is worth noting that the chicks appear on the light almost fully adapted to life.

The composition of egg yolk

Yolk chicken egg – And here we will speak predominantly about it, contains many proteins, and the fats are almost the same – a third of them belong to saturated, but unsaturated fatty acids in it much more. There are carbohydrates in yolk, enzymes, coloring substances, vitamins – a, beta-carotene, e, groups in (8 vitamins), D, H; Macro- and trace elements – phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, chlorine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chrome, molybdenum, iodine, cobalt, etc.

The yolk contains about 65 kcal per 100 g – Not so much, if you compare eggs with sweet and fatty products.

It is noteworthy that our body perfectly absorbs all these substances – by almost 95%: after all, they are already saying, "laid" in an egg itself in an easily-friendly form – so that they can assimilate the chick.

Modern scientists calculated that in the cheese egg yolk of antioxidants, it is twice as much as the apple as a whole, so there is no doubt about its utility today. Of course, there are raw yolks, it is not always possible: it is permissible if the chickens are rustic, or homemade, and only with complete confidence that the birds are healthy – it is known that there can be dangerous diseases in raw eggs.

Egg yolk in cosmetology

However, eggs and egg yolks are used not only in cooking – Cosmetologists of all time knew about their healing strength, helping women to keep the beauty of leather and hair; By the way, male wishing to look good, masks for skin and hair with yolks are also very helpful. The substances contained in the yolks feed the skin, remove irritation, reduce inflammatory processes and manifestations of allergies, return a healthy color and fight with small wrinkles.

As for hair care, many of us remember the time when there were no shampoos by hair type, and generally free to buy shampoo in the store was a problem – there were times of total Soviet deficit. But women found a way out: the head washed with egg yolk, and the hair from it only won – became soft, strong and obedient, and dandruff disappeared.

Today, egg yolks are also popular in home cosmetology; In addition, very many cosmetics manufacturers are pleased to introduce them to their funds – such products can also be attributed to one of the most popular.

Face masks with egg yolk

Homemade masks can be made from one yolk – It perfectly moisturizes the skin and improves its general condition. Separate from fresh eggs yolk, slightly stirred it up and apply a smooth layer on the skin of the face and neck, and after 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. The skin after such a mask will become smooth and will like light shine.

Most often for some reason with a yolyt make masks for dry skin, but in fact masks with it are useful for skin of any type: substances that are so rich in yolks, work in different directions.

However, let’s start with dry skin masks.

    Nourishing: yolk mixed with 1 h.L. honey, rubbing and applied to the face after washing. After 15-20 minutes wash off warm water.
  • Mask will have a cleansing effect if you add chopped oatmeal to it (1 st.L.) – You can break them in hot milk or water.
  • For dry and normal skin, a mask with a yolk, olive oil (1 st.L.) and liquid honey (1 h.L.). First, the yolks are triturated with honey, and then oil is added, stirred and apply to face for 15-20 minutes. Wash off warm water. Oil can be taken apricot, almond, pumpkin, linen, peach, etc.

Some masks with a yolk are very good for combined and normal skin.

  • Mitigating: crude yolk mixed with low-fat sour cream and grapefruit or lemon juice (1 st.L.), 10-12 minutes are applied to the face and wash off cool water.
  • Toning: The same, but without sour cream – yolk mixed with 1 st.L. Lemon juice, cranberries and others. Keep the mask 10 minutes.
  • Moisturizing: yolk mixed with low-fat kefir, risen or yogurt (2 st.L.) are applied to the face for 15 minutes and wash off warm water.

Fatty skin cleans well and nourishes a mask with cosmetic clay – White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black. Yolk mixed with ½ st.L. clay, for 15 minutes apply on face and wash off warm water. For oily skin, you can also mix yolk with ground coffee or flour.

With any type of skin, a mask is effective, the recipe of which is attributed to the Queen Cleopatra – It is generally considered almost an expert in the field of caring procedures. At first, a finely green green apple is mixed with a melted honey (1 st.L.), add cream (1 st.L.) and yolk, stirred again and apply a mixture on face, neck and zone. Cream, yolk and honey nourish the skin; yolk also eliminates irritation; The substances contained in the apple have a tonic, nutrient and moisturizing effect. Such a mask can be done twice a week.

Hair masks with egg yolk

Hair masks with egg yolk are also popular – with any type of hair, they help to emphasize their advantages, and the flaws are quickly eliminated.

Egg yolk and face. Masks with egg yolk
  • Hips hair and scalp mask with yolk, honey (2 st.L.) And Luk. The yolk is mixed with a melted honey, a fine onion is added, rubbed to a homogeneous mass, rub into the skin of the head and roots of the hair, applied on their hair along the entire length, cover their head with a film and a thick heated towel, and hold an hour. Towel as cooling changes to heated; Then wash the head with warm water with shampoo. Hair after the course of such masks shine, get stronger and even start growing better.
  • Dry hair gives the power of a mask with a yolk, a ray oil and arnik oil – they make it once a week. Oils take 2 st.L., mix them with yolks (2 pcs.) and rub into the skin of the head and hair, cover with a film, a towel and keep 40-50 minutes; wash off warm water with her shampoo.
  • For normal hair make a mask with yolks (2 pcs.) and brandy (40 g); As much water add to the brandy. The mixture is applied to clean hair from the roots and along the entire length, cover your head and hold 20 minutes, then thoroughly wash off with plenty of water room temperature.
  • For oily hair yolk mixed with water (2 st.L.) and camphor oil (½ h.L.), and massage movements are rubbed into the roots; hold 5 minutes and wash off warm water.
  • Against dandruffers well helps mask with yolks (2 pcs.), rapid oil (1 h.L.) and lemon juice. First, the yolks are mixed with a whole lemon juice, then the oil is added, stirred again and rub the mixture in the roots of the hair. Hold half an hour and wash off warm water. To get rid of dandruff, it is necessary to make no less than 10-15 masks, 2 masks per week.

Homemade shampoos with egg yolk

And now about homely shampoos with yolk.

For dry hair, 2 whipped yolk mixed with a scapraque of nettle – ½ cup; For normal – 4 whipped yolk foam mixed with ½ cup of serum, camphoring alcohol is triturated and added (1 hour.L.); For fatty – 3 whipped yolks are thoroughly mixed with decoction of hops cones (4 st.L.) and brandy (1 st.L.).

In all cases, the head washed warm, but not hot water.

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