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«With Operation» Gucci mascara, hair spray with black caviar extract, blue lipstick M.A.C. and other new items that you need.

Mascara Gucci Intense Volume

New Collection of Creative Director Gucci Alessandro Michele – The combination of graphic silhouettes and avant-garde prints in the spirit of the series «Versailles». «Make-up» Novelty Gucci Immain Designer Style – For example, Mascara Intense Volume. The spiral brush makes the eyelashes volume for one blasting. The intensity of this volume can be argued, an independent assessment of the senior editor Beautyhack Karina Andreeva:

«When I unfolded Gucci’s bag, there was no tone on my face, no shadows, nor bliss. I was not kept and immediately tested a new mascara – The effect is excellent: the glance became open, and the eyelashes fluffy and volumetric. With such a car, you can quite walk and without makeup eyes».

The mascara turned out to be a wand-grinding for sea vacation: take with you three Sanskrina (for body, eyelids and face), lip balm and a small bottle from Gucci. Explain – This mascara replaces the campaign in the road Brow Bar behind false eyelashes. It not only increases them in volume, but also «Creates» them like my favorite tongs shu uemura.

Mascara is washed off with warm water, but standing in front of the day. For example, even when I rubbed my eyes with my palms, there were no traces on the centuries, there was no discomfort».

Infinite Color Hold Topcoat Shine Spray Caviar

As part of the hair spray Infinite Color Hold Topcoat Shine Spray Caviar: Sunflower extract (caring ingredient, rich in vitamin E), blackberry extract (responsible for the aroma) and black caviar extract (light moisturizing, sea shine). The Novelty tested the Beautyhack correspondent Anastasia Lyakushkin:

«Bottle – What I need is: it is plastic, lightweight, with a dense lid (put in a handbag and do not worry about the lining). Aroma – like soda with ripe purple berries. I will buy spray once again just for the sake of this summer smell. Let’s go to «Technical characteristics»: Frankly, this spray does not work as a moisturizer – He slightly softens strands, but does not feed your hair. Perceive it like hair makeup: Spray emphasizes their color, glitters like a naval surface and reflects the sunlight (as in the cartoon about the mermaid Ariel)».

Intense Lip Color Trend Ciel Shades Audrey and Brigitte

Ciel – Russian brand of perfumery and cosmetics, which every bitagolic should know about. Causes – The company openly writes that it does not use cheap ingredients and strictly monitors production. Novelty Ciel – Lipstick S «Cinema» names of shades. For example, «Audrey» – In honor of Great Hepburn, or «Bridget» – in honor of themselves know.

What is good in this Russian lipstick? The composition pleases. Jojoba oil – To the lips were soft outside, vitamin E – The main nutritional component so that the internal layers are soft. Classical base of moisturizing lipstick with glossy shine and pretty sticky texture.

Applicator Small and Polylia – Easy to draw a subtle contour and fill it as much as possible. BeautyHack editors tried to combine two shades in one make-up and were satisfied – Lipstick CIEL fit for the effect of ombre and mildly merge.

Moisturizing Cleaner-Exfoliant PHFORMULA

For those whom the phrase is soothes «without paraben». In the means of PhforMula, there are really no (including in the new exfoliant). But there is a rare vitamin B5 (soothes the skin, stops inflammatory processes), urea (this medical ingredient is treated even damaged skin), Roisibush extract (antioxidant, aroma relaxes) and lactobionic acid (responsible for cleansing cells).

How to use? Apply to your sponge, carefully spend them all over the person after the working day. Exfoliant «Friendy» with eyes and lips – Means gently erased makeup and clean the skin. After this procedure, we recommend rinse with warm water, wipe the skin with a moisturizing lotion and apply a favorite cream.


Australian brand middle house famous «Purple» series for blondes. NEW – Spray in shiny packaging. Beautyhack Editor Olga Kulagina tested the remedy for two weeks and carried the verdict:

«Shimmer, Pearl, Sequins – I love all three words, like a new spray Kevin Murphy. First, the bottle of lavender, cosmic. Secondly, overflow. Go to the aroma: it reminds me of olive vacation, fresh, light, lightweight, field. If I were told that this is a selective perfume, I would believe. Nano on all hair – and for the length and the most tips. Result – shine and healthy shine. The sprayer is comfortable, at a time you get a large cloud that «Capture» Quarter hair. Spray dries instantly, no stickiness and fatty. Hair color is emphasized, my blond started overflowing. I call this spray hairlight for hair – I spray and shine all day».

Body Night Oil «Siberian cedar», Natura Siberica

Russian brand that is sold and loved worldwide – Frequency, but Natura Siberica It turned out: Volumetric bottles and tubes with «Siberian» Funds sell in London fashion department stores, and in Russian supermarkets. New Natura Siberica – Cedar body oil marked «Luxurious». The Beautyhack editor Olga Kulagina reacted to definition with humor and tested oil on themselves:

«The first thing you need to know – it’s rather not butter, but «Putting» Body Night Cream. Cream color, thick texture, smells like cedar forests (I remember the children’s holidays in Yalta and smile). Second – Get ready for the fact that the cream will remain white on the skin. This effect passes after 30 seconds, only moisturizing remains. I do not advise you to use the product during the day – It is pretty sticky, can leave traces on clothes. Distribute cream all over the body, put on your favorite cotton pajamas and go to bed».

Lipstick Frost LipStick Anything Once, M.A.C

Buy you can not forget the top 10 hot novelties of the week_23

To your young man decided that you – Guest from the future, buy a new lipstick M.A.C with the fabulous name Anything Once («One day everything happens»). What is good? Do not be bugged out active – Lipstick translucent, like a tit for lips. If this news is frustrating – Apply the tone into three layers, the effect of space lips.

Lipstick consists of a variety of sparkles of different colors and sizes. The brightest – large light lilac. They look like stars flicker and shimmer. Texture is not easy to wash – Sequins are entrusted to the surface of the lips, you will need micellar water or two-phase cleansing agent.

Male gel 3 in 1, La Ric

Universal Means for Business Men. Flake shape reminds Tie Harvey Spectrum from SUITS series. Three roles of this gel: 1) foam, very foam gel for the soul; 2) cleansing shampoo; 3) shaving gel (suitable for the blade, and for a razor, and for machine).

As part – Three oils. Castor helps «heal» Razor cuts, orange – gives a courageous aroma, almond – envelops hair and strengthens their structure.

Advantages of gel: It is easily flushed even in cold water, texture «Sliding» and cooling.

Foam three droplets of the gel is really enough to fill the jacuzzi (such facts please children and men, not?).

Fragrance Dirk, Dirk Bikkembergs

Brand Dirk Bikkembergs We know on laconic polo and loforths. The key fragrance of the brand with the consonant name Dirk corresponds to the image of the brand – he is discreet, but fresh.

V «Foundation» Perfume – Wood notes of vetiver and wool. Average «floor» Petals of Geranium (the most courageous fragrance of floral), orange color and refuses from beans (adds brutality). Top notes – Summer: Apple, Pink Pepper, Bergamot Extract.

Fragrance is quite universal – It is hardly formerly every man who cares for himself (perhaps as Chanel, Chanel – woman).

It is important to know: the smell is resistant, it remains on the collars of shirts, even after cold washing.

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