Buy can not be forgotten? Top 10 hot novelties of the week

M Olochko for the body with the aroma of Pina Kolada, makeup brushes from Arsenal Barbie, restoring hair mask, resembling sorbet, and other new items of this week that you need.

Shampoo and conditioner Color Extend Graydiant, Redken

High-quality staining in the blond, perhaps, more complicated than the bouqueries, rodes and armor combined. It is not easy to care for the bright color of the hair: the pigment is quickly washed out or worse – Yellow. So that you no longer come across these problems, Redken has released tools to care for ultra-cooled blond.

In shampoo and air conditioner GrayDiant – Amino acids and pigment direct action. If you first used tinting agents for light-colored hair, then do not be surprised, – Both new saturated purple color. Funds nourish and strengthen hair, parallel making staining everything brighter, and pigment – multifaceted. Yellow shades are neutralized, which means your ash or platinum blond will be protected, and the planned visit to the colorsist can be postponed.

Shampoo Price: 1 400 USD

Air conditioner price: 1 750 USD

Moisturizing Body Gel MMM Moringa, Planeta Organica

We have already told you about a fragrant body scrub from the Skin Super Food collection from Planeta Organica (Looking for here). In a collection dedicated to superfuds, there is no less fragrant body for the body, which not only causes the desire to prepare lemonade, but also on «Great» copes with skin moisture.

It seems that in the jar squeezed the flesh of aloe – Gel green, driving and refreshing. This component is really present in the composition, and at the very beginning of the list – Aloe juice company company amazon avocado oil. Together they are saturated with moisture skin and make it velvety. And Moring – Plant that contains 15 times more vitamin A than carrots – gives shine and tightens noticeably. We advise you to try gel to all those who do not tolerate sticky and fatty lotions, – It instantly absorbs, leaving after himself only smoothness and fresh fragrance.

Body Milk Coconut Milkshake, Planeta Organica

We continue to learn «tasty» New Planeta Organica: Beautyhack Assistant, Arina Zarudko, appreciated the body for the body with the aroma of Pina Kolada.

«The Skin Super Food line will certainly be approved by adepts of a healthy lifestyle, which they want to saturate with vitamins not only their body, but also the skin. Milk for the body of Coconut Milkshake with a light texture leaves a unobtrusive fragrance of coconut on the body and nourishes perfectly. The funds are based on a real tropical paradise from Coconut, Mango and Maracui.

Seychelian coconut milk cares about the softness of the skin, mango oil tones and makes it more elastic, and the Maracuy, which contains a huge amount of vitamin E, supports healthy skin condition.

Such a caribbean mixer will easily transfer you to the shore of the tropical island, forcing you to feel ease and tide. I’m nano milk after the shower – Soothes the skin and instantly softens».

Price on request

Collection of Cool Brush makeup brushes, de. Co.

If you often induce the chain of stores «Girlfriend», then probably familiar with the brand de. Co. – In their arsenal there are spongats, and overhead eyelashes, and translated tattoos. And now a new collection of brushes, which are reminiscent of the Barbie doll accessories, rather than harsh professional tools with boring design.

Six brushes from the Collection of Cool Brush will be enough for daytime, and for evening makeup, and the synthetic pile is perfect for high-granded means – will not «eat» Colour. Rader or blush brush, fan – Highlight on the protruding parts of the face. The brush for the tonal base is capable of growing the means to the effect of the airbrush, and the fluffy version is perfect for the Bronze. There was no eye makeup tools: one applies shadows to all mobile eyelids, and the other – Relieve borders.

The average price of one brush: about 400 dollars.

Lipstick ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER, Bittersweet, Chanel

Spring is already on the threshold, and therefore, and new shades of lipstand Chanel here as here. So in the ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER replenishment – Saturated plum Bittersweet. Texture – Above all silence: when rustice, the lipstick turns into a soft powder, which falls on the lips as the second leather. Anastasia Speranskaya’s senior editor of Beautyhack tried a novelty and told about her impressions:

«Matte lipstick, which can be applied without a mirror, – Isn’t a dream? ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER Nano and the finest layer, cutting your finger (it turns out a light pink tit), and denser – to state «Sponges-yourds». By the way, we are not limited to lips, and recreation trend with exhibitions Spring-Summer 2019 – I do pastel monomakijage. I squeeze a small amount of means on hand and light brush movements I decide on «Apples» cheeks and eyelids. I nano in the middle of the lips directly from the case and a convenient foam applicator distributing to the outer corners – It turns out very asian. No wonder the collection was inspired by the East!».

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Regenerating Mask for Strongly Damaged Hair Pro Fiber Reconstruct Treatment, L’ORéAl Professionel

Most recently creative partner L’OréAl Professionnel Alex Nagoinsky told us about the main rules of care for painted hair (they are looking for here) and about the Pro Fiber procedure, which restores their canvas. Extend the effect you can and at home – with a mask from the same line. It has already been tested by the Assistant of the BEAUTYHack Arina Zurko:

«All means from the Pro Fiber line from L’oréAl Professionel is designed to restore very damaged hair, and must be said, with the task, coped perfectly.

I, like an avid collector of hair masks, did not find the strength to pass past the jars with an incredible aroma and the original two-color texture. In winter, all regenerating agents go to consumption, and masks – first of all. Seeing the word in description «High damage damage», Immediately understood – This is my story. The mask includes a molecular complex APTYL 100, thanks to which the restoration occurs.

Apply the means follows the entire length of the washed and slightly dried by a towel. Hold five minutes, slightly massage and hang, then wash off. With stable use (2-3 times a week), hair is compacted, become softer and acquire a healthy shine».

Shampoo and Pure Locks Rinse Balm, Aussie

The Aussie brand appeared in Russia back in 2014 – And the brothigolics immediately fell in love with their hair care trio. And recently, Mark released three novelties for hair tired of endless stacking, – Pure Locks. The Special Correspondent of Beautyhack Daria Mironova has already appreciated them:

«A little about my hair: Thin, damaged and weakened. In general, there is something to work with. I often use styling to fit the fluffiness and give the volume, so new ones from Aussie came to how it is impossible by the way. The main ingredient of the Pure Locks series – Extract of Australian Plum Cockada, the richest source of vitamin C (100 g of plums of approximately 5,300 mg vitamin C, which is 50 times more than in oranges). I my head every day, so always in the search for a gentle shampoo and a good moisturizing air conditioner so that the skin of the head is not overwhelmed, and the tips remained moistened. New from Aussie is great for these tasks: hair after washing soft, obedient and easily combed».

Price of both of the funds: 319 dollars.

Tool of intensive care 3 Minute Miracle Pure Locks, Aussie

Well, and the third hero of the line – Mask, which in three minutes turns lifeless strands to shiny and healthy curls. The composition is still the same: draining Kakada, the top filled with antioxidants, restores damaged hair and struggles with dullness.

Bottle with a convenient dispenser you will also like: Easy Pressing – And you have an ideal amount of means in your palm that enhances the shampoo and air conditioner effect from the Pure Locks collection. However, worry about what you will apply too much mask, not worth – The novelty will not deprive the volume, but moisturizes dry tips and will return to them the greatness.

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