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Competently selected Ma­Nen – indispensable and very useful thing, especially when a child learns to walk and floor­bob. Studying your house in small­details, cappuza prest­IT collide with many dangers. Parents for­It goes to hide numerous­things, plug out the sockets and literally go for a small researcher on the heels to secure it. Manet Ma­Lys can be some time unattended adults. Using Maneja Pozo­Lit Mama to do homemade or at least to eat without fear that­Bimo Chado fit to the table and the tip of the plate.

Some moms and dads, grandparents mistaken­But it is believed that with no less success, you can use a crib: sketch­more toys and improvise­Manege ready. But it is not. Children’s crib in no way­Tea can not use­put. And there are several reasons for it:

– Baby hands and legs can get stuck in the bar of the crib;

– During the game, the kid mo­it will fall and hit your head about a wooden grid;

– Cot must be an association­To the baby with peace and sweet sleep;

– kid tired of constantly­stay in the crib, begins to be capricious and demand­Mamina attention.

Manege specially Skon­Strong to give birth­whether it was possible to leave a breast child, without saving for his safety­Lust. But if you’re believing­those that buy a playpen is more important than adult than a child, then you are mistaken. The thing is that the baby, help­Motor activity, times­Muscular system­Mu, you need and calm classes with toys that contribute to the development of small motility and understand­Devices of things.

Many parents are approved­It is that crawling on the floor­puts the child the opportunity to do two things one­Temporarily: actively move and play with your favorite toys. But hardly these parents will refute the fact that even a well washed sex­precisely hygienic for kid. But the main – in the mannezh you can­You can leave your child without a diaper so that tender skin rested from diapers and ventilated. Thus, to buy a playpen is simply necessary to use it:

• at home if mom needs­MO and for the kid to trace, and cook, and to remove in the house;

• on a trip and visiting where ma­Undress will not only be safe­Place for games, but also­a place of a breast child;

• In the country where it is quite about­To briefly trace­benk ​​and find him sleep­at the same time an interesting place.

What are the maneja?

The first players were made­us from wood. Now their place is occupied by Manege, made of synthetic materials, which, instead of cumbersome de­Revented railing stretched mesh and soft sides that protect baby from injuries.

The most common form of playpen is rectangular. But there are also square, round playpens and even tray­Golna – Such a form allow­Et to put a playpen in the angle that the mute­Loving in the case of a small apartment. Separate category of Manege – Manege bed – device executive­CRO function immediately­Katka and Maneja.

Almost all Manege models have a folding con­structure so that they are easier to transport. Modern M­Delhi not only have folding sides, but also themselves are fully folded on the principle of books or umbrella. There is a special category of Manege, to­Some are well added and weigh no more than 8 kg. Such mana­… It is convenient to take with me to give or visit.

We choose Manezh

The decision to acquire ma­Noah adopted. What to pay attention to the purchase does not bring disappointment?

1. Primary knowledge­Has stability­Bay design. Parents should understand that the heavier Manege, the complex­it will turn it over.

2. Manege must be up to­quite high so that the baby can not climb through it and fall out. Take note: the standard height of the side of modern Manege models is 70, 75 and 80 cm. However, there are copies of 110 cm high, of which you do not fall out, but also the body­Visor do not look.

3. Manege must be up to­consistently spacious so that the child does not feel cowardly. Only then he bu­Children contribute to the development of the perfection and the appearance of Zain­Tweason in educational toys. Note that the baby will be much more comfortable in the size of 118×110 in size than in the model with dimensions 96×96 or 100×70.

4. Pay attention to­Number, size and shape ma­gentle handles. After all, they will help the baby raise­wash.

5. Special attention is paid to the lading and stretched grid. They will help protect yourself from bruises, bruises and abrasions.

Tips for specialists

Since in the Maneza, the child spends enough­time, then before you buy it, it is important to know me­specialists do not harm it to children’s health. Allergologists recommend paying attention to mothers­Al from whom Manege is made, especially if the baby or someone from his family members is inclined to allergic reactions. Ma­The gentle must be made of environmentally friendly and well washing material. Manege must be regularly­trivit and wipe with a damp cloth. Otherwise on the Manege grid and his bottom­children accumulate dust that can cause inflamed­Eye mucous membrane and eyeballs.

According to ophthalmologists, the playpen must be chosen with a large grid, since staying in a Manege with a small grid will have a load­ku in the eye muscles. Do not buy a playpen with a bright set­Coy or pattern on it. mesh color should be white or cream.

Buy Manege for Baby

Doctors agree that the total length of stay of a baby in the arena should not exceed 1.5 ca­owls day. Duration of a single stay in the arena should not exceed half an hour. With the growth and devel­ment of the child parents are less likely to have to resort to the help of the arena.

Everything is good in moderation

Manezh – the device is good and very necessary, but they should not be abused. Permanent seat in the arena infant unacceptable. Playpen should be used only in the case when there is not­necessity for the time to leave the baby alone, for example, sing­minute into the kitchen to cook him dinner.

Observations psychologists have shown that if too much to take care of and protect their ma­lysha constantly leaving it in the crib or playpen, baby feels like we conclude­chenny – the same narrow field of action and the same ACS­Noah talking to people.

On the contrary, those kids who crawl on their own throughout the apartment under the watchful supervision of mothers receive ogre­Noah field of research and a lot of pre­Metov with various­properties. As a result of such ma­lyshi much overtaking in the development of those children who have had a long time to sit in the ma­nezhe.

Let’s carry out an experiment

As the saying goes, better to see once than a hundred times usly­shat. Can be arbitrarily long story about the importance of buying a playpen for an infant, the devil­of course argue about their dangers and benefits, until the end and you do not­yasniv all its advantages and disadvantages. Visually verify acquired in need­Nia arena or meaningless­pendence of his purchases help himself playpen. Take it rented at least for a month and you will see how your baby responds to the new acquisition. All at once will fall into place.

Of course, the ro­turer fidgets­livogo child very problems­matichno coal­put at his brigand and cope with all the chores around the house. One­governmental out in such a situation – Ma­Junk. However, adults must always be remembered that the baby should stay in the Manege as long as he is wondering there. In opposition­case, Manege becomes punishment and imprisonment. Do not doubt the life wisdom and the love of the baby will help you find the golden­Redin.

Safety regulations

• It is impossible to put the infant toy toys in the maneen, with the help of cato­he can get out and fall.

• Do not leave the baby in a Manege with a fixed grid, otherwise it can get confused or fall out of the playman.

• Do not allow the kid to swing a playpen.

• In no case do not leave the child in ma­tender if there are holes in the grid, even if­Sew. The child will not be difficult to sprinkle the grid and you­take out of imprisonment while you will be sure of your chad’s safety.

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