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L ihtting cream instead of injection; Shadows that replace means for eyebrows and sculpture of the face; Aroma, mentally transferred to the Mediterranean Sea; and other innovations that deserve your attention.

Men’s Toilette Water Azzaro Solarissimo Favignana, Azzaro

Favignana fragrance – One of the three novelties of a perfume house Azzaro. In the color of the colors of the caring sunset, three main notes, mixed in perfect proportions of Perfumeumer Philip Romano – Crazy lemon, tobacco and resten Chinese cedar, enveloping with its warm.

The composition of the male amber fragrance is associated with a warm breeze on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the sun, leaving the horizon and the touch of sand to the skin – Real ODA nature. And the wooden cover of the bottle of this ODU continues – It is made of natural ash wood grown in compliance with fair agricultural standards.

Price on request

Pallet Shadows Midnight, Bronx Colors

Shadow color gamut gamut reminded the editor Beautyhack Darius Sizova about summer evenings (which will come so soon) and about the sea – To the blame of blue and gray shades:

"The whole range is perfect for evening makeup, and another reason for this has become their resistance – Without a base, the shadow lasted more than 5 hours. And this despite the fact that my eyelids are prone to fat.

The beige-brown shade applied as a base color, light with shimmer – In the corner of the eye, and the purple hue exceeds the green color of the eyes (she has grown it all over the mobile century). Shadows are soft powdered texture, which is perfectly drush, however, "make friends" with shadows without a brush you are unlikely to succeed, – And the best look for in our selection. ".

Cream "Ultra-Lifting" Lift-Structure, Filorga

The name of the brand happened from the word "Filler" – It is not surprising that almost all brand means promise to replace injections, or at least extend their effectiveness. NEW – Cream with instant lifting effect – No exception, like Fillers, he pulls up and rejuvenates the skin, returning the volume.

Thick, like a whipped oil, cream when contacting the skin instantly melts and is well distributed – The face begins to shine. And they are responsible for these extracts of edelweiss in the funds. They stimulate the production of collagen fibers, adjust the sulfur face and make the skin backlit from the inside. And the eternal tandem of FILORGA – NCTF chronospheres and hyaluronic acid – Reduce the severity of wrinkles and support the optimal level of skin moisturizing. Tip: Applying a novelty on face, do not forget about the neck and neckline – Nutrition and lifting in these areas are no less important.

Day and Night Cream "Royal", Repharm

Russian brand REPHARM for more than 20 years happy with high quality funds and democratic prices. The brand has several lines, and some funds are suitable even for babies – Recently, a new "royal" series. Day and night creams tested Special Correspondent Beautyhack Anna Bond:

"In daily care I try to take breaks and not overload the face with the means – I give the skin the opportunity to activate the processes yourself. At such days I use Bepanten, who offered me a beautician as a main care, instead of day and night cream. According to the action, the means of the line reminded me of him: the composition is Dr. Panthenol (the same Bepanten). But the consistency is much more pleasant – Light creams and unobtrusive smell help to relax the skin in the evening and prepare for a makeup in the morning. Due to the rich complex of oils (coconut, shea, argana, jojoba, lavender essential oil), the skin becomes moistened and trapped. Peptides are activated by the production of collagen in the skin, which is responsible for smoothness and elasticity. ".

Price for day cream: 344 USD

Price for Night Cream: 376 USD

Pallet Shadows Raw Garden Luna, Rouge Bunny Rouge

New quintet of matte shadows from Rouge Bunny Rouge dedicated to the ancient Roman deity – Hence the name LUNA. This is the perfect set of five shades for every day – from light beige to saturated gray – With silky texture and excellent resistance: working day will survive exactly.

The novelty will like to those who are decisive to shadow, – The means falls as "the second leather" and does not roll in the folds of the century. But the beauty makers will be able to use a palette for eyebrow decoration and even the sculpture of the face: the first chestnut-beige shade of Chestnut-Napped apalis is perfect for the first, and for the second – Sweet Dust Seriema.

Lipstick for lips Rouge Velvet The Lipstick, Hyppink Chic, Bourjois

According to the SMM manager Beautyhack Alexandra Grishina, the perfect matte lipstick should have three advantages – Comfortable slice (to apply in a taxi to complete the move, and in the elevator without a mirror), a tight pigment (no strips and stains) and oils in the composition (because dry lips have not decorated anyone):

"Just at the moment when I caught myself thinking that with matte lipstick it’s time to go to the brilliants, I happened to try a novelty from Bourjois. Its soft texture is easily and smoothly applied thanks to the beveled slice and does not overheat lips, reminding the cracked clay. At first it’s hard to believe that lipstick matte – She lies with a thin layer, after a few minutes the finish becomes velvety, and the lips remain smooth and soft. For this thanks to the oils in the composition.

Formula with pure pigments tightly covers lips, gives a bright and intense color, which will stay (at least) 5 hours. What is a huge plus of this matte lipstick – The ability to easily and quickly update the color without the effect of layering. ".

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Whitening Nourishing Hand Cream Whitening and Nourishing Hand Cream, Vegetable Beauty

Artificial fragrances, parabens and other chemistry in the means of Italian vegan-brand Vegetable Beauty is not found – All of them are developed on the basis of natural vegetable biocomponents. In the novelty, potato extract got up on the "pedestal of honor" – It is he who possesses whitening properties and lines skin tone.

In the list of ingredients, oils of carite, rice bran and macadamia, possessing regenerating properties are seen – Thanks to them, the hands after the cream become smooth and velvety. Despite the dense consistency, the cream is perfectly absorbed, – It helps stick the golden rule: "In any incomprehensible situation, moisturize hands with cream!"

Lip Balsam "Strawberry Glitter", Himalaya Herbals

Winter-cold has already passed, but the problem of weathered and dry lips of many is haunted all year round – Therefore, we advise you to make friends with a novelty from Himalaya Herbals. Natural balm without adding artificial dyes, preservatives and Vaseline tested a special Correspondent Beautyhack Daria Mironova:

"In the first place as part of the novelties oil of strawberry seeds, then wax and cocoa, – Due to this combination of balm so comfortably falls. The tool not only feeds the gentle skin of the lips, but also contributes to the rapid healing of cracks and the wound. Balm protects from the wind and cold, but do not rush to remove him on the shelf, looking at the weather forecast, – Thanks to moisturizing properties, your lips and the sun will be nipple. A sweet aroma of ripe strawberries and a light translucent pink shade perfectly fit into warm May days and remind you that summer is not far from the mountains. ".

Ball deodorant "Granat", Weleda

The benefits of the garnet for the skin have long been found legends – Its oil smoothes wrinkles, relaxes and strengthens. That is why in the pomegranaya series Weleda you can find a cream lifting, reducing body oil and wrinkle cream around the eyes. The Bestseller Collection was replenished with a deodorant with flavor of candy – The exotic combination of orange and gated with balsamic notes Vanilla will not interrupt your perfume, but it will perfectly prevent other unwanted smells during the day.

Like all means of the brand, the novelty is 100% composed of natural ingredients and does not contain salts of aluminum, phthalates and preservatives, which can not only clog pores, but also lead to more serious consequences (read one of them here).

Moisturizing Body Gel Maracuja Limited Edition Moisturizing Gel, Yves Rocher

BeautyHack’s editorial assistant Karina Ilyasov immediately appreciated the new collection of Yves Rocher with Maracuy (as – in no way it is her favorite fruit) – And about the moisturizing gel for the body wanted to tell detail:

"With the arrival of heat, the need to apply fatty creams to my body disappears – And the novelty from Yves Rocher fell just by the way. In hot weather, gel will be salvation – anticipating how to take it on vacation. Transparent weightless consistency instantly absorbed into the skin, not leaving a sticky track and giving a feeling of freshness. The tool as if smoothes the skin like a filter in FaceTune, – makes it soft and smooth. Due to light consistency gel hardly like the owners of dry skin, but for normal will be just right. Separate bonus – Independent fragrance of the Maracui, turning into a lightweight loop after applying ".

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