Buy can not forget the top 10 hot novelties of the week

Buy can not be forgotten? Top 10 hot novelties of the week

B Agam’s aroma Gucci, Gel-varnish color swimsuit Pamela Anderson, sparkling kiko balm and other means that can not be missed.

Luck Little Red Suit Baywatch, Color Revolution and Gel Varnish Little Red Suit Baywatch, Color Gloss, Artistic

Remember «That is» Swimsuit in which Pamela Anderson fled to save immersing? In order not to guess the color in the Eres or La Perla boutique, bring your manicure master new Lucky Artistic («password» Covenate shade – Little Red Suit).

The collection was released specifically for new «Rescuers Malibu» With Duin Rone Johnson (Spoiler: He does not play the role of Pamela). In honor of the emergency premiere, varnishes packed in a box in California style (of course, with actors on the handle). Why in the set – Two bottles of the same color?

Right – Color Revolution – Two weeks holds. Second – Color Gloss – «works» as a cabin gel. If you do not have time to go into the lounge in front of the party, apply the tool with a thin layer and substitute your office lamp to the light. A minute later you can apply the following layer.

Comfortable tassel – deftly maneuver on the nail plate. Active scarlet color requires a special mood and the outfit in which you love yourself. Imagine that you – Pamela, which you need to run to the task – And smile.

Aroma Gucci Bamboo

All you need to know about the new Bamboo: The bottle cover is similar to a silver bamboo, the aroma is revealed by citrus notes (bergamot and orange color) and 12 hours leaves sandal cable. Floral extracts added flower extracts: ylang-ylang and pink lily (brand representatives argue that the flower with the necessary notes for Gucci Bamboo is growing only on Casablanca).

Sweetish taste that you will feel in the first hour «Friendship» With a new aroma, – Taitian Vanilla (from it the famous vanilla syrup in Starbucks).

Beaoutyhack Editor Olga Kulagina moved to the new Guccci Bamboo after five devotees with Dior Addict. «New Aroma Gucci Looks like Handbags Alessandro Michele – He beats natural motifs, jungle notes and Bali beaches, but does not turn the city girl in Taitian. Is that gives a dream about maritime weekends».

New Sun Sun Sports Collection, Lancaster:

Spray Cooling Invisible Mist and face gel SUN SPORT INVISIBLE SPF30

Lancaster 40 years old brand is concentrated on «Antisolar» Means. These white and orange jars in 1970 began to deliver to the court of Princess Monaco, it means that we need to try.

Senior Editor Beautyhack Karina Andreeva flew to a meeting in Sochi and found a place for spray and Sun Sport gel in a compact suitcase. «When there is a LanCaster tool at hand, I’m calm for my light skin. New collection is good – The texture of the gel for the face as if it became lighter than twice. Absorbed in thirty-forty seconds, it works as a base for makeup and it smells like. I decided that this is the aroma of hot sand.

Spray for the body really cooled the skin for three hours – I felt a pleasant cool, as if we were going to the spa procedure. Buthihac: before an important meeting or a hard day – Spray a couple of doses of spray on the cavracies of the legs, the muscles of the back and shoulders. Relax and exhale will be easier».

Read more about Protective Properties: Factor of a New Spray for Body – SPF 30. But the technology of Lancaster is new: the composition softens all visible and infrared rays. What does it mean? If you play a beach volleyball in a sunny day – still upload, but gently and smooth.

Solar Protection Balm, Kiko

Fashion for coconut oil, coconut water and coconut pulp in the smoothie continues – Italian brand Kiko added coconut extract in summer lip balm (smell like so natural that you want to eat). Sun protection is indicated as «average» – It’s honestly, the balm will not save his lips from the scorching sun in Dubai, but «Works» as a base for shining lipstick.

Texture Feels on the lips. She is low-fat, but nutritious – like dietary linseed oil. Shade barely notice – Mixture of colors of coconut pulp and sugar wool.

Package – less index finger, balm does not take a separate place in the clutch. The bottle coverage reflects the light and powered solar «bunny» On bright light.

Buy can not forget the top 10 hot novelties of the week

Fitness Scrub Orange & Chocolate Sport Angel

Editor Beautyhack Dilyara Telyasheva took an interview with the creator of Sport Angel Olga Alexandrova – Immediately after the meeting, arranged a spa procedure with new brand scrub from «Unburry» coffee .

«I did not meet the best aromatic bathroom aromatic means: open the crafting packaging, put on the side of the bathroom and go to work. Return not to the apartment, but in a home spa for the brain.

Scrub will save those who love chocolate and slender figures, – When you rub it into the skin with massage movements and inhale the smell of cocoa oils – Perform two desires at once».

Olga invented this scrub in such a way: studied the compositions of famous natural scrubs and realized that they all consist of coffee cake. Sport Angel refused such scheme – Agreed with the Team Coffee Shop Traveler’s coffee and purchased an unwarked Arabica. In addition to the grains of medium grinding, in the scrub – Linoleic acid (for skin elasticity), natural essential oils and natural antioxidants.

Collection Life Is Festival, Essence:

Palet Peach Concealer Palette and Lipstick Festival

A democratic American brand produces comfortable gel eyelbs for the arrows for 250 dollars, silky blush for 270 dollars and annual summer collections with fun patterns – For bold colored makeup and thematic summer parties.

This time the brand focused on the style of the Music Festival Coachella. On tubes and bottles – Pink Wild West Drawings and Romantic Flowers.

PEACE CONCEALER PALETTE CONSILERS SET PACKAGING MIMITS «Chicken leg» – Hippie symbol, world peace and big love. This pallet, at least, will help to love your face: a nude hue will hide circles under the eyes, pink – refreshing pale skin, beige – hobs point imperfections on the first tan.

Lipstick from the new ESSENCE collection – in three graced shades. Neon raspberry, juicy plum and powder pink. Warning – The coating is dense and persistent, to put lipstick with a thin layer will not work. Really do festival makeup – So do! We recommend not to draw a clear contour with a pencil, but slightly growing the lipstick on the edges of the words covering the movements – As if you just ate the handful of fresh berries.

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