Buy can not be forgotten? Top 10 hot novelties of the week

Hi ay match in shampoo, arctic blueberry in lip balm, lemonade with strawberries in perfume and others «tasty» Ingredients in the Beauty of this week.

Moisturizing and soothing saturated Arctic Hydra Care Lip Cream, Lumene

If your lips are already in the middle of winter begin to pray for a mercy, and no balm is coping with dryness and cracks, rather please them with a novelty Lumene – saturated cream with arctic blueberries in the composition. In the laboratories of the Finnish brand, they know exactly what to add to the caring agent to save it from frost and temperature drops, – And best of all it is possible to line Arctic Hydra Care.

It has long been proven that blueberry extract strengthens the skin, improving its elasticity and preventing premature aging. The skin of the lips is also concerned: the cream instantly soothes them and nourishes, enveloping the imperceptible protective film. It is she who will help the skin to withstand the temperatures, which is especially relevant for our latitudes. Now you can not be afraid of no frosty wind, nor snow with rain, nor even the most dry matte lipstick, – lips have reliable «bodyguard».

Price: 881 USD

Moisturizing and soothing saturated cream for skin around the eye Artic Hydra Care, Lumene

Another novelty Lumene – For those who have noticed traces of chronic lack of sleep. He always leaves himself a reminder in the form of dark circles that even a dense consileter cannot defeat. Hodges adversely affect – Sensitivity of delicate skin around the eye increases (the rules of care for her will find here). Beautyhack Assistant, Arina Zurko, tried a novelty and told about her impressions:

«In my arsenal there is a cooling cream, which I use in the evening, and now the novelty from Lumene, saving in the morning. The tool actively moisturizes the skin around the eyes due to the formula that contains blueberry oils, canola and oats. The cream holds moisture and soothes the skin. Main component – Arctic blueberry, which effectively copes with dehydream and improves skin elasticity, preventing manifestation «goose paws» And wrinkles.

I apply it to makeup, and the skin is instantly smoothed – Consiller lays much more. But give the tool to act – In Lumene, it is recommended to apply it 30 minutes before entering the street».

Price: 1 558 USD

Lipstick Lipstick Creme, Sergey Naumov

Makeupist Sergey Naumov sure – Unified Makeup Scheme for all. And yet he managed to create funds that fit absolutely everyone: in the new collection – Cream lipsticks in six universal shades with weightless texture and nutritional components.

The novelty in a stylish magnetic case turns his lips in the flower petals: shades emphasize the natural color of the lips, and the gentle cream finish smoothes all irregularities. For this thanks to the extract of Rhodiola Pink – Natural antioxidant positively affects sensitive and fading skin. Lipstick will protect against aggressive external influence, and if there are peelings on the lips, the soft texture will not emphasize them. The company of natural extract was Vitamin E (another anti-age hero) and vitamin derivatives – with them small capillaries will be protected.

Price: 2 290 USD

Men’s Toilette Water Alien Man, Mugler

First «Nameman» Mugler was released back in 2005, then a series of reissues followed, and now a strong half of humanity may also touch the legend – Perfume house introduced a male toilet water Alien Man. Beautyhack Editor Sofia Vorobyva has prepared a gift for February 14, but did not hold and tried a novelty:

«A man who uses Mugler toilet water can be described in three chords from the new composition: energetic, exquisite and attractive. Brutal image, but a galant guy paint wood and leather notes – Petty hooligan in perfectly ironed shirt and jacket.

The fragrance long holds on the skin and changes beyond recognition – You don’t need to apply too much. Over time, you clearly hear pepper, vanilla, mint with lemon and a chamber. I can not not say about the form of a bottle, which attracts no less than the fragrance itself. Metal pump, like the same shirt, peeps out from under the tailored jacket».

Price: 5 870 USD

Crow Hand Soothing CreaméMe Mains Douceur, Payot

According to the folk summary, if a long time to look at the delicate pink duct cream tube, spring will come faster. But even if not, your hands will still be ready for her. It is for dry and vulnerable to frosts a brand and released a coat, which additionally softens the cuticle and strengthens the nails.

The formula of the means was tested at low temperatures, and therefore frosts are no longer terrible (the best tips for those who do not like gloves, look for here) . But despite the nutritional properties and the composition (in it, the company of Oil Carite amounted to glycerin and vague honey – for soothing effect), the cream does not leave the feeling of discomfort – You can grab the iPhone after three minutes. Films will not be, but the skin will begin to shine, and will still become smooth and velvety. Aroma cream – Also above all praise: notes of lotus and cedar help believe that flowers already bloomed on the trees.

Price: 1 199 USD

Perfumery water Girl of Now Forever, Elie Saab

Lebanese designer Eli Saab has all Hollywood in flowers (remember the translucent burgundy outfit Holly Berry with embroidery?), and now they bloom and in the new aroma – Girl of Now Forever. Yes not simple: especially for the original version of the aroma was created Flower Ormond – fusion of orange and almond. In the novelty, he still plays a major role, but already in the company of a refreshing Lebanese lemonade from strawberries and lemon zest.

The authors of perfume water became Sophie Labbe and Dominic Ropyon – Creators of earlier versions of Girl of Now. Now with the Champs Elysees you are transferred right to Ibiza – The composition sounds fresh and in the summer perky. But still, this is Elie Saab, and therefore the perfume is revealed by a chord from Absolutes and black currant, and in the plume hide warm notes Patchouli, Vanilla and Kashmera.

Price (50ml): 6 650 USD

Duet against pigment spots «White Queen» SOIN DUO CIBLE TACHE, L’Occitane

We sincerely enjoy those who have not encountered the problem of pigment spots and traces from the pedestal. And those who are still looking for new ways to combat these imperfections, we advise you to try a novelty L’Occitane. In just 28 days, she promises to reduce pigmentation and align the complexion. To declare warp wars decided by the special correspondent BeautyHack Alexander Grishin:

«Someone will say that 28 days – It is long. But it will definitely be not me – True tools could not remove pigment stains even in a few months. But to use «Duet» (for night and daytime use) throughout these days – pure pleasure. For fighting pigmentation at night there is a remedy with an applicator brush – it needs to be applied three times a week. Does not burn, does not dry out a stone so that then turning the whirlpool on the pillow, and instantly absorbs.

Buy can not forget the top 10 hot novelties of the week_7

Day option – It is a light cream, on a consistency like a fluid. Give it to absorb at least 10 minutes and boldly apply makeup. In addition to Tolody, there are vitamin C, extracts of the Florentine Iris and White Mulberry – Serious natural set of provence gardens so as not to leave a chance of pigment spots».

Price: 4 750 USD

La Vernis Nail Polish, Shade No. 12 Strong, Givenchy

Prepare for spring help and seasonal brands collections: Givenchy have been dedicated to waking up after winter hibernation – First green foliage, a bouquet of pink peonies in the room, illuminated by the sun, and warm spring twilight. The Power of Color collection has been replenished with a new lipstick of LE ROUGE, two-color shadows in the form of liner, blush, shade balm and nail polish nail polish. The latter has already tried the Beautyhack editor Sofia Vorobyva:

«All shades from the new Givenchy collection are pleased with colorful: pink, red, orange – Downside! But Luck Le Vernis reminds soon the night sky, whose piece were poured into a bottle.

Ideal consistency, rush with elastic bristles, glossy finish – If you at least once tried Givenchy varnishes, you know that this is a real «Haute couture» For nails. So that the color was more saturated, I apply a native of two layers – Shade perfectly complements any outfit and makeup. I agree with the words of art director of brand in Makeup Nicolas Dejenna: nail polish – this is «Finishing barcode».

Price: 1 860 USD

Regenerating, rejuvenating serum for the skin around EXTRA-FIRMING, CLARINS

Getting rid of wrinkles at 22 years old Assistant BEAUTYHACK ARINA ZURUKO NOT AFTER NOT HAVE (I envy white envy), so a stylish serum bottle from Clarins moved to the expert to combat dark circles and small wrinkles in the eye area – Her mom. Arina arranged to her interrogation with predilection and told about the novelty:

«Having tried a huge amount of funds promising to get rid of all problems with the skin around the eyes, the mother’s verdict for the novelty was promising – «works». How does it work? First, the main function of this means – smooth wrinkles in the area around the eyes. Secondly, in addition to wrinkles, serum batches the dark circles and swelling. Well, for dessert, after use, the skin becomes noticeably more elastic and fresh.

Serum can be used in the afternoon and evening, and she has a very light texture – quickly absorbed and leaves no feelings of stickiness. If you use the tool regularly, you can really see the result – The area around the eye will be brighter and tightened. From such funds should not be to wait for the effect, as from the enclosures of beauty, but with traces of fatigue and small wrinkles will say goodbye».

Price: 4 450 USD

Shampoo and Balsam-Rinser Detox with Match and Rice Milk Team, Dove

The match loves not only supporters of zozh and bearded hipsters, but also… hair. It turns out that Japanese tea is widely known for its strongest antioxidant properties and is excellent for detox. Dove calls on to arrange its curls and skin of the head to saturate their useful vitamins and microelements. Special Correspondent Beautyhack Daria Mironova appreciated the effect:

«Exotic Novelty Dove Interested: The tea of ​​the match and rice milk in their composition promise to moisturize the hair and give them strength and shine. Total drop shampoo enough to get a lush fragrant foam – Tool carefully cleans the skin of the head, removes toxins and does not dry hair. And after the rinsing balm, they are at all getting crumbly and soft, easily combed and shine like in advertising».

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