BUTICHARKER WEEK: 15 funds from Maikap minimum Olga Romanova

In the Isochist and the creator of his own brand Romanovamakeup Olga Romanova works with stars such as Christmas tree and Katy Topuria, creating their incredible images for filming and events. We decided to withdraw all the secrets of the beauty of Olga and started with her daily beauty minimum. Today BeautyHack will tell what means make-up artist uses for his personal makeup.

Olga Romanova

Star makeup artist, creator of the brand Romanovamakeup

I basically love myself without makeup, and there are moments in life when I do not use cosmetics at all. For example, when I go to the gym, I even enjoy a completely clean face and a careless beam. But, of course, if we are talking about meetings or work, then I always choose a delicate, minimal makeup. He is completely not striking, but justified and necessary. Therefore, I bow all women to the fact that the correct base make – is not so difficult! And modern girl is obliged to look well-groomed and be able to do at least minimal makeup. I often work in my beauty routine with the following products:


The basis of even the simplest Mekapa – This, of course, tone. In my arsenal there are several textures, from which I choose a means depending on the purpose and reason. For easy makeup for every day I have two favorite:

CC Cream Embryolisse Soin Correcteur de Teint

Hot Favorite CC Cream from Embryolisse – This is superproduct! He cares, and overlaps minor disadvantages, creating the effect of well-aligned leather. But at the same time you will not notice a single track of the tonal cream – coverage looks flawless natural. This is a means for those girls who prefer natural makeup, want to achieve perfect skin color, but do not like dense textures.

Kushon YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau

Also very gentle and easy to texture, highlights the tone of the skin, but absolutely not noticeable. I equalize it to the product Embryolisse – just alternate these two means depending on the mood. Cushon’s format I would not call professional, but it is very convenient for home use, so I advise everyone.

Little hack: with a cushion I use a beautyblender sponge, and not that pad that usually comes in a set. It is this sponge that allows you to distribute the product on the skin as thin and thoroughly and good.

If I, for example, I go to the secular event, and I need to achieve a more dense coating and more durability, I use one of the following tools:

Tonal the foundation Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF 15

This tone from Tom Ford always lies in my cosmetic. He has a pleasant light texture, but the cream is persistent, high quality overlaps the shortcomings, gives moderately. In principle, it can be used even for every day.

Tone cream Ysl Touch Eclat

Another beautiful YVES Saint-Laurent tool, which I can gladly advise everyone. This tone cream is very easily applied and grinding with a brush, the coating is perfect – The skin immediately acquires a rested appearance, and with disadvantages, the product copes at times.

Finally, if we are talking about shooting, and you need persistent, very dense tone, which will look good in the frame, then I choose a tonal stick Make Up For Ever Ultra HD. In principle, I advise him with all the girls who go to the event and know that they will be photographed there. It will endure even the longest day, well overlaps imperfections, the texture is very soft and plastic. Like any product, it can be applied tightly, and fine, – depending on what effect you want to achieve.

Consiller Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB

Stunning formula, suitable any skin type and any age. I think this consilet is the best – Absolute Masthev.

Sculpturing cream Romanovamakeup

Make a light contouring and emphasize the cheekbones using sculpturing products – I also use them in everyday makeup, preferring exactly cream textures.

Romanovamakeup ruler «Prescription» in my cosmetics, and on sale will go in spring 2017. It is a light and gentle cream, which will help in a matter of seconds to highlight the cheekbones and emphasize the chin. Can be applied and brush and sponge Beautyblender – as you prefer. And do not forget about delicate cream blush – in my collection will also appear in the spring.

Powder Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita Mineral Loose Powder

Easy crumbly mineral powder – Ideal for fixing daily makeup. Just walk around the face with a fluffy brush or point only the T-zone. Great product.

Makeup Lock Skindinavia

If I need to extend the makeup for the whole day, then I must definitely use the spray-lock from Skindinavia, running the whole makeup at the end. In the case when you have an important event or shooting, and it is necessary that the makeup remains fresh, without this product just can not do.

BUTIHIKHARKER OF THE WEEK 15 funds from Maikap minimum Olga Romanova


Of course, the eyebrow I pay a lot of attention, and here I also have two most beloved funds:

Eyebrow pencil TOM Ford

This pencil in Blond shade – just an indispensable thing for me. Always give eyebrow form it is with the help of it.

Mascara Eyebrow Romanovamakeup

Mascara I also use in the Blond shade, but for amateurs more expressive shades is suitable for TAUPE. Comfortable brushes, just adscribe her hairs – Mascara instantly give the desired color and fixes them.


Cream shadows Romanovamakeup Get Naked

Also a novelty of the spring collection, but I test them for a year. Cream shadows in a pleasant beige shade – Ideal for a calm everyday make. Very persistent, no base for them is needed, – will be perfectly held all day, they do not roll out on the eyelids and not clogged in wrinkles.

Podder Romanovamakeup Sexu Eyeliner Pen

Another means of my brand to which I myself never change. Comfortable felt-tip pen – a thin arrow to draw it very easy, even if you are not «DOM» with liquid supplying. Of course, persistent.

Extension Mascara Tom Ford Ultra Length Mascara

In my cosmetic bag there are several cars that I constantly use, but for natural makeup and lengthening of eyelashes, advised Tom Ford. She has a very comfortable thin brush, it allows you to test every ciliary from the foundation, having achieved a natural effect. Teaches texture soft and plastic, well falls on the eyelashes and does not appear by the end of the day.

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