Breed dogs Mudi

Moody breed – Hungarian, representatives of this breed are medium-sized shephers. These are very smart and obedient dogs from a group of Hungarian dogs. Moody is good for a shepherd business, besides that, dogs are well caught mice and small animals. They are very brave and active, bravely guard the cattle entrusted to them and will even confront animals that significantly exceed it in size. Especially good dogs of this breed feel in open territories. They can also be used to protect the house, alone they can safely protect both big pastures and farms.

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Moody Dog Breed


The appearance of Mudi is associated with the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Hungary. Officially opened this breed in the nineteenth century. The breed of dogs Mudi had a steady genetic type at that time, but because of World War II, it practically disappeared, and therefore restored this breed to the preserved genotypes in crumbs. In the period when it was restored, the blood of other breeds were added – Border Collie, Pumi, as well as other species of the Belgian Shepherd.


Shepherds of this breed have an average size. Breast deep and drops to elbows. Back straight and short. Skull has a pointed shape with a straight face. The head is long and slightly narrow, the transition to the cervical is quite noticeable. Nasa urchie also pointed. The eyes of dark brown, oval and very expressive. V-shaped ears, standing and sharp. If the dog does not stop the tail, then he is short and most often hangs. Cutting make rarely, the length of the cult should be about two or three fingers in width. Spin from the tail to the withers smooth, does not have sharp transitions. Round legs and compact enough, claws on them dark gray or black. The presence of profits fingers is usually a reason for the selection. Wool smoothly adjacent to the body in the chest area, on the chest and on the forelimbs, while it is thick, wavy and shiny. On the other parts of the body wool short.

The color of this breed is possible in the following options: brown, black, blue, ash and white. No matter what color wool, nose, lip and eye strokes are always dark. If the dog has a dark color, light highs may be present on his back. Similarly and there are blacks, if the color of the animal is light.

Psychological picture

Despite the size of the enemy, these dogs will never be afraid to respond. They have a huge amount of energy and at the same time they have a sharp flair. In order for the energy to go out, it is necessary to do a lot with her. This should be considered when choosing this breed, not everyone loves too active dogs. In adolescence, dogs must be very stubbornly trained. Training will require patient, because these dogs have enough independent temper and sensitivity. Easy it is quite difficult and can only be those who understand the character of this dog. But in any case, they will be committed to the owner and will bring him a lot of joy.

Adult dogs are ready to protect the owner under any conditions. In the home atmosphere, they are playful and with family members extremely affectionate. It is believed that women’s individuals are smarter and devoted than males. Sometimes they can be aggressive if they feel that the owner is trying to offend, they will definitely rush to defense, even if the enemy surpasses it in size and strength.

If someone outsider wants to order something, it can cause aggression and they can even bite. They have a rapid character and they constantly want to run. At the very beginning, they constantly want to remove the collar, but then get used to him, understanding that it means that they are waiting for a walk, they also get used to the leash. On a walk Mudi very actively jumps, runs, inviting the owner to play. With other dogs Moody behaves alert. It is worth remembering that the dogs of this breed have a hunting instinct and at each suitable case they will drive a small animal wildlife in the form of rabbit, cats or birds.

Care and training

Breed dogs Mudi

Because of its historical function, these dogs are endowed with a good area orientation ability. They easily carry the heat and cold, can work in water and wonderfully perform security functions.

This breed of dogs does not require this breed. It is only necessary to monitor the skin and wool. Wool needs to wash and comb with interconnection once a week. Special attention should be paid to ears and tail, where long wool is located. Ears need to be cleaned carefully, cotton swabs. Sometimes there is a need to rinse your eyes. It can be done with running water, after which the eyelids are wiping with a special liquid.

So that health remains good, the dog needs to be regularly and walking for a long time. Although Mudi and love to lie on the sofa, but in a stuffy close apartment – it’s still not what these dogs love, they love to run on an open extensive space.

It is necessary to follow and for the nutrition of your dog. It is necessary that the nutrition must be balanced, it is worth feeding it with a vitaminized feed.

This breed has a tendency to some diseases, such as perthes disease (T. E. Osteochondropathy head of the bone of the hip), which occurs with a passive lifestyle. In addition, dogs may occur by cataracts, hydrocephalus, some diseases of the digestive tract and skin diseases, for example, scabies, etc.

Dogs of this breed usually live ten or twelve years.


During the dress, you should not order a dog to perform commands that are not intended to this breed, or to which it is not adapted. They are due to character, and also physically can not do it. This may cause the loss of confidence in Mudi to his owner, and the owner can be disappointed due to unnecessary hopes. Ovechard has the most pronounced for the protection, protection of territories, grazing. There are hunting instincts, but they are on a couple with a man.

It should be remembered that the Moody is active not only in the game, but also in training, and this can be used in training. They are well referring to games with toys, followed by running. This can be used to enormize any skills.

Moody can be well trained for personal safety or livestock protection. There are several examples of good work of these dogs in service, for example, in police or army, they are used in search of explosives. In addition, they coped well with the work of a guide for people who have vision problems.

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