Book Regimental Consultant Anna Dulgerova About Favorite Books

Book Region Consultant
Anna Dülgerova
About favorite books

In the heading "Book Regiment" We ask journalists, writers, scientists, curators and whom only not about their literary preferences and editions that occupy an important place in their bookcase. Today, the PR Consultant and commercial director of the Garage magazine Anna Dülgerova shares their favorite books.

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Anna Dülgerova

At the Institute, Literature, Pavel Eduardovich Lyon taught us, more famous as Psoy Korolenko

My habit of reading in childhood has formed parents and grandparents: in their home in Simferopol there was always a big library. I especially loved the children’s encyclopedia and the collection of works of world literature. When I grew up, there was a lot of classics in the house and many Soviet propaganda literature, as in any conventional Soviet family. Parents eternally exchanged the waste paper on books, stood behind them in the queues. In adolescence, I was never refused to buy a new book or magazine. I have congenital literacy – from books, because I read a lot from five years. So I get upset that now less attention was paid to literacy. And by the way, I also read less and sometimes I recheck: I started making mistakes when writing. Tolstoy I read at age 14: I read only the "world" from the "war and the world". Tangled relationship with Turgenev. In his youth, he seemed to me by the beetteser, I read it for entertainment, but in a more mature age I loved truly: I am back to his "fathers and children" again and again. And he was still very loved by theodore of the Drier and "Sagu on Forsyites" of Golzouorsi – this is very exciting books.

By education I am a documentary-documentist: books in my childhood rather influenced the desire to have humanitarian education. Just in the last school classes, it became possible to read and buy books of European existential philosophers and, importantly, to have good teachers in literature at school and professors at the Institute. They have greatly influenced my choice. In the Institute, Russian and international literature, for example, he taught Pavel Eduardovich Lyon, more known as Psoy Korolenko. You see what he gave us to read? And the Russian language taught a wonderful young professor on the name Preobrazhensky, he chased us on a very difficult rules. At the same time I was very fascinated by Wannegut, we read it with a drink, all the contracts with fellow students and friends.

I completely stopped reading the finish and last three years I read only biographies, philosophical treatises and essays

I do not share the authors for underestimated and revalued, but I am surprised what important, for example, I seemed to me in 20 years of the work of Vladimir Sorokina. But Dovlatov for me is a whole universe, it is still underestimated as a writer, despite his great attention to him from the moment of his death and all the passing festivals of his name.

Now, perhaps, there is no person for me, I constantly listen to whose advice on books. Previously, the recommendations of the Lion Danilkin and Lyosyina. I completely stopped reading the finish and last three years I read only biographies, philosophical treatises and essays. I like books published in the AD MARGINEM series together with the Museum "Garage". In the journey, especially in the plane, if you travel one, I read necessarily. Sometimes I put three completely different books near the bed and by mood I read them before bedtime. I have long graduated from a quick reading school, I still know how to see a half-end at the same time, that I really helps me when reading any literature, except for philosophical. We have two walls in the living room completely bookshelves – and they are not fully filled. I give a lot, and I buy a lot. I want the library to use, came to visit books, even want to make a family seal – "Library of Dulgerian-Egorshina".

"Beautiful captivates forever.
From the English poetry of the XVIII-XIX centuries "

I read a lot in English, especially non-Fick. In French so far only Vogue Paris with a dictionary, but I dream to read poems. This book of English poetry with me from student times.


Art Group Slavs & Tatars

In my choice there are several books-studies of the art group Slavs & Tatars, and this is very symptomatic: these artists until recently for their only media considered books – very large-scale research on a certain topic in a certain region. I was with a pair of Sharphic, one of the artists, in such research travels and so far I am happy to help him with the translation of the quote Velymira Khlebnikov, for example. I admire the Paras of Sharphic, he, as it were, "rewound" me love for books. Each such publication in a soft cover is a ton of research, travel and translations.


I love artistic albums very much and from any important exhibition I bring an album or catalog. One of these – "Cycles and Seasons" Saya Twombby, the book of his large-scale exhibition in Houston in 2008. It is from the name of this book I took a name for the Cycles and Seasons project, as you can see.


Joyce Ulum became a swivel book for me in adolescence – I was so impressed with the Russian translation, which tried to read it in the original in English.

"Romans and Tale"

Book Regimental Consultant Anna Dulgerova About Favorite Books

Kurt Vonnegut, Jerome Sallinger

Kurt Vonneguta I loved at the Institute: We read and discussed it with friends. We really grew up on it – he is one of the main writers in my life.

"Geographical Analogies"

Another album in the choice – Siprien Gayara, the collection of Polaroids of one of the most important modern artists. There are no words in it, but photos are more than eloquent.

"One-Way Street"

For the past ten years I read almost exclusively non-Fick – and very often in English. One of the main books of Walter Benjamina I brought from a trip.

Dovlatov for me was and remains one of your favorite writers whose books I know by heart without exaggeration.

Collected Works

In high school, I was fascinated by existentialists and entered the institute, where we were taught wonderful professors. Book of Cam in my library and many of my preferences I owe mentors to my student years.


This is the book of Goosh Rubchinsky – valuable for me the result of his work on New Holland in 2011, where I invited him as one of the participants of the art program. Goshina work for his "eye" and vision – he is very faithful, removes the fashion for the magazine, or his lucbuk, or a photo for the book. Surprisingly, by the way, that I all teenagers in his pictures seem Russian

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