11 Crazy Roles Johnny Depp

11 Crazy Roles Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp does not need a view! Even if you do not know the details of his novels and do not know the scandalous trick, at least something from his films they just watched. All Depp works are very memorable, extravagant and just crazy. He’s as if specifically chooses scripts where there are people with oddities. Then he invents the image of his hero, the details […]

Johnny Depp does not need a view! Even if you do not know the details of his novels and do not know the scandalous trick, at least something from his films they just watched. All Depp works are very memorable, extravagant and just crazy. He’s as if specifically chooses scripts where there are people with oddities. Then, with an ecstasy, the image of his hero is invented, the details of the costume. For the sake of role, he is ready for risky actions, even radically change his appearance for him is not a problem. Not much of Hollywood stars may decide. Maybe therefore we adore Johnny Depp.

I am a man with oddities. I think each of us slept slightly in my own way. Johnny Depp

1 "Edward Scissorhands"


Sign Movie For Career Johnny Depp. He first starred from the director Tim Burton and became his favorite actor. Then this tandem will work over eight paintings. In addition, it was from Edward’s "Edward" the love of Depp for reincarnations, unusual costumes and makeup. By the way, the "hands-scissors" actor took with him home to practice in their wearing. And during the exercises, they became part of him for him. But the leather suit in which the hero of the film went, delivered his owner a lot of trouble. Once Depp even lost consciousness from a heat strike: it was very hot and nothing to breathe.

Frame from the film "Edward Hand Scissors"

2 "Pirates of the Caribbean"


Guess the Captain Jack Sparrow differs from the former roles played by Depp? He has a tanned face! But the hairstyle remained crazy. The actor wore a wig with dreadlocks, decorations and a gang on her head. Golden crowns in the teeth — Also the idea of ​​Depp. He specifically went to the dentist so that he put him on his teeth temporary brilliant decorations. Depp decided that Pirates XVIII in. Look at the current rock stars. Therefore, the behavior of the captain and manner to keep him copied from his friend a British guitarist China Richards. The image is so loved by the audience that in the work already there is a sixth film about removal captain Jack Vorobye.

Frame from the film "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Johnny Depp in Moscow: that first made Hollywood actor?

3 "Corpse of the Bride"

2005 year

You may be surprised that we included in your selection of cartoon. Johnny Depp not only voiced the main character, he is very similar to him. Although Tim Burton and swear, that this coincidence, and sketches he sketched long before he chose the actor to sound. Most likely Lukavit. Just look at the cartoon Victor — The same iscin-black hair, pale face, strange manners.

Frame from the film "Corpse of the Bride"

4 "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

2005 year

When working on the role of the chocolate factory owner Willie Vionka, the actor inspired the way musician Marylin Manson. True, Rock Star at Depp turned some glamorous with an ideal Hollywood smile and a hairstyle bob. There is only a strange behavior, frightening laughter and flaming madness in the eyes.

Frame from the movie "Charlie and Chocolate Factory"

5 "Susini Todd, a demon-hairdresser with fleet-street"

2007 year

For the role of maniac killer Johnny took enthusiasm. First, because Suiney Todd — Caltic Character in England, Jack Ripper. Secondly, the hero is ambiguous, durable and tragic. Third, makeup! Oh yeah! Again the unnatural face pallor and a crazy hairstyle with gray hair. And fourth, Susny Todd also sings! Finally, the actor appeared a chance to fully shine with musical abilities.

"Susini Todd, a demon-hairdresser with fleet-street"

6 "Alice in Wonderland"

2010 year

Johnny Depp is not in vain call a reincarnation master. It is more often another of his colleagues in any incredible grima. And chooses characters with oddities, to become. It is not surprising that in Alice, the actor was ready to play any role (crazy in a fairy tale full). But got him champion on oddities — Hatter — A lover of tea drinking, insane hats and jeaning dance dance. To complete the image, the eyes of the hatter increased with the help of special effects and forced to watch pupils in different directions.

Frame from the film "Alice in Wonderland"

7 "Gloomy Shadows"

year 2012

And again the director of the movie Tim Burton. And again at Depp in the picture a very pale face. True, this time explains such an appearance by his hero — vampire. Preparing for the role, the actor adhered to a tough diet. Saw a green hour and ate low-calorie fruits. Eventually — dropped your weight up to 63.5 kilograms.

11 Crazy Roles Johnny Depp

Frame from the film "Gloomy Shadows"

eight "The lone ranger"

year 2013

The role of the charismatic and a few-seater Indian tonoto perfectly approached. And the point is not that among the ancestors of the actor — Cheroka Indians. Just Johnny was where to turn around. He himself came up with an image for his hero, more precisely, he spied him in the pictures of the famous artist. Depp even lived in the mosquito tribe, participated in rituals. So it appeared a tono, a man with a face, painted white and black clay, and a dead ravene on his head. Grim was complex, applied and filmed it for several hours. But the actor was so tired during the filming, which sometimes went to bed right in it.

Frame from the movie "Lone Ranger"

nine "The farther in the forest …"

year 2014

In a fabulous musical for the whole family, Depp got the role of a wolf who chased over a red hat. "Mounted, but wild and dangerous" – so characterized the hero director of the film. In the appearance of the wolf there is something from the musketeers: a hat, mustache, a beard of a wedge and a bit of manners.

Frame from the film "The farther in the forest …"

ten "Superiority"

year 2014

Here Depp appeared in two hypostatas. At first — A scientist who was preserved on creating a computer with a human mind. The hero dies, but before that he has time to download his consciousness into the computer, and the entire remaining film appears already as its electronic version. With shaved head and hassle electrodes, Depp looked no less frightening than Siini Todd with a razor.

Frame from the film "Excellence"

eleven "Fantastic creatures and where they live"

2016 year

Attention! Now there will be a fat spoiler! In the blockbuster "Fantastic creatures and where they live" Johnny Depp played the role of evil and cunning wizard Grindevald. True, he appears at the very end of just a few minutes. In the second part of the film making, which will be released in November, promise that Depp’s Hero will be much more. By the way, the actor himself agreed to remove, not even thinking. After all, ON — long-time fan of Joan Rowling, by whose script and films were shot. Rowling itself in an interview stated: "Watch how he is reincarnated in a character — Exciting spectacle!". We absolutely agree with the writer.

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