10 week of pregnancy What happens with the baby – video

10 week of pregnancy is quite an important stage in the life of your future kid. Starting from now on, it is no longer an embryo, but a real, full-fledged fruit. Now he will be called this way.

What happens to the baby at the 10th week of pregnancy in the womb?

The tenth week of pregnancy is the most beginning of the third month, and therefore the time when the formation of a very important body is ends, which will continue to ensure all its existence for a long time. We are talking about the placenta. It is the placenta that now begins to protect the fetus from many negative products and substances that can come from the mother body, it will fully provide it with blood, and therefore oxygen and nutrients. The placenta will take out the food bubble products of the baby and is already quite soon, it will completely take on the production of pregnancy hormones – progesterone and hgch.

What is developing in the tenth week?

10 week of pregnancy – the period when organogenesis is almost completed, no new bodies will not appear, they will only grow those that have already formed. In addition, this week is important and from one point of view that it is already completely clear if the baby has some genetic pathology or not, especially those that could cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. If the fruit happily crossed the turn of the tenth week, now in this respect you can be completely calm.

  • The fetus size of 10 week is about 35-40 mm, while it weighs as much as 5 grams. If you remember that two months ago it did not exist at all, then this is a very significant way.
  • He already has tiny handles and legs with tiny fingers, ending microscopically marigolds.
  • For this 10 week, the fetal heartbeat is clearly listened, and the brain continues to develop with an incredible speed. Every minute he adds more than 250,000 neurons.
  • Want to know what else happens with the baby this week? His bone tissue is strengthened, a diaphragm appears, there are future teeth and let quite a tiny, but already a language that is even able to distinguish some tastes.
  • 10 week of pregnancy is a period when the baby is already moving, let you still can’t feel it, it raises the handles, actively floats in the oily water, the volume of which is almost 20 ml now and if it gets to one of the walls of the uterus – repels from it and Flowing back.
  • 10 Week of pregnancy What happens with the baby - video
  • Swallows – the intestine starts working, the liver and kidneys are connected, the functioning of the pancreas begins.
  • 10 week is the time when the boy begins the development of testosterone in the testicles.
  • At the tenth of the week, the pituitary was formed and is included in the work, which means that the endocrine system of the fetus begins to function.

What happens to mom at 10 week of pregnancy?

As a rule, it is now most women for the first time addresses women’s advice and is registered with pregnancy. By law, to get all the necessary government aids, a woman should be credited to 12 weeks of pregnancy inclusive. Before you go to the maternity hospital, she will receive a special exchange card for pregnant women in women’s consultation, and on the basis of which will be able to make a maternity leave and obtain state and other benefits.

When registering a future mother, you will have to go through a full survey of the body and pass the mass of the tests. That’s why it will not cost one single visit to the female consultation, now when there are 10 weeks of pregnancy. You will have to spend quite a long time on it, so you should prepare and not plan any other things for this period. Perhaps it is at this time that you will be prescribed the first ultrasound, and you will be able to see the future kid on the monitor screen for the first time. Of course, it will still be impossible to understand, the boy is or a girl, but still, your first acquaintance will be very and very exciting.

Feelings of a woman

  1. 10 week of pregnancy is the time when the weight continues to increase, although the abdomen is not noticeable yet.
  2. Montgomery nodules appear on the nearby circles – special stuffed glands that play a significant role in the future feeding.
  3. What happens to the breast? At 10 week, the breast of a pregnant woman becomes noticeably more and has to replace the usual bras to more spacious and comfortable.
  4. Of course, you are now taking much faster, and you can cope with your emotional background. Toxicosis continues, although its manifestations are no longer active, and maybe you just know how to deal with them. After a couple of weeks, he will end at all, so it’s not so long to tolerate.
  5. Still often want to go to the toilet, but it will also end soon, as soon as the uterus goes beyond the limits of the womb and slightly raises the diaphragm, freeing the bladder.
  6. Unfortunately, 10 week of pregnancy is the period when a woman feels not the best way. Many future mothers are just now suffering from toxicosis, which does not yet go to the decline, but is in full swing. In addition to the usual nausea and intolerance of many odors, a woman can now feel constant weakness, fatigue, drowsiness.
  7. Many pregnant women have emotional instability, which also turns out to be a very extinguishing factor.

Nevertheless, to pass the survey and get into account still will have to, so the future mom is recommended to rest more rest, walking outdoer.

Future mom

What happens to the baby in the abdomen of mom on the 10th week of pregnancy? His own allocation authorities begin to work, which will definitely affect the frequency of your chair – because the waste of the fetus is also to be derived from the body. But then another problem arises: pregnant women often suffer from constipation. Under the influence of progesterone, the intestine muscles relaxes and its contents is no longer so willingly moves to the exit from the body. In order to facilitate this condition, experts recommend to enrich their menu with raw vegetables, bran, porridge, prune and dried.

For the intestines to be easier to cope with its task, on the period of 10 weeks, go to fractional food: take food more often, but smaller portions. Not three times a day, and – six or more. During pregnancy, do not forget about the liquid – it helps to make a silent chair and its progress on the digestive system is greatly simplified.

You can play sports during pregnancy?

Yes. Very good if 10 week of pregnancy will have time for you with full strength, and the main thing you will have a desire to continue to lead an active lifestyle and even play sports, of course, those species that are allowed for pregnant women. If you have not written to the pool, you must do it. In the future, you will also need trained muscles. And, in addition, when the weight of the future kid will be felt by every cell of your body, water and swimming time will allow you to leisure not only the muscles and spine, but also to all systems and vessels of your body.

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