10 trends of the beauty of past years, which are now considered a bad taste

Fashion changed and caprick. What has recently been considered to be a super-strand chip, suddenly turns into a screaming and outdated sign of bad taste. We studied the tips of the stylists and found out what trends should be avoided.

1. Too strong nobody

Of course, the nobody is an excellent component of masking hairstyles, which helps to change the sulfur face and give dear hair. However, everything is good in moderation. Too tall nobody – pensioner. Such lush hairstyles will succeed except for outcast images and thematic parties in the style of 1980.

2. Dark Tan

I remember how at the beginning of the 2000th fashionista sticking out in the solariums, trying to achieve the shade of the skin mulatto. Forget about too intense tan, he is no longer relevant. In the world of fashion, more and more attention is paid to healthy trends, and roll in whole days on the beaches under the sun or hanging in a deadly in the solarium – it is not at all useful for health. Moderate tan admissible and even useful, but do not get roasted under the sun to the level of chocolate. It is proved that from frequent tanning (especially when taking sunbathing at a dangerous time of the day) the skin becomes faster. Personally, I really like a chocolate tan, but do not wait for it. For a couple of years, you will not notice changes, but then pigment spots will begin, dry skin. Pity-pity.

By the way, in the former times, the rich representatives of the highest class did not light up at all. Tan spoke about believing belonging. He was in commoners who worked in the fields, but not at the nobility, hiding from the sun for umbrellas and hats.

3. Bright makeup in an ordinary image

Beauty Channels on YouTube literally fister bright makeup. However, it is not applicable in ordinary life. Exceptions: Speeches on stage, solemn events (weddings and t.NS.), New year, thematic parties. However, to this day you can meet quite a few girls who overdo it with makeup. My lovely, near it looks frightening! In an ordinary fashionable onion, world stylists seek a natural palette. No sequin or pearl lipstick, so fashionable in the mid-1990. Makeup with the glitter will look cool for the new year, but not in the office. All these neon shadows, applied on the very eyebrows – for a long time not commilfo. Yes, such makeup occurs on the podiums. Well, then the podiums! There the god of fashion himself ordered to create bright images.

4. Abundance of cosmetics

Stylists recommend to give preference to the most natural as possible in everyday life and (especially!) on romantic dates. Men are also not fools. They are perfectly seen tons of cosmetics and begin to suspect that no beauty is hidden behind all this marafet. As one familiar sailor told me: "After Thailand, I’ve got acquainted with repainted beauties. And suddenly she – he?!". Well you do not want your makeup to cause such thoughts from the guy? 🙂

5. Too long nails

In the old days, long nails were an indication that their owner is extremely lazy. With the advent of ultra-modern equipment (kitchen combines, detergents, washing machines, and t.NS.) Even with a long manicure can be perfectly cope with any houses. However, the stylists still offer to abandon this trend. Oh, and I loved my back to scratch.

By the way, the network you can find quite a few polls that show that extremely rare men admire long nails. They are afraid of them. If you look closely to foreign movies and serials, you will notice that there is a beauty from ghetto or other poorly. You will not see long nails from representatives of royal houses, female presidents or high-ranking business women. Another thing – the booty singers. But what is suitable for the concert, it will not ride in ordinary life.

6. Eyebrow tattoo

Yes, all the masters on tattoo and all the girls "stuffed" their eyebrows for themselves, but … Well, I will try to avoid offensive words and I will say as correct as possible: the ladies agreed on the tattoo clearly did not possess foresight. We all know that fashion changed that the form of eyebrows is that it changes. Then they are plucking them, they give unusual bends, then go with natural eyebrows. Well, why do you, cute, made yourself permanent eyebrows, m? Not only are some inept masters turned the face of girls in clown masks, so now you will have to withdraw this game.

7. Dark Lip Side

Together with the tattooing of the eyebrows in the fly, the lips tattoo and the tattoo, and the dark eyeds came out of fashion. By the way, fashion start the eyeliner for the contour of the lips, to visually increase the mouth, was also condemned by many stylists. From afar it may, it looks good, but next to the sitting interlocutor will notice this unsuccessful attempt to be worse.

eight. Artificial breasts

10 Trends of the beauty of past years, which are now considered a bad taste

Thank you very much to all those actresses who challenged the wild standards of the past years, convincing us that the chest should be. And let her small or unusual shape. Do not lie down under the knife, for the sake of dubious pleasure to paint with a huge breast. Of course, we are not talking about the cases of the need to feel yourself a woman who arises from the poor thighs that passed through the removal of the mammary glands due to cancer tumors. No one is right to condemn them for the desire to return the chest. But these are exceptional cases. In other situations, it is not necessary to run without need to increase breast increasing operations.

If you have complexes, here is a couple of comforting secrets: little chest is smaller, too large breasts can visually. Rejoice in what gave you nature! And it doesn’t matter what you want men. If a man in a woman appreciates one thing only, then you should drive it from myself a wet broom.

nine. Inappropriate tattoos

With tattoos should be extremely cautious. At one time it was fashionable to fill themselves tattoo in the style of the Maori tribes, Celts, with hieroglyphs and so on. However, the tattoo may cause conflict. Not all representatives of individual nations come delight from the fact that they seem to "steal" their cultural heritage. For example, some antitolete subcultures (belt on Pop, Fu Such to be), separate Celtic motives were borrowed.

Having experienced the delight at the sight of an intricate picture, some will then learn with horror that they brought themselves some brand of caste, foreign crossing and t.NS. The tattoo is considered a bad tone, at least somehow similar to prison topics (stuffed rings on the fingers, barbed wire and so on).

It should be understood that tattoos are not just some pictures there. This is a sign having a certain meaning in certain cultures. I have come to meet teenagers with tattoos in the form of tears at the eyes. Think, at least someone was aware of them, that such a tattoo fell after the murder of a person? How much tears – so many deaths on conscience. No, they did not know. Just saw a "cool tatue in a cinema" and rushed into her salon to fill. So be extremely careful with tattoos!

ten. Abundance of jewelry

How often do you see girls and women who have frightened decorations like Christmas trees with garlands? There are quite a lot of such beauties in the CIS, they do not even suspect how cheaply it looks like even the most expensive image. If the decorations are not an integral part of your culture, then you should not abuse them. What appropriate on the Hindes, Hippie or Metalists, it looks stupid in the usual outfit. Do not wear rings not all fingers. Let the decoration be an exquisite supplement of the outfit. It is also not recommended to carry gold and silver or supplement the precious metals with cheap materials decorations (wood, plastic and t.D.). Everything has its place.

Well, let’s get your ability to choose the image, having studied the old pictures of the sex symbol of many men from the 1990s. At that time, Pamela Anderson was considered a beauty, but now any self-respecting stylist will faint, at the sight of its past images. How many style errors you counted on this photo? I found five mistakes. Who is bigger?

What an impression follows? Before changing the appearance, it is necessary to think carefully above that whether the trend will change in the near future. About many mods of fashion can be forgotten, but it is still worth watching trends, so that the surrounding did not think bad about our understanding of the sophisticated taste.

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