10 Things that add age

10 things that add age

We encounter many people in life, and of course, pay attention to how other women look like. There are ladies full of revered age, which are far from look at their years, but on the contrary – for 10 years, and then 15 are younger. However, there is also the reverse side of the medal: young women look much older than their years.

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10 things that add age

Why is this happening?Many women simply do not know the list of things that are added naked.

Early Sedina

Many girls aged 17-25 reveal gray hairs on their beautiful hair. All this is due to chronic diseases, genes, stress and diet.

Scientists argue that there is a truck that appeared to 30-40 years old, suggests that in the body is not so rosy, for example, there is not enough calcium.

How to be? In fact, the answer is simple: correctly fidge, do sports, avoid stress, walk in the fresh air, take-off, that is, watch your health.From the point of view of cosmetology it is believed that if you are the owner of light hair, and the gray hair is not more than ten, then it is not yet to change anything.

But if you have dark hair and gray hairs, you don’t care about you – it is highly distinguished, then you need to regularly paint. Because the sedatives will never add you beauty and youth. By the way, it must be said that the dark lament of women is older, and bright on the contrary, young!

Constantly monitor yourself and in one time color the roots that have thrown, and then you can end it, which happened with the famous. Jennifer Lopez and Nicole kidnamed to light with the gray-haired hair roots. The world’s media immediately was married to cut about it, told everyone that beauties aged and cut. Carry up too!

Diryaby Neck

Neck is the second traitor. On our neck is very thin skin, so it is especially quickly aging.

How many times have you applied cream to face, and even a nematic? And the time came when the neck reminded you about it. Remember that feeding the skin of the neck stands as well as the skin of the face.

It is very important to follow my posture – constantly loweredGolov and the slope will not leave your neck without attention, it will affect her.

Many of us all the time are sitting behind computers in offices: it is very important to pay attention to the position of the back and head.

Pick your orthopedic sleeping pillow – it’s not wrong, believe me. And in the winter, you will bind the scarves, so you can not only protect yourself from the cold, but also to protect the neck from frosts.

Strong tan

Strong tan harms our skin, he dehydrates it, tonating provoking the appearance of aging.

And the brown tint of the skin of the skin gives any woman a couple of nods.Just look at Zhanna Friske (1974 year), she pronounces his assistant to auto market, her photos are not treated with photoshop to visually. How to be? Have a sense of measure.

Non-dimensional hands

The skin of the hand is decorated, dry, cracked and edged – that can be worse? And if also "senile" pigment stains defeated? Hands always give out a woman screaming how old she is!

More time to give the skin of the hands in the winter – it is very important.

How to be? Wash the cavities of dishes in special rubber gloves or apply a special protective cream.

But with pigment stains you can fight with the help of traditional "grandmother" recipes: take a spoonful of infusion of tea mushroom and mix it with a tea lodklukovoy juice, apply.

If you are still young, but these terrible sleep appeared on your hands, be sure to pass the examination – you may have some problems with the work of the gallbladder or liver.

If we talk about hands, then it should be noted that the full hands (the forearm region) also additive, and the associations go with an adult woman who does not cares.

Tired view

Problems in the family, vital troubles, difficulties at work – you go down the street with sad, embittered or drooping glance? In addition, it should be aware that it is in such situations passing by people who think more than the years than in fact.

"Aunti’s look" is a look, if you can say that says it, that is, you show your view that there is nothing good in life, and will never be. You yourself from ourselves people.

What to do? BUTHERT, THOUGHT WILL POSSIBLE, Learn to appreciate the little joyful moments. Take care of the opposite sex, be just a bit "easier" character and soul.

10 Things that add age

Remember how as a child, you rejoiced when Mamotpuska You to play the street with friends when you bought sweets or? It is very important to-issue those feelings. After all, nothing has changed, probably now you have children, and you buy them toys and sweets, make sure for what you did a pleasant child. Every day, we have many moments that are supplied to us joy. Remember it and then your view will never get out.

Bright makeup

Let’s start with the fact that makeup is an attribute life of life and he will make anyone older. Very often young girls who came out of the laboratory without makeup take for teenagers.But thanks to a rich bright makeup, a young girl can have a real lady.

Red lipstick, pronounced eyes, hairstyle in a stiletro, a thick layer of a tonal cream and powder – here is a young girl turned the thirty-year-old woman, no one will give you less. Hairstyle can also be a girl, kprimeru, free. Many girls do not have a bright manicure – they think that it looks like so much.

Too pronounced nasolabial folds either do not leave attention to the attention – add age, so flashing them with a consistent.

Clothes are not by age

There are those women who and forty years wearing short. They think long skirts give years.

Just imagine a young girl walking in a skirt below his knees or to ankle, naturally will look serious and not at their own years.

There are things that in any case will boost women, for example, here: clothes with "boilers", "Ladies" jackets and blouses, dresses – Balahons, which wears Alla Pugacheva, as well as orthopedic shoes, which is done.

Moreover, it is very important to select the color of the clothes so that Osanas does not become. Remember that the colors should be beneficial and beautifully shaking the skin to emphasize all its advantages, and not "Earthhood" and pallor.

Babushkin perfume

Of course, women who really appreciate Perfumery may not agree, but there are perfumes that are associated with adult jacket ladies.

For example, Chanel No. 5 or "Red Moskva" – these wonderful aromas will be mature to mature women, because our grandmothers used them.

Therefore, if you purchased a new fragrance and feel that it is not "yours" – better to give up it.

Wrinkles – this is the most important attribute of old age. At all times, women fought aging skin – cosmetic producers are every new and new creams, and other rejuvenating agents. If you are a young girl, then it is important to remember that it is easiest to warn the appearance of wrinkles than to fight them. Therefore, constantly use sunscreen and regularly powered your skin. The more you will take care of about the youth, the better it will look in old age.

Flambious body in "Sneakers"

There is an opinion that cellulite can only be in adults. But in fact, this is a delusion that is erroneous, because the "orange peel" can be a tender tummy. The girl can accommodate to sit down, throw the leg on foot and the tighter of the upper leg will be all seen cellulite.

To fight in the industry, you need to apply different methods: properly and balanced, engage in sports, to make a massage of problem areas, useful anti-cellulite creams and masks.

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