10 Stunning art hotels

10 stunning art hotels

If you thought high art can only be seen in the walls of world famous museums, then you were mistaken. Nowadays, hotels around the world become platforms for classical and contemporary art, including installations affecting imagination. In honor of the International Day of Culture, celebrated on April 15, Hotels.COM ™ announced a list of best art hotels, according to their guests.

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International Culture Day is devoted to the legendary Leonardo da Vinci (who was born on April 15), as well as artists and creative people from all over the world.

And now we offer to your attention ten highly artistic hotels in which Warhol himself would be happy to stop, Pollock or Picasso:

1. The Surrey in New York

This hotel at Madison Avenue is a dream of all art lovers, because it is here that one of the largest and most brightest artistic collections of New York is located. Recently, the hotel has been restored worth 60 million. dollars, and now five-star The Surrey can boast a truly five-star collection of works of art. In the most prominent place, tapestry from the floor to the ceiling with the image of the model Kate Moss, the author of which is Chuck Clowz and who has become a kind of symbol of the hotel. In general, The Surrey impresses the mansion of a rich collector, which is particularly fascinated by the 40s. The details of the Ar-Deco skillfully combined with the design in style of the 90s, while the guests can admire the works of such artists as Jenny Holzer, Cecili Brown and Richard Serra. Room rates from 33,853 dollars per night.


In this five-star hotel, world-class art is waiting for you literally at each angle. All apartments at The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma are adorant to impressive works of modern art of the largest Italian authors, turning the hotel room to your own private collection. The hotel hosts permanent and temporary art exhibitions and even there is own art historian who helps guests learn more about the works exhibited here. Art historian will tell you about works, will evaluate their value and will even help with the acquisition, if you suddenly decide not to part with any of the works seen. Room rates from 26,774 dollars per night.

3. Hotel Éclat in Beijing

10 Stunning art hotels

Art of luxury and luxury art – the most appropriate description for this 5-star hotel in Beijing. In the rooms and public areas of the Hotel Éclat, you will find an incredible collection of more than 100 works, including original sculptures and pictures of such recognized craftsmen, like Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Pierre Matte, Zhang Golan, Chen Ven Lin, Gao Xiao, Zow Liang and many others. In fact, Hotel Eclat owns the largest collection of works of El Salvador Dali. Room rates from 23,645 dollars per night.

4. The ART, A Hotel in Denver

This new 5-star hotel combines modern design and high-tech amenities. Art here is everywhere: artworks are filled with two galleries, corridors and every hotel room. The most stunning exhibit is an art installation of 22,000 light bulbs. Most of the works exhibited in the galleries, found the Curator of the Denver Art Museum of the Daien Vanderlip for the hotel, among them a lot of work of local artists. The Fire’s restaurant also has an interesting deciduous solution in which open fire, unusual chandeliers and kinetic sculptures are involved. Room rates from 14 992 dollars per night.

5. 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville

Sightseeing and cultural program start immediately upon arrival at this hotel, which is simultaneously the Museum of Contemporary Art. This 5-star hotel in the center of Louisville is located in a renovated mansion of the XIX century and offers its guests a full immersion in the atmosphere of art. In the basement of the hotel there is a unique installation "Sleeping in the cyclone", which also serves as one of the numbers. This room is fully decorated with furniture made of old wooden boards, design textiles, original sculptures and other works of art, the ceiling is decorated with stucco. In addition, there is an antiques in the setting of the room, the cabinet of rare and player with a collection of plates. All works of art in the hotel and the museum combines irony and originality, they are made by modern authors with world names. Room rates from 21 735 dollars per night.


This awesome 5-star hotel is located in the building of the former Public Library of Amsterdam. The hotel designed by Marseille Vantsus is distinguished by a large number of peculiar artistic parts. The design of the hotel was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carolla, so the atmosphere is not just stylish here, but also a slightly surrealistic. Creative hotel interges feature bright tones, lighting installations and giant illustrations with a picture of spoons and fish on the walls. The hotel also has a very interesting and constantly replenishing collection of video art. 40 of the most interesting works are projected in the corridors, the cabin and the lobby, and if you want to see more, turn on the special art channel on your TV in the room. Room rates from 27 194 dollars per night.

7. South Place Hotel in London

This 5-star hotel is one of the most stylish in East London and, as it should be the institution in such a creative area of ​​the city, surprises its guests with extraordinary art. Each of the 80 hotel rooms is decorated with a modern artwork from one of London artists. In addition, the hotel specially ordered several impressive works for the lobby, restaurant and bars. Here you will see Pop Art Posters of John Vincent Aranda, works from the Hockstone art gallery and amazing installations, for example, a mechanical TV made from tin cans and a series of iconic British relics captured in rubber blocks. South Place Hotel supports its reputation center for modern art, organizing an annual competition for young graduates of London Art Schools, while the winning job is exhibited in the hotel’s window. Room rates from 18,419 dollars per night.

eight. NEW ART Hotel in Athens

This stylish and extraordinary 5-star hotel is a dream of fans of contemporary art and the fruit of the imagination of the famous collector and the international patronage of Dakis Joanna. The hotel’s philosophy is to care about the environment, so his designers used eco-friendly construction methods, including reuses as much as possible materials remaining from the original building. They even attracted local architecture students to work, so that the hotel would certainly retain the style characteristic of this place. As a result, there were amazing interiors with furniture made to order, and manually made by the details, thanks to which guests feel inside a huge artistic installation. All rooms and hotel rooms are distinguished by creative design using works of contemporary art dedicated to urban environment and life. Room rates from 11,372 dollars per night.

nine. Palace Hotel Tokyo

This 5-star hotel appeared on the city scene relatively recently. The hotel located at 1-1-1 of Marunouchi is located in a quiet, secluded corner near the Garden of the Imperial Palace. This hotel gives art so much attention that even released his own book called the Art of the Palace Hotel Hotel, which can be found in each room, and also offers a package of individual excursions to inspect the works of art throughout the city. However, travelers do not even need to go out of the hotel to admire the best examples of the modern art of Japan, as the hotel ordered more than 1000 individual works created by the most promising artists of the country, which are accommodated throughout the hotel, both in the rooms and in public areas. Room rates from 42,056 dollars per night.

ten. Le Palais Art Hotel in Prague

This luxurious 5-star boutique hotel is located in the former palace residence, built in 1897 and is one of the most beautiful samples of the BEL-Epok architecture in the Czech capital. The interior of the hotel is made in the style of Italian art, while the most impressive as historical and modern frescoes in the frame of the rich stucco palace. The hotel collected the largest collection of original graphic works Le Corbusier in Europe, several collections of works of Czech authors and artistic exhibitions are held regularly. Room rates from 12 940 dollars per night.

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