10 new flavors to try

To Aka O – Spring smell: Sweet, playful, romantic? In the selection of BeautyHack 10 – New men’s and women’s flavors inspired by the April Sun.

Perfumery Water Madly In Love, Kilian

I am a huge fan of Kilian flavors, and the collection My Kind of Love excuses my consciousness for half a year: it is not necessary for young and lovers (I told about it). 4 fragrances appeared in Russia in the fall last year, and the fifth (Madly In Love) launches this spring. I met him in the winter in New York and waited when he appears and we. The fragrance is revealed by sweet and sensual notes of raspberries, which dilute the middle notes of white tobacco and basic black leather notes. In general, I am not a fan of "skin" flavors, but this fell in love at first sight. Here the skin is successfully combined with raspberry, which never ceases to remind itself again and again.

Full name perfume – "Yes I Was Madly In Love But That Was Yesterday" (from English. "Yes, I was very in love, but it was yesterday"). I have this fragrance with a new dizzying novel, when all the past remains behind, the pain has passed, and the emptiness has changed with a pleasant anticipation of new love victories.

Perfumery water Rose Goldea, BVLGARI

You know how smells the morning? I AM – Yes! He has an aroma of a flowering parisade, with a light flavor of dew. The same as BVLGARI perfumed water. He is gentle, like the first rays of the May Sun, and sweet, like strawberry sugar wool. The fragrance is interestingly revealed on the skin. First you hear the smell of roses, then notes of pomegranate and musk are added to it, final chords – Peony and Persik. Rose Goldea is ideal for flowing silk dresses, cotton sundresses and straw hats. This flavor is already given the honorable place in my suitcase for a sea trip – Began to cross the days in the calendar.

Perfumery water Loewe Esencia, Loewe

And so we waited for the continuation of the legendary series – After creating a second fragrance for Men Loewe Esencia Perfumer Emilio Valeros passed 32 years. Cuddling and luxurious, new fragrance complements the Loewe Esencia family: he became an attempt to rethink the classics in the perfume world.

This is the most audacious creation I’ve ever felt on myself. As part of Loewe Esencia fragrance – High concentration of essential oils, gluing red and green pepper, juniper and flower shades of lavender as the upper notes, followed by a cedar music loop, wormwood, basil and vetiver. Patchouli and sandalwood, supplemented by sweetness beans, completed. And here he, sensual and non-fulfillment of the fragrance!

The iconic bottle is embodied in elegant black. It seems to me that no other color could pass the masculinity in her original form. And the matte bottle with a wooden hat from a natural ash as if shouting about hidden in it luxurious wood-spicy aroma.

Star Magnolia Hair Spray, Jo Malone London

You already hear a soft flow of summer? For me, these soft tags for the chamomile field are embodied in the bottle of Star Magnolia. It’s not just a hair spray that you can spray to give your way freshness and ease, it – Present Mood, Spring Spirit, Heat.

It can be used as a full flavor – Just for lovers of something weightless, splitting loop. Aroma – 2 in 1: It seems like a spray that perfectly softens the hair, but also a floral cologne. Apply it on the hair, and on the wrists, and on the neck. I love to spray the remedy on the tips of the hair and a little on the top. It enclosed incredible freshness, expressed in the citrus note of the lemon, which opens the composition, magnolia and sandalwood.

Warm, lightweight, having relaxing. Just for late spring and hot summer. Listening to him, imagine himself with a wreath of white flowers on the head and in a lightly suttsene dress on the shore of the lake – Singing cowgirl from idyllic sketches. He will come absolutely everyone, they are not tired of him, and it can be interfered with his favorite perfume (only I advise you to turn it only with light floral fruit flavors).

Toilet Water Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve, Bvlgari

Fresh male fragrance with bright citrus notes conquered me from the first breath! I will start with the fact that the bright bottle of this toilet water is already just nice to keep in hand. Flake made of glass saturated blue and shiny silver metal – such a kind of marine pebbles. Perfume itself belongs to the group of water and wood fragrances.

His composition sounds a combination of such notes as Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot, Amber, Sage, Patchouli, Sandal and Vetiver. The fragrance is clearly revealed since the application and remains on the skin throughout the day. It is fresh, with distinct sea chords, so ideal for summer days. I also want to note that the bright perfume Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve from BVLGari will be the perfect gift for active men!

Eau Toilet Water Eau Croisiere, Mugler

When I hold the limited fragrance in my hands, I often understand why he is: yes, it is special, not for everyone, and you need to have time to buy it. Just just like this and I can say about the novelty of Mugler Eau Croisiere. This is a gourmet fragrance that resembles expensive vitamin cocktail from mango, grapefruit and currant sorbet. They successfully dilute notes of patchulas and pralines. For me, this is a real sip of the hot sun in the middle of spring: it will warm and delight even in the unfortunate days. Hurry up to buy in May exclusively in the chain of shops "Golden Apple"!

Toilet water Tommy Now, Tommy Hilfiger

After listening to the flavor, I presented the image of his hero. And hero of this fragrance – Young and ambitious man in a white crispy shirt (of course, Tommy Hilfiger) and coarse, stylish jeans. If smiles, then restrained, if he says, then sure if he is joking, then everything around laugh, if wears perfume, then dizzy.

Aroma spicy, but the fresh and unobtrusive. Brightly play warming and invigorating top notes: Bergamot and Mandarin. Basic notes – Moss and woody amber soften the tart of the "heart of the aroma": ginger, geranium and cardamom.

The bottle is laconic, as the flavor itself, and stylish, as his hero, took the honorable place on the shelf of my spouse. In secret say – Sometimes my hands still reach to the bottle to drive perfume on my wrists, and I don’t even try to stop.

10 New flavors to try

Perfumed water 212 VIP Black Extra, Carolina Herrera

There are flavors from the category "learn in the crowd": here 212 VIP Black Extra is just such. I fell in love with the female version (I wrote about her here), and if the flavors were people – Union 212 VIP BLACK EXTRA and 212 VIP ROSé Extra would be perfect.

Male perfume has completely different sweetness – more spicy, more east. Top notes perfume – This is a cocktail for a real man: rum with a cola, seasoned with ice and a piece of grapefruit. I am not kidding! Unusual combination of notes in perfume, but this mix will easily deprive you. Next Citrus. It makes a pinch of freshness and the same effect "only from the shower". Like your man only put on a crispy shirt, and before that, he carelessly sprayed onto the body perfume.

Dilutes the composition of lavender and moss, the skin makes dryness and masculinity. But cherry on the cake – The base of the fragrance in which cocoa and musk are concluded. A luxurious hall in the casino appears, indecently dressed men who throw bones and laid out on a playing table of banknotes from leather purses. They are driving their victories and jammed truffles.

This is this incredible mixture of the skin, Roma, cocoa and musk gives rise unthinkable Music and Sexuality. This fragrance for winners, for confident and bold, for the kings of a big city, which confidently put everything on the con.

Nische perfume leonella, jacques zOlty

As soon as the stylish glass bottle fell home, peaceful lifestyle was broken. Marking "Unisex" made his business – Active military operations began to conquer fragrant fluid. The operation ended with the signing of the agreement: day you, day I. Believe me, Jacques Zolty’s niche perfume is worth playing for him. Cheeky and courageous, slightly mad and brutal – it’s all about him.

Perfume was created in early 2019, but already managed to acquire the army of fans. The sweetness of fruits with a gentle honey aroma is covered with a gentle bedspread, leaving behind the fragrant loop. Completing chord composition – Patchouli and resinous shades of amber. This is my new perfume love. It is a pity that she has to share – Road every drop!

Like Squad For Her, Springfield Toilet Water

90s at the peak of popularity. Spanish brand Springfield released a limited series of fragrances Like Squad, inspiring just the last decade of the XX century.

I just adore fresh and light notes in perfume. Now just spring, and the body requires lightness in everything. Refreshing the upper notes of aroma combine water chords with citrus notes of lemon and peach. Heart of toilet water – Aromatic bouquet of cyclamen, magnolia and jasmine. Completes the magical immersion in the era of the 90s, a combination of patchouli and musk.

Aroma can be called energetic and feminine. Working and ever busy girls (I just such!) He will definitely fall to taste.

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