10 fatal errors on the first date, after which he will not call

On a date you can bring the orchestra of your own emotions. Or all spoiled a fake violin, or you did not use the full potential, but played on one drum. A man doesn’t like such a cat! And the most annoying thing that wines for it lies with you. This goal in your own gate.

Such emotional traps of women themselves arrange and themselves fall into them like frivolous birds. And then wondering: Well, I’m not lucky with men! Can you turn out to be among them? And if you think you think about what kind of reaction can cause your emotions: intrigue, discough on, shock, pour out? Imagine that you are on a date: you see that you like a man, you feel that he is almost in your hands, and … you begin to behave unnaturally, trying to please him even more. At such moments, some women love to shift, change the voice to funny or too loud – it seems to them that a man is delighted. But this is a clumsy step straight to the Western.

10 traps in communication

1 overestimated expectations

You come on a date, sit down and wait when a man will start to entertain you. You look at him: well, let’s tell me anything interesting! And wait for he will be crazy about you – no wonder you spent half a day in the cabin!

What he sees: She looks so appreciatively, as if waiting for, I will drink it, feed, offer topics for conversation. But that she herself does so that I do it for her?

What happens: Your expectant look discouraged a man, he decided that you were already planning all the years on … get ahead. The overestimated expectations once killed Napoleon – no assumption that they prevent your personal life.

2 excitement and constraint

You pull your hair, you nervously fold the origami from the napkins, mix the tea with a spoon, as if the spoon should dissolve. You squeezed, bored, dry in the mouth, and spin. You remind you a wet wooden doll.

What he sees: It blues, then pale, constantly hides his eyes – obviously not confident in herself and will be shying his body, repeat that it is fat and ugly. In general, the loser that does not like himself. Yes, she will leave this spoon alone or not?!

What happens: You are broadcasting the scant energy, your complexes, put yourself below the plinth. Men do not like these.

3 Attention and concentration

You do not give it an eye from him, catch every word. Want to show how carefully listen to him, as the conversation is absorbed. Your posture freezes, Mimica does not eat, femininity … turns off. "What is smart! What to say to not seem fool?"

What he sees: What with her? It seems to speak Russian. He, as her half-open mouth looks ridiculous, and I did not say anything like this. Probably silly ..

What happens: Trying to show your interest, you are frozen with perplexity on the face. From the side it looks at least funny. And then the man is perplexed: what happens? Need to finish this conversation!

4 Inner severity

Do you have problems at work or with loved ones. And instead of enjoying a date, you whole in the head negative. A wrinkle appeared between the eyebrows, you are trying to smile, but the corners of the mouth fall, the head turns, as if fading flower.

What he sees: In thoughts, she is clearly not with me, I am not interested in her. Maybe I did something wrong, since she was bored? Or maybe she is always like this and I will have to turn into an animator to merge it – entertain?

What happens: Problems cast on your face wax mask. A man can take it on his own account. Relax! And if it does not work, better posting a date.

5 indignation

He did not like the coat so, did not open the door, ordered coffee without demand – and you already saw him with a look: "So, I did not understand what it was?"

What he sees: No, not spinning – a queen! I will always be to blame for such a guilt: it’s not so standing, not so breathing. Cappuccino, you understand, ordered. As if this is not a cup of coffee, but a bucket of peeling. Run, buddy, run!

What happens: Men do not know how to read thoughts and can do what you did not expect or did not want. But this is not the end of the world! It’s easier to turn everything into a joke, what then grief: Oh, what a man was!

6 suspicions

You push your periscope and start to learn your eyes: so who called him it, why he looks as strange than he is concerned?

What he sees: She considers me under the magnifier! Than I caused distrust? Yes, if she sees that I communicate with some kind of woman – the scandal can not be avoided!

What happens: Men Your mistrust enters a stupor, he is trying to understand the reason. You both do not get pleasure from communication, but score with unnecessary thoughts. I don’t want to meet again.

7 Curiosity

You want to know everything about him: why he broke up with the former, what he sees a family life if he has children, how long have you left, whether he left tips and how much ..

What he sees: As in question! Maybe another passport will require. I imagine what of her wife. No, and I do not want to represent.

What happens: When communicating with a man, it is possible to put a chest, and not a long nose! Yes, you have to learn as much as possible about him to understand, he suits you or not. But turn off the internal investigator and remove the information subtly so that it does not even understand what splits!

8 Immersion in the state of a man

10 Fatal errors on the first date, after which he will not call

Trying to impress you to give to him, agree with every word. "I, too, and I have the same! This is a sign, since we all coincides!"

What he sees: Yes she is already mine! More and do nothing. Well, not interesting … And where is the excitement? Whatever nonsense I do not, she will agree with him. Scarotic!

What happens: The British say: if the girl laughs – it means she is half conquered. And if you lend to a man, agree with him in everything – the cage slammed. Give him to win yourself, heating interest, do not be afraid to even argue. And he will see that you have your opinion, you are an interesting interlocutor, not easy prey.

9 Conditions

You’re used to command and do not miss the opportunity to show it: let him immediately understand who in the house hostess! Now and then ask him to do so, and not a kind, you most appoint meetings, putting it before choosing: "Wednesday has football? Well, choose: or I – or the game!"

What he sees: Which Tsant! Trying to drive me into the frame, crumb? Will not work! You are no one for me, and already turn on my wife.

What happens: You are from the start trying to drive the lion into the cage. Naturally, he rests. The man does not want to do with your heel at all and makes every effort to dodge your chain fingers with whip.

10 Unstable emotionality

You decided: let him see me, what I am, so that there was no surprises. You laugh without holding down yourself. In principle, that in this bad? But sometimes the girl rzhet, like a horse, or picks up, or manslessly giggles, covering her mouth with her hand.

What he sees: She clearly disagree. But I’m not her psychotherapist. Oh, everyone is watching! Most likely it all ended. Where is the way out here?

What happens: You relaxed too much and lost control. Even if you are too emotional, stay feminine, light, mysterious. Otherwise, he will see in you not a woman, but a powder barrel, which I don’t want to get at all.

Where is the Golden Middle?

✔︎ How to learn to beautifully express your emotions so as not to get into your trap? This actress does not need to think that she has on her face – she knows it because he knows how to play emotional states and faith. It depends on her career. That’s your personal life may depend on what act of you are in life.

✔︎ Your gestures, Pose, Mimica must be aesthetic. Sometimes it is difficult for us to control them, because we can not look at yourself from the outside. But ignorance prevents woman himself to attract men and build relationships with them.

✔︎ Just over with me. In your free time, sit in front of the mirror and play facial expressions and gestures. Look for your winning facial expressions, aesthetics in views, movements. Try to identify and unpleasant grimaces and gestures, not to use them.

✔︎ Facial expression, gaze, breath, voice – powerful female tools that will help you win the interest and a man’s heart. If you become a skilled conductor of his orchestra of emotions, a man wants to listen to it again and again.

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