10 countries that do not even go for free

These countries are hopelessly closed for tourists. As a rule, they turned into a theater of combat operations and is unknown when they are completed (and whether it will end) war, devouring and people, and creatures of human hands. For rare exceptions, all of them are Muslim, combining the shocking neighborhood of luxury and poverty. Riding there, most likely, you do not dare yourself. Or you simply do not give a visa.

1. Afghanistan

Country forever fresh drugs, deserved first place in our list.

Here you have a picture. Nothing unusual, just a harvest of Mac in the Kabul province.

It seems that there are still living here, without listening to time and history: what civilizations did not die in the sands and mountains of Afghanistan! Despite the fact that since 1978, a civil war is held in the country, it still remains a mystery to the surrounding world and manits the most brave travelers, although there are millions of dangers in themselves, the main of which is unexploded shells and mines. In addition, the land of Afghanistan – the cradle of the terrorist group Al-Qaida. Fearless tourists who want to visit the Earth Pashtuns, it is better to prepare immediately to the fact that the monuments of history will not work in their pleasure.

They say, in the center of Kabul is now relatively safe, but on Afghan again standards. Suicide bombers continue to explode in the country, and people continue to disappear without. Afghanistan for women are especially dangerous: it is possible to appear on the streets solely, accompanied by men, be sure to wear the most closed clothes, cover your head with a handkerchief and not sit in the car even to representatives of international peacekeeping missions.

This is so obliged to look today Afghan women.

And so they looked in the sixties, before the start of the war.

You are still intense, whether to go there? No, no and NO. Even in those regions that are open to tourism, and without considering the proposals of some tour operators, travel with guides.

2. Libya

Beauty that has become disabled. So today they talk about this amazing country with ancient history.

Falling Tripoli began in 2011. After the overthrow of the dictator Muammar Kadafi. In the 80s of the last century, the country entered the phase of the endless wars: instructors began to train the fighters of attitudes, calling it madness to fight global imperialism and gradually turning the prosperous country in the burden.

And tripoli, and the Sahara desert automatically closed for tourists, although the travelers used to be well here. Women even allowed to enter some mosque with uncovered head. It was only necessary to remove shoes at the entrance.

Today Libya will meet you like this:

3. Syria

In 2011, Syria entered the list of states, to visit which tourists are categorically prohibited: almost five years old civil war claimed hundreds of thousands of human lives. Of course, and now there are brave, ready to go to everything to have time to see the ruins of the ancient Aleppo, Bosra and Damascus, but the number of these people who want insignificantly. Hardly ruins Palmyra is more expensive than their own life.

I want to believe that the situation will boost over time, because this truly magnificent country is read by the "Cradle of Christianity" – it was in the Syrian lands that the apostle Paul was born.

Today, most historical monuments (including Palmyra) are almost completely destroyed by the militants Igila. Vandalism is explained by the "Ranish language", nevertheless, the ancient temples and theaters who survived thousands of generations are on the verge of extinction.

4. Pakistan

Thanks to its unique mountain landscapes, including the second in height in the world in the world, Pakistan attracts a huge number of climbers and remains a popular resort for decades.

However, the country is still sisite by Al-Qaida and Taliban militants. One of the evidence of Togo – the murder of ten tourists in 2013, among which there were five citizens of Ukraine. Armed terrorists attacked the climbing camp, brought people to the street and shot. Responsibility for what happened to the grouping "Dzhundullah": "These foreigners are our enemies". Most of the dead were tourists who came to conquer the mountain of Nanga Parbat.

And harsh entertainment local children.

. who live here in such conditions.

5. Saudi Arabia

Despite the fact that the country is now available to travel and seemingly ready to read unique deserts and thousands of monuments of the Muslim world, the Kingdom does not allow single tourists, but all movements, if you have already gotten, carried out exclusively with local guides. Their responsibilities come to trace and so you left the time. In addition, you will not be allowed to Mecca and Medina: Cities are insulated from Inactive. I will remind you that it is impossible to import objects to other religions that legally in Arabia.

Everyone without exception, the representative of the beautiful half of humanity on the territory of the country is obliged to wear clothes, a fully hiding body, and a handkerchief. For violation of these laws, they can simply send home without explaining the reasons.

6. North Korea

North Korea manits tourists with its own closeness: many interesting to see what they have been going on there. However, it is not only in banal human curiosity, but also in the "tourist thaw" that covered North Korea: in the country, travelers can already be used by mobile communications, and they still say that management is thinking about the construction of a tourist oasis on the borders of Korea, DPRK, China and Russia.

Now the trip to Pyongyang is not cheap: a five-day tour will cost you a little more than a thousand dollars. But nobody promises saturated pastime: for your money you will look at the area of ​​Kim Il Senya, we have a ride in the restaurant, ride at the local metro and visit the border of South Korea. Agree, not a very rich program. But here is a detailed report on North Korea.

Amazing and the fact that communism and capitalism are common in this state: Pyongyang is literally sisite souvenirs, where sellers are persistently trying to impose you some useless nonsense. On the square of Kim Il Sen and Kim Jong Ira, the traveler is obliged to buy flowers and entrust to the legs of the leaders. Well, the same souvenir shop will be the last to see a tourist in the hall of Pyongyang Airport, flying home.

View North Korea independently will not be able to: You will definitely be prefeeding a guide guard, whose obligations include watching you not to enter into contacts with the local, did not photograph anything and generally behaved with painka. And so that you do not have the threat of national Korean security, tour graphics and routes are planned strictly in advance and deviations from the plan are impossible. So think if you need it.

7. Turkmenistan

10 Countries that do not even go for free

Turkmenistan seems to be more than all other countries of the world fears with links between local people and tourists and precisely for this reason, "tourist pen" for visits, which costs can be equated to the budget of one small country. Get here – the task is not simple. And this is considering that an amazing fact that in recent years in the government it is customary to talk about reforms in the field of tourism: the president addresses the resort of world importance in the Caspian coast.

However, anyone who is at least a little familiar with history, suspicions are citing: Are things really really and are waiting for guests in Turkmenistan. I answer: no, do not wait, because without a visa you will not be allowed there, but about the electronic there have not been heard there. By the way, only two countries in the world are not familiar with the miracle of electronic visas – Turkmenistan and Syria, which we have already written above.

But even if you somehow managed to get through the cordons of the harsh Turkmen border guards, you will still need to additionally get permission and coordinate the route of movement in the country: to whom, where, why, how important and what is important to get an invitation. And prepare for the fact that the prohibitions will expect you everywhere. For example, if you had to deviate from the planned and stipulated in advance of the route, you are at the destination, of course, will not be allowed. And if you are very persistent and still crumbled, they will be caught and expelled from the country. And if you, with all this disgrace, they still managed to take a picture, first will take the camera, and only then they will be expelled, accompanying in a magical pendel.

eight. Butane

The kingdom of Bhutan hid from attentive tourist eyes somewhere in the Himalayas, between India and China. It is known (I must say, while it is badly known) to the world as the kingdom of happiness.

In Bhutan, oppose the globalization of the world and gradually create their own utopian system of life: "Happiness is just here!". In the kingdom you can get relatively recently – only since 1974. It is difficult to get at all because Bhutan hid high in the mountains: just like in Saudi Arabia, it’s not allowing single travelers here. If you, of course, not Hindu.

Tour to Bhutan can only be bought from the agency that has licensed the Kingdom. Well, traditionally without a local guide, the country, alas, will not succeed.

nine. Iraq

Iraq rightly considered one of the hottest points of tourism in the Middle East, and only a few possessed courage to cross his borders. The reputation of the country is essentially corrupted by wars and terrorist acts, and the death of Saddam Hussein’s bloody dictator, contrary to the expectations of the world, only aggravated the state of affairs. Already thirty years, bloody conflicts do not leave this ancient land.

Here it is – the cruel face of war.

And the remnants of the grandeur.

However, the state authorities in the near future promised to increase the flow of tourists to six million a year from the current two, because in Iraq there is really something to see: unique mosques, Samarra Palaces, the ancient city of Babylon, founded in the XXIII century BC nearby Modern Baghdada.

ten. Somalia

In another Universe, Somalia could enter the top of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. But, alas, a country with excellent nature and many monuments of the history of the ancient Egyptian and Phoenician civilizations, according to the rating of peacefulness, is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

In fact, Somalia fell into several separate micro-states, each of whom does not want to recognize another. Managed by Somalia by folk militia and pirates, nightmare all and everything in the district. Piracy, poaching drug trafficking – the main classes of most of the population.

It is forbidden to travel around the country alone, movement is possible only with someone from local residents attached to the tourist, and about a thousand dollars it is possible here and you need to take a personal bodyguard. True, and he does not guarantee you absolute security.

Let’s hope that sooner or later the human mind will enthusiasm over the blind and merciless regime and strength, and beautiful ancient countries will open their trails for tourists. If, contrary to prohibitions, you are already going on a trip to one of them, remember all the prayers who know, and see both: adventures are provided to you.

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