10 budget options for New Year’s travel

The ruble falls, but thoughts about where to go to the New Year holidays, they do not disappear anywhere. This time, the holidays will begin on December 30 and will last until January 8. We tell where to go to relax in the winter and at the same time not to ruin.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Interest in Georgia is growing confidently from the Russian tourists. There are many reasons: visa-free regime, low housing prices and products, lack of language barrier, rich culture, delicious food and incredibly beautiful nature. And the last perfectly at all times of the year, and in winter too. In the capital of Georgia with entertainment and infrastructure, everything is in order: there are many cool cafes and bars, noisy tourist streets, local markets with fresh cheeses and vegetables, art cluster Fabrika (reminds District Kreuzberg in Berlin), modern architecture (world bridge and two pipes in Rica Park), cable cars, botanical garden, old town – in general, you do not have to miss.

In Georgia, food is an important part of culture, and it is necessary to treat it accordingly. For Khinkali, we advise you to go to Hinkali and Pasanauri "House" and Pasanauri, for Khachapuri in Ajars – in Acharulebi (there is a hacapuri of three sizes, for two better take the average), for the Khachapuri in Imeretinsky and an authentic atmosphere – in Rachu on Lermontov Street (for Lunch or dinner for two Give no more than 20 lari (about 500 dollars.), including wine), and for the best view – in the "Funicular". Georgian dishes are very tasty, but rather fat. Most likely, in a couple of days you will want to return to more familiar food, and here you will save the restaurant Shavi Lomi (here is a fantastic cherry pie, eat with compotes), Linville, Pur Pur and Lolita bar.

The cost of the flight From Moscow to Tbilisi for the holidays (per person) – from 20 thousand. USD

Cost of living In the double room of a three-star hotel – from 1,300 dollars. per night.

Istanbul, Turkey

Local currency – Lira – falls along with the ruble, and therefore, it is necessary to go to Turkey for budget recreation. In addition, winter here is a low and unpopular season, the staff in local restaurants will try to please you in order to return to them for dinner, and the sellers in the markets willingly begin to bargain. Perhaps the main attractions of Istanbul – Blue Mosque and the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the European and Asian part of the city. In the European part it is worth seeing the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, a cistern of the Basilica, the monastery of the choir, and still go to the Museum of Innocence, the Museum of Contemporary Art and climb to the Galata Tower (a beautiful view of the city opens). You can only go to the Grand Bazaar: In the photos this market looks much more effectively than in reality. In the Asian part, you can get stuck on the waterfront, while taking cappuccino in one of the numerous coffee shops and simit (bagel with sesame).

The cost of the flight From Moscow to Istanbul for the holidays (per person) – from 19 thousand. USD

Cost of living In the double room of a three-star hotel – from 1 700 dollars. per night.

Budapest, Hungary

Although Hungary is part of the European Union, there are still paying their currency – Hungarian Forint. Unlike the euro, his course in relation to the ruble changes not strongly (100 forints ≈ 24 dollars.) therefore prices are lower than in Holland, Italy, Germany and other European countries.

Danube divides Budapest into two parts: I will go. Most tourists prefer to stop in Pesta – this is the flat part of the city, where most of the cultural objects are focused: the Hungarian Parliament (it is better to look at it from the water, especially when it will bete), the Basilica of St. Ishthan, shoes on the waterfront, the Square of Heroes, the Swimming Sennies (do not forget take a swim. I will highlight the day and visit the Matyash Church, Fisherman Bastion and Buda Castle. With the latter, a beautiful view of the city opens, and we also advise you to bypass it from all sides: you will find several sleeping places for the photo.

Of the Hungarian traditional dishes are accurately worth trying a goulash, chicken paprikash (in Hungary paprika – the most favorite spice) and strudel. They are equally well prepared about everywhere, just try to leave traveling away from tourist streets. Behind Instagram, but with delicious breakfasts you need to go to Blue Bird Café, at Humus and Falafel – at Hummusbar and Mazel Tov, Burgers – Buddies Burger and Budapest Burger Company, and for wine (Try local, Tokayskoye), delicious cocktails and snacks – in Divino and Kiosk.

10 Budget options for New Year's travel

The cost of the flight From Moscow to Budapest for the holidays (per person) – from 22 thousand. USD

Cost of living In the double room of a three-star hotel – from 3 600 dollars. per night.

Athens, Greece

It is pointless to fly to the Greek Islands in January: it will not work out to be reached, but the Athens is not worth excluding from the list of New Year’s directions. The main place of attraction of all tourists, of course, Acropolis. Although some of its part is surrounded by forests, it will not prevent carefully consider many details. Acropolis towers above the city – will be able to see all areas of Athens. After that, descend down and walk around the crystal area, there are traditional Greek houses, close streets and family taverns. For those who want to learn about the history of Greece, it is worth going to the Archaeological Museum: more than 20 thousand were collected there. Exposures of different centuries. The stadium, where the first Olympic Games were held, "alive" still, for 5 euros you can walk along the tracks, for which in 1896 we went to the best athletes of the world. And just an hour drive from the center of Athens at Cape Sunion is majestically worth the temple of Poseidon, go there closer in the late afternoon to meet the sunset. On the other day, dedicate the lake of vulagmena, his peculiarity is that the water temperature does not fall below 20 degrees of heat throughout the year.

Greek salad in Athens is served everywhere, and it differs from what we eat in Russia: feta cheese is hard and salty. Take one portion for two, it always brings a lot. Do not forget to order a dzadzik sauce and smear it on fresh bread. From hot dishes – Gyros (Greek Shawarma; it is better to buy it for removal in Kostas) or Musaka (casserole from potatoes, eggplant and meat minced meat). For European breakfasts, go to Bel Ray Bar (there is a good cocktail card) and Kinono, for wine and sidr – in Cantina Social and Barrett.

The cost of the flight From Moscow to Athens for the holidays (per person) – from 21 thousand. USD

Cost of living In the double room of a three-star hotel – from 2 600 dollars. per night.

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