10 best beauty products, without which you can not do in 2019

Members of the International and Russian Jury Prix D’Excellence De La Beaute Marie Claire tested hundreds of new products to call ten, decent prize magnificence.

A huge assortment of cosmetics is constantly updated and replenished. Decide on the choice is not easy, but fortunately, there is a respected jury of the famous international award magazine Marie Claire Prix D ‘Exellence De La Beaute, which will help build competent navigation on beauty-news. Members argued for a long time, trying to leave this year in the final list only the best. In the winners: "Space" mascara, a cream, who knows how to make a massage, and serum causing a rapid hair growth.


Night elixir oil-serum
Immortelle Reset

Three active ingredients contribute to skin renewal. Special admiration causes a double texture of the means: more than 3000 microfubbers of the irrotant oil (immortelle) are immersed in serum from active plant components. They care about the skin, while we sleep, washing tracks of the impact of negative factors that skin exposed during the day. Stress, fatigue, improper nutrition, environmental pollution, – all this remains under the cover of the night, disappearing by the morning without a trace.

Jury Comments:

"Elegant bottle for effective formula". "The oil absorbs instantly, it is worth putting it on the face before bedtime. In the morning, the skin is fresh and moisturized ". "The aroma of this elixir is relaxing and sleeping in itself (even before the active ingredients are taken out of the case)".


Gamma for face

This face care line is created on the basis of exclusively natural components and is aimed at combating various skin imperfections: black dots, expanded pores, uneven texture. Polyphenols of grape seeds and a cocktail of six essential oils completely struggle with serious problems, cleaning fabrics and reliably protecting them from the spread of bacteria.

Comment Jury:

"Perhaps these are the most" green "formulas from all possible". "Softness and effectiveness – the perfect union in facial care". "The gamma includes three drugs that can be viewed as a complete ritual of skin care suffering from acne and other imperfections". "Do not forget that the company gives 1% profit of environmental protection funds. Today it is a big plus "in karma".



Facility with a double formula solves two tasks at the same time – returns the skin elasticity and gives radiance. On the one hand, the drug acts as a soft peeling, aligning the texture and contributing to updating the cells of the epidermis, on the other, it works on elasticity. Active ingredients – royal milk and honey – come from the reserve on the island of Wesan, where black Breton bees are bred.

Comment Jury:

"Serum combines the effectiveness of glycolic and lactic acids with the healing properties of honey of black bees. Well, this is the most glamorous compromise of today ". "Beautiful combination of peeling and recovery, perfect balance between correction and comfort".

Estee Lauder

Regenerating complex for the area around the eyes

Scientists Estee Lauder among the first noted the importance of night restoration of the skin. This time they presented an enhanced restoring complex for the area around the eyes, which eliminates visible damage caused not only to the lack of sleep and poor ecology, but also the negative effect of blue light. Chronolux CB ™ Patented Complex Enhances the Natural Skin Cleaning Process and synchronization of cell operation at night.

Comment Jury:

"In the means there is a very light texture, and therefore – in the morning there are no unwanted edema". "Fighting blue light is good. But gel cream perfectly makes simple things – moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of dark circles. "We can say that this is a" smart shield "for the area around the eyes".


Le Volume Révolution de Chanel

The first mascara mascara with a brush made using a 3D printer. Such an innovative approach made it possible to experience more than 100 versions of the brush and eventually choose the optimal form that guarantees the effect that it used to seemed impossible. The granular surface perfectly distributes the pigment on the eyelashes, and the location of the bristles provides an incredible volume without lumps and along the entire length.

Comment Jury:

"With daily use of the carcass for three months. Agree, this is a good investment. ". "The tassel is perfectly painted with eyelashes, but technological progress did not go to the detriment of the highest quality of the formula itself". "Certainly, you can talk about a new generation tool".


SPF 30 sunscreen
Ideal Soleil

That incredible case when water provides the same level of protection from the Sun as the classic cream. This is the most unusual texture in the category of the most actively developing cosmetics. Two components, oil and water, mixed immediately before spraying, creating a transparent, lightweight protective layer on the skin, efficient, but imperceptible. For complete paintings, add good moisturizing and improved in all indicators of the tan.

Comment Jury:

"Freshness and fog transparency in combination with moisture and silkness of soap, and still not washed off when bathing! What else to dream about?!"" We are confident that this revolutionary texture is configured in the ranks of the fans SPF of the last skeptics and will allow replacing the tedious process of applying cream with one light movement of the hand ".


Hair line
Hair Rituel by Sisley

10 Best beauty products, without which you can not do in 2019

Herbal extracts and essential oils – Sisley Cosmetic Handwriting, to which they have not changed, Running a whole Hair Rituel Hair Hammue with Triumph. In this case, we are talking about a global care approach. At the base of each product is a high concentration of high-power components, essential oils, minerals, vitamins and proteins, and acting on the hair follicle, hair shaft and.

The jury’s comment:

"Aromas of these funds can bring to mind: it seems that you just fell asleep among the flowers of the field". "Tonic firming serum for the scalp – a must have for those who have problems. She resolutely stop loss and stimulates young shoots ".

Palette makeup
dior Backstage

Line Dior Backstage – a set of universal multifunctional products, which allows every "lover" to do professional makeup. Creative director of Dior makeup Peter Philips has used its decades of experience on the set and shows to collect universal harmony for the eyes and the lips of the most popular colors and make them not just light, but in the use of basic.

The jury’s comment:

"Sometimes it’s nice to feel like a professional makeup artist, especially when going to the output. These palettes – the perfect solution if you want to experiment and something to mix ". "All funds Dior Backstage surprisingly ergonomic. Especially pallets – light, flat, clearly divided into sections ".


Moisturizing concealer
Skin Illusion

This is the first foundation in the texture of the serum, which covers the skin a light veil, evening tone and smoothing small imperfections. But miracles on an end surface action: the day-to-day extract of the red algae stimulates the removal of dead cells from the skin and gives the face a healthy glow. Another nice bonus – the organic extract of Kalanchoe for a long humidification.

The jury’s comment:

"It’s hard to imagine a more pleasant illusion. With this tone, I’m ready to be deceived again and again ". "This bottle with pipette attention to detail: it does not even need to be shaken before application of tone – a formula that refers to," always ready ". "Care and makeup in one bottle – the main trend, which is nice to make life easier".


Gamma moisturizing and toning
Essential Energy

Alping the interaction signals between the brain and the skin, the shideido scientists made a bold step into the future. Using the knowledge gained neurobiology, they created a facial treatment in which literally everything has meaning: the formula moisturizes and tones, texture stimulates the sensory receptors and increases the susceptibility of tissue and jars form attaches to the Eastern philosophy.

The jury’s comment:

"It’s hard to believe that this is possible: in the cream dissolved thousands elastic microspheres, invisible to the naked eye. Moving on the skin, they constantly change the shape, training the skin for better perception of active ingredients ". "Covers 8 and 8 bottles of different shapes to form 64 different combinations, and you never know which option will be in your hands".

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