10 autobiographies of stars who are worth reading everyone

No psychological book motivates as real life stories.

Together with the largest book service in Russia and the CIS countries Litres We collected 10 best biography of celebrities – from actors and athletes to artists and gallerists. These intersectant stories are more exciting any novel. Moreover, they help to find inspiration, believe in their strength and start following our dreams.

"Real love. Star Autobiography, Jennifer Lopez

If you want to read something motivating about Girl’s Power and the ability to find the strength to move on in any situation, then the biography of Jay Lo is the best option. In it, the star frankly talks about his career path – from the girl from Brooklyn to the singer number one in the world, about marriage and divorce with Mark Anthony, painful relationships with men and the ability to believe in itself even in the most difficult moments. Jennifer – workaholic and just a strong woman who passed through betrayal, parting, ups and downs. And she is her mother, Fashion Icon and True Beauty. Read and inspire!

"BECOMING. My story, "Michelle Obama

Is it easy to be the first lady of the USA? Michelle Obama has written a memoir, which caused an unprecedented boom before the start of sales. This is a touching and honest story about how not only the president’s family lives, but all America. Michelle tells about his life, acquaintance with Barack Obama, the first difficulties of their marriage, dealing with ordinary Americans, and numerous trips around the country. Reading this book, make sure that being a president’s wife is a difficult job, and not every woman is capable. At the same time, it is interesting to get acquainted with Michelle itself, make a portrait of her personality and something to learn something for yourself. By the way, more than 3 million copies of autobiography have already been sold in the world – unprecedented success.

"All my life," Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda – Woman’s Epoch. Actress (twice the laureate of the Oscar Award, by the way!), The ancestor of aerobics, activist hippie movement – all of it. Jane writes these memoirs without self-examination and narcissism – we see the usual woman who just tries to make a little more than it seems possible. The Foundation has made an amazing career, beat breast cancer, had two children, becoming the real fitness icon. Now actress is 83 years old and it looks amazing. You want to take some of her secrets in the note? Then read the book – there are many recipes for happy life.

"Autobiography", Agatha Christie

Do not everyone know what an amazing and extraordinary personality was the classic of the detective genre of agate Christie. The writer was a real feminist: drove the car when it was considered "not a female business", he was married twice, he was engaged in science, went to excavations to Egypt, Iraq and Turkey, during the Second World War worked the sister of mercy and managed to write outstanding novels even between … The autobiography of Christie is written by a beautiful language with his characteristic humor and self-irony – it is no less interesting than her books (See also: "The mysterious disappearance of Agatha Christie: that in reality occurred in 1926?").

"Get through the walls. Autobiography, "Marina Abramovich

All life – theater! And if more precisely – Perfomance. Autobiography of one of the most famous artists of modernity Marina Abramovich allows you to look at her from the new side – as an ordinary living woman. Just very talented. It turns out that Marina also writes perfectly well – with a dark humor, she talks about his childhood and first creative experiments, relations with men and bright novel with the artist Ula. Abramovich – an example of a person who can go to his own way, not paying attention to public dogmas, and sometimes even breaking them. If you lack courage for some kind of act or jerk, be sure to read this book.

"At the peak of the century. Confession of obsessed art ", Peggy Guggenheim

Luxury, beautiful life, art, the brightest representatives of Art Bohemia – the life of Peggy Guggenheim was filled with interesting people and beautiful objects. In his autobiography, she tells how she decided to open his first gallery in London, and then the famous museum in New York, and is trying to explain where it had this "flair" on masterpieces. At the same time Peggy recalls communication with the main artists of the century. She patronized Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollok, João Miro and many others. And Peggy had many lovers – she adored sex and did not hide it – in those days, a similar way of life of a woman was actively convicted. However, Guggenheim rose to such a height that could not pay attention to public opinion.

"A woman who has a plan: the rules of a happy life," May Mask

10 Autobiographies of stars who are worth reading everyone

How to become a supermodel, a nutritionist, give birth to three children, and even to raise a billionaire son – the world’s most famous businessman and the symbol of the era. Mei Mask talks about this in his autobiography. She was born in South Africa and traveled a lot, then moved to Canada, where he built a successful model career, starred in advertising leading cosmetic brands and the Beyonce clip. At the same time, the fate of Maye itself was not cloudless – in autobiography, she describes a lot of tests, through which she had to pass. And at the same time gives inspirational advice to women, talks about the importance of care of themselves and reminds that it is never too late to start something new (See also: "Stunning May, or why Mom Ilona Mask is cooler than he himself").

"Green Light", Matthew McConaja

Matthew McConaeah decided to celebrate the release of autobiography – he wrote a book in the diary format, making an attempt to rethink the life lessons, and at the same time, Share with his insights with readers. It turned out really interesting and sincerely: Matthew talks about the first steps in cinema, the decision to quit the law faculty, complex relations with the Father, personal life and desire to become a big dramatic actor, coming out of the role of a guy from Romomov. McConaja biography is read in one breath – this is a collection of essays on different topics that can be started from any place.

"Unknown. My life, "Maria Sharapova

Another inspirational biography of a strong woman – Maria Sharapova talks about how he decided to devote a lot of sport, about moving to the United States and relationships with parents, victories and defeats, and, of course, about doping scandal and long-term disqualification. It is honest, easily, emotionally and interesting – Maria is divided by the history of his life as if the reader is her close girlfriend. This book helps believe in itself and understand that achievements are always the result of hard work, and not just luck. And if an excellent Mary succeed, then you will also work out!

"Vivien Westwood", Ian Kelly, Vivien Westud

Queen Punk, Pumping Diva and Chief Designer of Great Britain – Vivien Westwood made a real revolution. And not only in fashion, but also mass culture in general. This book – Vivienn’s conversation with a biographer in which she recalls childhood in a small village in Cheshire County, his incredible outfits, because of which she was insulted on the streets, conquering London and the beginning of a big career in the Fashion industry. What is it unusual, bold and knowing how to think extraordinary! Reading a biography, you will probably fall in love with Westwood, if you haven’t managed to do this yet.

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