10 amazing lifhacks that are based on science

The Internet is filled with Lifehas – damn smart little tricks that are designed to make our life a little easier. Sometimes the diva is given and exclaim with admiration: "Oh my God, it’s so easy! How I did not think before.

Some tips are based on unpaired actions, for example, paper clips help keep the phone charging cable safely and preservation. Others give recommendations regarding domestic issues (in order to check the degree of readiness of the boiled chicken, not the pile of meat for a fork, you need to get a carcass from the water and hold on a white napkin if the light yellow broth drips, then the dish does not require further processing).

However, the third category of Lifehakov is the greatest interest. In their foundation laid serious scientific principles. In this article you will learn about 10 ingenious tricks based on psychology, chemistry, biology and other equally fundamental disciplines.

10 Lifehakov with a scientific approach

1. How to quickly cool drinks

Summer has come, and with him the exhaust heat came. No one loves warm beer, but what to do, if there is no crymer at hand for instant cooling foam drink? There are two proven methods, one uses the advantages of chemistry, and the other – thermodynamics.

Method 1 . You will need a bucket with water and ice and salt packaging. When dissolved from the external medium, heat is absorbed, also at salt solutions, the freezing temperature is significantly lower. Everyone knows that water is crystallized at 0 °, but in some cases the rap turns into ice at minus 20 °. Just sprouting salt, you will get a portable refrigerator that does not require network connection.

Method 2 . Suitable for small batches of foam. Wrap the bottle with a damp napkin before sending it to the freezing chamber. Due to the fact that the fluid is better than gas (refrigerator filled with air) carries out heat, beer cooles much faster. The solution lies in a higher density, the molecules actively interact with each other, transmitting excess energy. Wait a few minutes and enjoy a refreshing drink.

2. How to reduce coffee bitterness

Common methods of reducing bitter coffee are adding sugar or milk. Unfortunately, excessive consumption of carbohydrates and fats leads to diabetes and other concomitant diseases. Yes, and girls sitting on diets, can not afford "empty" calories.

At the end of the times came to the end when the fighters for a healthy lifestyle were curved, drinking a decoction from the pure grains in pure form. Adding a pinch of salt into a cup (the optimal amount depends on the volume and varies from several grams to 1 gram), you get rid of the bitter taste.

If you think about it, you will find quite a logical explanation to the observed positive effect. Dissolving, salt molecules disintegrate into chlorine and sodium ions. The latter block the components of coffee, giving it bitterness. Minor concentration does not affect the quality of the drink, salty taste is absolutely not felt.

3. How to distract annoying cat

Caskets are familiar to the situation when domestic loves can ignore them all day and nervously fight away from the host attempts to play. But it is only worth the owner to take for important work, as a lazy pet turns into a rapid creation. Cat fees out, bites behind his feet, nibbles paper, picks pencils and handles. And what is the desire to be like a keyboard?!

Psychologists who study the peculiarities of the behavior of representatives of the Feline family (yes, and such exist), put forward several hypotheses explaining the love of fluffy to innovative technologies. According to more or less adequate theories, they like the warmth and attention of the owner, which necessarily rides from a spaced place. Radially configured scientists prove, they say, sounds accompanying keystrokes, look like a crunch of spinal cords (a ha ha).

To neutralize the interference in the face of the cat, it is enough to put on the floor a regular carton box. Studies have shown that while in a limited space of a house, pets have a stress level and immunity increases. That is why cats nourish passion for boxes.

4. How to learn productive

Deciding to increase their profits and re-read a couple of complex texts, you have problems with the assimilation of information? In response to your complaints, you probably have often heard from "Melnikov" recommendations regarding full sleep. They are right not only because rest will make you more attentively and focusing. The essence is hidden in the convergence of synapses (places of connections of nerve cells), and, therefore, in accelerating the transmission of signals on them.

Although sleep is the least studied view of human activity, numerous studies show that it has a beneficial effect on the process of obtaining knowledge. Moreover, it is not important how much we sleep, and when we do it. Experiments on mice gave a striking result.

Individuals, ragged half an hour, immediately after purchasing a new skill, could re-pass the labyrinth faster. Their colleagues who wake up during this time interval allowed more errors. If you want to absorb the information better, alternate the cramp with sleep.

5. How to set up biorhythms with food

Insomnia test not easy. There is nothing awful than to lie with open eyes in the predestal watch. Especially hard, if the second half is spared near peacefully. It seems that the gods fell on you and cursed all Olympus. If liters of lavender oil, grated in whiskey, and dozens of warm milk mugs did not help, and you do not want to take tablets, then you need to adjust the power mode.

Biorhythms – internal clocks that are designed to regulate natural organism cycles. Their settings are dictated not only by changing the day and night, but also eating food. Nutritionists in one voice declare that when you abundantly eat in the evening and / or miss breakfast, you are incorrectly "trained".

The body comes to the conclusion that food is available only at certain hours and turns you into a night hunter. Just one week of timely correct nutrition will reset the biorhythm settings, and you will forget about insomnia, as a terrible dream.

6. How to deceive the brain to easily lose weight

People who are trying to get rid of excess weight and get the cherished cubes of the press, often talk about the need to eat from small plates. It seems that we are all the children of nursery and it is so easy to deceive.

It turns out that this phenomenon was awarded its own name "Delbef Illusion". Belgian mathematician, and part-time experimental psychologist, Joseph Delbef noticed that the same circle (in our case, this is a handful of food) placed in a circle of various diameters (read – plate) is perceived differently.

The human brain is poorly aware of the mass measurement unit, but it operates well with volumes. The concepts of "many" and "little" is determined by the eye, so smaller dishes allow you to eat 30% less.

7. How to increase efficiency from training on the treadmill

High intensity, short and at the same time effective workouts – the limit of dreams for all employed people, koi cannot allocate a lot of time on a hike in the gym. Now, instead of sweating on the treadmill, you are given the opportunity to achieve breathtaking results in just a few minutes, with a sense of spent in the simulator.

10 Amazing lifhacks that are based on science

New Methodology developed by Mikhai Zuhlov (Micah Zuhl), Associate Professor of the Department of Medicine of Michigan University, embodies the most bold fantasies into reality. You must break your training on 3-5 cycles with short recreation. Running is performed on the maximum of your features within 5 minutes, then a 2-minute break (respiratory recovery during walking).

Studies have shown that experimental subjects have improved the state of the cardiovascular system, the level of insulin has stabilized, the metabolism accelerated, and the fat burning was activated. Results are noticeable after 14 days from the start of the program.

eight. How to reduce pain

This way of increasing the painful threshold was used by time impertons, only our ancestors were trying to find a scientific explanation to the phenomenon. The situation is all familiar to everyone when, hitting the edge of the bedside tables, from the mouth of even an incredibly educated person poured a stream of dirty curses. And in fact, there is a decrease in pain due to the use of obscene branch.

British scientists (sounds like meme, but it was really they) decided to get to the bottom. They conducted a number of controlled experiments, during which experimental hands placed in ice water and kept them there as long as possible. The first group uttered neutral phrases, the second was allowed to the fracther on what the light costs, and representatives of the third kept the teeth.

As it turned out, tabulated words activate the brain sites responsible for the feeling of self-preservation, as a result of which the blood adrenaline level in the blood is sharply increased. The overabundance of this hormone allows people to commit inconceivable things. For example, there have been cases when patients independently came to hospital with firearms of feet, and the runners ended the marathon with ankle fractures. Conclusion – Pointed phrasses dulk pain.

nine. How to cheer up in 20 minutes

How can I beat lethargy? "Drink coffee," answer alone. "Clear sleeping", "others will say. So why not combine these two solutions to the problem in the heavy duty means to combat accumulated fatigue. A group of scientists from Stanford found out that coffee in combination with a short one is much more efficiently coping with apathy than each component of the system separately.

Caffeine suppresses adenosine in your brain (the chemical that is attached to the nerve cells, reducing their activity, which makes you feel sleepy). Dund slows down the allocation of this adenosine itself and "cleans" already closed cells.

To get a mad charge of cheerful drink one cup of coffee and until she started to act, sleep for 15-20 minutes. Such manipulation will be equivalent to a 5-hour holiday.

ten. How to defeat alcoholic "helicopters"

Imagine you invited to a party. Here is the event comes to the final, it was fun and you did not calculate our norm. Steering, you go out, catch a taxi and get home without incident. After you conveniently settled on the bed and covered eyelids, the pitch hello begins. An unpleasant feeling of rotation appears. The room turns into a carousel, alcoholic "helicopters" is spinning in the head. As the saying goes: "Shit Happens".

To stop the planet and go away, it is enough to put your hand or leg on a solid static surface. Lower the finiteness to the floor, and the problem will disappear by masturbation of the magic wand.

Excessive amount of alcohol dilute blood, which leads to an increase in pressure in the inner ear. This organ is a vestibular apparatus responsible for saving equilibrium. Closing your eyes, you deprive the brain of the last reference, allowing you to keep rotation under control. Contact with a steady surface has the opposite effect.

And you often use Lifehaki? If yes, then share your favorite tricks in the comments.

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