10 actresses playing great women

From Salma Hayek as Frida Kalo to Michel Williams, who played Marilyn Monroe. On beautyhack – 10 cinemaistors who deserved «Oscar».

Salma Hayek – Frida Kalo

In 2002, Salma played one of his main roles at the moment. For the execution of the Mexican artist Frida Kalo nominated for the Oscar Prize, but the award then got Nicole Kidman, starred in the film «Watch».

On the main role in «Fridet» Madonna claimed, but she preferred Salma Hayek. And not in vain! How the actress played the characteristic, bold, confident artist, I liked even the niece of Frida Calo Mare Romeo. For that she gave Salma the original necklace of the artist.

In 2018, Hayek appeared in the image of Kalo at the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the artist, in London.

Margo Robbie – Tonya Harding

In September 2017, the film was released «Tonya against all», In which Margot Robbie played American figure skater Tonya Harding and received a nomination for an Oscar Award in 2018. Tonya is known not only by the champion title in the USA, but also a triple accele, which she fulfilled at competitions, becoming a second figure skater in the world after Japanese Midori Ito.

For filming in Margo Robbie, four months old worked on figure skating, training five times a week. At the same time, the picture was filmed only a month, and the most famous jump – Triple Axel – Film creators «Docked» With the help of physical effects.

The tone of Harding is now 47 years old, and she positively appreciated the work of Margo, saying that «She did everything very beautiful».

Naomi Watts – princess Diana

Naomi played Diana in 2013 – Then the Studio Ecosse Films released a film about the last two years of the princess «Diana: Love Story». After filming in the painting, Watts told that he appreciated the sense of humor Princess Diana, regularly listening to her audio recordings.

The actor of the film Naomi became the actor of Navin Andrews (you know him by the series «Stay alive»). In the melodrama about Diana, he played the last love of princesses – Dr. Hasnat Khana.

Initially, Jessica Chestain was tried to the role of Diana herself.

Natalie Portman – Jacqueline Kennedy

After the death of Jacqueline Kennedy on the big screen it was played by 9 actresses. Work Natalie Portman in the film «Jackie» was one of the last. The picture was published in 2016, immediately fell under the gaze of film critics and brought Natalie the nomination for an Oscar. «Jackie» talks about how the life of Jacqueline Kennedy after the murder of her husband in Dallas – 100 minutes «Tighted» Melancholic story that definitely places in the soul!

How was the image of Natalie Portman read here .

Jennifer Lawrence – Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano – The entrepreneur and the inventor who in 1990 came up with a self-refined miracle migrator and earned a state on this. Now former housewife 62 years old, she writes books and poses on the red Oscar Ceremony. There is a reason – In 2015, the film was shot «Joy» With Jennifer Lawrence. «Oscar» The film did not receive, although Lawrence nominated as the best actress. But «Golden globe took» (in the same category)!

Helena Bonm Carter – Elizabeth Taylor

In 2013, Helena starred in the film «Burton and Taylor», Telling about relations Elizabeth and Richard Berton. The actress was married 8 times and Roman with Richard – One of the most famous in Hollywood (more about it here).

10 Actresses playing great women

After filming, Helena admitted that it was not at all similar to the Great Actress, so focused on its inner world, and everything else – The work of the hands of makeup artists and stylists on the hair. Bright shimmering shadows, high hairstyles, lipstick of cherry shade – While working on the film, the team tried to transfer the real image of the star in the 1980s as possible when she worked on production «Private life».

Nicole Kidman – Virginia Wulf

The very role that Nicole brought «Oscar» In 2003. Then the film came out on the screens «Watch», the narrative history of three women living in the 20s, 50s and in zero. One of the main characters – Virginia Wulf writer – Played Nicole Kidman. Its partners in the shooting partners became Meryl Streep and Julian Moore (although the producers were considered and candidates Gwyneth Paltrow and Emily Watson).

Michelle Williams – Marilyn Monroe

In 2012, another story about Marilyn Monroe – «7 days and nights with Marilyn». This time the legendary blonde took to play Michel Williams. Events unfold in 1957, when Marilyn arrives in the UK for the sake of work on the film «Prince and dancer» and gets acquainted with the Assistant of the director Colin (Eddie Redmein played).

In an interview after filming, Michelle said that he immediately agreed to the role, but during the work on the film she was difficult to stay in the image – The actress fully copied the behavior of Monroe: from gait to facial expressions. For this role, Williams nominated on «Oscar» and handed «Golden Globe».

Sienna Miller – Edie Sedzhvik

Caine played Eddi in the film «I seduced Andy Warhol». In the 60s, the sedzhvik copied «Multimillion circles»: haircut under the boy, cold blond, arrows and false eyelashes – So in those years looked the most fashionable girls of New York. Eddi had a crazy amount of cosmetics. Warhol wrote: «50 pairs of false eyelashes laid down in size, 50 carcass bottlers, all shades of shadows ever released Revlon, – Pearl and ordinary, matte and shiny, 20 boxes of the Rumed Max Factor… She sat for hours over his cosmetic bags, on all the sticking labels, wrapped and saczzled bottles and boxes».

We see the same EDI and in the 2006 movie. During the filming, Sienna told that in order to play a star of 60s suffering from depression and anorexia, moved to protein omelets and vegetables, but the director George Hichenlouper argued that she was still not thin.

Meril Strip – Margaret Thatcher

In Meryl Three «Oscar» and 21 premium nomination. One of the figurines of the actress received the role of Margaret Tetcher in 2012. Interestingly, Margaret herself managed to see this picture (the legendary Prime Minister died in 2013), but the Strip did not appreciate the work, saying that the actress could not embody the real image on the screen.

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